Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tillbury is one of those brands I have liked the look of but never felt like I could justify spending the money on. Luckily i received this product as a gift from my lovely boyfriend! I have been curious about Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in particular for quite some time now. I remember when it first launched I, like many others at the time, believed it was supposed to be a foundation everyone was confused why Charlotte Tillbury would release a complexion product with so few shades. Although there has been some confusion as to what this product actually is/does, I would personally categorise this product as a highlighter.

Left: blended out swatch and Right: unblended swatch

This product can be used all over the face or as a primer as well but I just use it as a highlighter. This product has such an amazing dewy and glowy look to it and due to the base shades chosen it makes for one of the most untraceable, naturally dewy highlighters I have ever across. I can't detect any shimmer or glitter particles in this formula but incredibly, its super glowy. I have no idea how this product can achieve such a look without shimmer but I am so impressed with this product.

Wearing Charlotte Tillbury Flawless Filter in shade 2 over foundation. Left: with no powder on top and right: after applying powder.

For reference, I tend to prefer highlighter formulas that are glowy with not glittery. Although I know I don't have a lot of texture on my cheeks I am still insecure about it and don't like drawing loads of attention to it. My favourite powder highlighter formula is Becca pressed powder highlighters as I find these to look natural but can be built up without looking too crazy. This product however has just this amazing natural sheen that looks so incredibly flattering on the skin. It's now made it to the top of my list, sharing the number one spot with Becca's Opal.

The packaging of this product feels super luxurious but please keep in mind that the bottle is made out of glass so don't drop it! The good part about it being made of glass is that it's far easier to recycle, so I like that it is not made out of plastic.

Overall I am super impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone who likes the look of dewy skin. Thanks for reading!