Clionadh Cosmetics Stained Glass Collection Part 3 (Multichromes)

Clionadh Cosmetics restocked on January 21st and I was prepared and ready with a list of shades I wanted to order, however I'm guessing I was one of very many who had the same idea. I eventually managed to get through checkout with most of what I wanted to order and my order arrived about a week ago, so I thought I'd share some swatches and what they look like when applied on the eyes.

Also a heads up! There were two shades in particular I missed out on, I was however able to preorder them for April (along with some other Clionadh shadows not in the SGC) so keep an eye out for that post! Also if there are any shades you would like swatch comparisons of please let me know! I tried my best to compare the ones I found to be the most similar but if there are any others feel free to let me know!


I am really happy with all the shades I received! They are all gorgeous colours with amazing colour shifts to them, the shadow quality is impeccable as ever. I bought Blaze and Gleam knowing I would use them together, I knew I wanted a peachy-pink inner corner highlight shade and it seemed only right to get another eyeshadow to go with it. I wasn't intending on using Carving and Fluoresce together but after playing around with them for a couple of days it seems like they actually work together.

Eye looks

Wearing Carving on the lid with a little bit of Chandelier on the inner corner

Wearing Fluoresce on the lid and inner corner

Wearing Blaze on the lid and Gleam on the inner corner

Wearing Gleam on the lid and inner corner

For these looks I used some mattes from ABH Modern Renaissance, as I figured a lot of you reading already own it/will have similar shades in your collection, so you could see how these Clionadh shades look together with some basic mattes. Again, its very hard to capture the colour shift on the eye but in real life you can almost always see a duochrome at least!

Comparison swatches

These three shades are similar tonally but different in depth. When I watched Hannah Louise Poston's videos on the Clionadh Stained Glass Collection, she said that you don't need all of them because they are all so similar, but for me they all serve different purposes. I tend to reach for more neutral shades usually so these are very wearable and I get use out them at different points, depending on how much depth I want out of a look. I think her advice is great though, for most people have 2 of these shades is probably enough, unless you're crazy like me.

On the website I thought these two shades were very similar in colour and I wanted to get a less glittery version of Glow so that I could play around with texture but not sacrifice the multichromeness. The colours are less similar than I expected, Fluoresce leans a lot more green-pink whereas Glow is more blue-lilac. The textures are also very different, Fluoresce feels smoother than Glow, they are different formulas so it does make sense. I'm not mad about it though, now I have even more variety in my collection!

Overall I am really happy with my collection of Stained Glass shadows from Clionadh. I will definitely be ordering more in the future but I'll hold off until I have a list of a couple more shades (so far Shard, Royalty as well as some singles from the Woodlands collection).

Thanks for reading!

Links to more swatches and eye looks: