Clionadh Cosmetics Stained Glass Collection Part 1 (Multichromes)

Clionadh Cosmetics is a small indie-brand based in Canada and it's owned and ran by two sisters (I believe now they have one part-time employee now too). Their product range primarily includes eyeshadows, highlighters and blush toppers, although in their Stained Glass collection they have expanded into brushes, empty palettes and even earrings. They are a vegan and cruelty-free brand.

Clionadh Cosmetics has been a brand on my radar since I first saw their Archeo and Paleo palettes last year - I liked the look of their products but it wasn't enough for me to pull the trigger. This summer however, I saw their multichrome shadows and my heart stopped. The shadows I ordered from them are from the Stained Glass collection which contains over 50 different multichrome eyeshadows in 4 different finishes; glitter, pastel, iridescent and jewelled. I purchased from 3 of these categories, the only one I didn't pick up being the pastel formula.

Now you may at this point be wondering how much these shadows retail for and if they're worth the price and potential customs fee. The prices range from C$10-25 which personally I think is a great deal considering how special these shadows are. The most expensive ones are in the jewelled formula, I believe all of the shadows are C$25 and the other formulas do vary in pricing but again I feel the price is very reasonable considering the cost of the pigments in the shadows along with the general costs in manufacturing.

I ordered twice from the site, once on the day of the restock, literally about five minutes after the restock I had checked out with six shadows. I did regret not picking up the shade Chandelier so I ended up ordering that shadow the next day. (I will go into detail about this shadow in particular further down, as well as my customer service experience.)

Clionadh Cosmetics shadows applied onto bare skin

Shipping took around 3 1/2 weeks for my first order and 4 1/2 for the second order that I placed but I was expecting it to take around 2 months to arrive so I was pleasantly surprised by how fast the turnaround was. For my first order I did pay for tracked shipping seeing as I had spent a fair amount on the site and didn't want it to get lost, although I didn't do this for my second order.

Both boxes arrived really well packed, i.e. lots of paper and bubblewrap to protect the shadows. I did have issues with my second order as the shadow arrived broken. As can been seen in the photos below, Chandelier (bottom left) arrived shattered. I emailed Clionadh's customer service team and got a reply back within the hour by one of the owners (Maggie) and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast they replied. I originally asked if there was a way of repressing the shadow and Maggie gave me some instructions on how best to repress it and said she would send a replacement shadow which I was not expecting but very happy about because, of course, the more multichromes the better. As they are still a relatively small indie brand I would have completely understood them not sending me a new shadow but now I feel even more connected to this brand because they are genuinely nice people! Anyway, the shadow was able to be revived and now I have two of the same shade.

It's quite difficult to capture multichromes on camera so I have tried my best to show these shadows from different angles but I just want to say that these are in fact more beautiful in person! If you would like to view more in depth swatched of these shades and the others in the collection, the best swatch videos of this collection (in my opinion) are on Angelica Nyqvist's and Bad to the Brow's youtube channels. Angelica swatched the entire collection and showed them in different lighting situations and Bad to the Brow swatched a lot of the jewelled shadows on her eyes so it gives an idea of how the look on the eyes.

If you're interested in picking some up I would definitely recommend them. All of the shades are beautiful and fantastic quality and to be honest I might pick up some more just because the formula is so amazing.

The next post will contain pictures of looks I have created using these shadows as for some reason this site freezes up if I add too many pictures.

Link for more swatches and eye looks: