Clionadh Cosmetics Haul

So this post has been in the works a long time. I actually purchased these shadows from Clionadh Cosmetics in last years Holiday sale in December but just hadn't gotten around to taking pictures of what I purchased! I ended up getting 20 shades from the Stained Glass Collection, as well as the large magnetic palette which is really nice and sturdy but I think I'll be using it as a display piece.


As I mentioned, I picked up 20 shadows from 9 different categories, mainly from the Glitter and iridescent categories. I tried to group the shadows and swatches in a way that makes sense so hopefully you find it useful!


The first three shadows are from the Iridescent Glitter formula and the fourth shadow, Reflectance, is from the Series I category. The Glitter Iridescents have more of a textured, glittery finish (makes sense) but feel smooth to the touch. Reflectance feels almost like a satin in comparison.

β€’ iridescent (series II)

All the shadows are in the Iridescent Series II category. They feel smooth to the touch but have a more of textured finish, similar to the Glitter Iridescent formula.


β€’ glitter

I love all of the shadows I owned from the Glitter category so I purchased seven more shades! All of these feel very similar in texture and formula to the other shades I own from this category.


This group has a bit of everything! Chalice is from the Hybrid category and Verte is from the Deep Iridescent category respectively, both of which I'd never tried before. Patina is from the Jewelled formula and Royalty from the Vibrant category.


formula overview

It is in no way a secret that I love Clionadh's shadow formulas! I really love everything about them, they do have some fallout so I recommend using a glitter glue to minimise the amount that will fall down on your face.

Clionadh's categorisation isn't always uniform, there tend to be a fair amount of discrepancies within the categories themselves. That doesn't mean any of the shadows are bad, just that there are some that don't really fit in with the rest of shadows in a certain group. If you're after a certain texture of shadow, then I recommend looking at swatches online. An example is the shade Reflectance, which felt very similar to a shade I already own called Fluoresce, (you can find swatches of that shade here) however, they are in Series I and II respectively. I personally don't really mind that the categorisations don't make sense but it is something to be aware of if you've never purchased from the brand before!:

I won't go into too much detail about the formulas I've already tried, however I really like the new formulas I've tried. Chalice, which is from the Hybrid category, reminded me most of the Glitter multichrome formula. I really like the Deep Iridsecent formula too as it feels like s glittery topper as the base isn't too strong, I'm sure it would look incredible as an inner corner highlight if you have a deeper skin tone!

final thoughts

I definitely have a soft spot for Clionadh Cosmetics! They were the first indie brand I ever tried and what sparked my love for sparkly shadows and multichromes. I'm so happy to have these additions to my Clionadh collection and can't wait to play with them more.

What shades are you most drawn to? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!