Charlotte Tillbury - Hollywood Contour Wand

I have used my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter religiously since first getting it, so I wanted to try more base products from the brand.

I've not really used contouring products for at least a couple of years, as I suppose it sort of fell out of fashion (some of you may remember that one picture of Kim Kardashian at this time if you were into makeup at the time). However, I have always liked the idea of enhancing my bone structure a bit, while I don't necessarily want to reconstruct my face, just sharpening and enhancing whats already there had always appealed to me.


Left: Directly from applicator, Right: Blended swatch

I bought this contour wand in the shade Light to Medium which is the lighter of the two shades currently available. I think this colour might lean too warm if you are extremely extremely fair but I would say this works for most fair-medium skin tones.

When first swatching it on my wrist I thought it might be to warm toned, but once I blended it out a bit you can see it does lean cool toned, yet still doesn't look grey on the skin. I have to give credit where it's due here, this is an excellent shade for contouring on my skin tone. It doesn't make me look unwell by leaning too cool toned, instead it mimics the tone of shadows I might naturally have on my face. I feel like it makes my cheeks more sculpted but in a that is more reminiscent of Penelope Cruz rather than Maleficent.


Before and after applying the Hollywood Contour Wand

I applied a thin line of the product directly from the wand on the hollows of my cheeks before blending it out with a brush and tapping over it with a sponge to ensure everything was blended.

formula overview

The texture of this sits somewhere between a liquid and a cream and is very easy to blend out on the skin. I tend to use a brush a first and then go over with a sponge just to make sure everything is blended and doing this just makes the product melt into the skin and give a natural finish.

I didn't notice it looking patchy or emphasising texture, although that being said I don't really have much texture in the areas I would contour.As for the wear time, I felt as though it wore the same as most of my cream products and it didn't fade away unevenly throughout the day.

final thoughts

I have to say, I really do this product for far. Previously I had only ever used powder contours and I never really loved them but I can see now why so many people like this product. Wearing this I felt sculpted and red carpet ready, I think there are certain products that just make you feel good and this is one of them for me. This colour really is spot for what I want a contour to achieve and it felt really easy to use. Although I don't know if I'll reach for this everyday, for special occasions or if I knew if was getting my picture taken I would definitely make sure I used this.

Do you like contouring? Let me know! Thanks for reading!