Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats

If you've read any of my previous posts you'll know that for the last few years I've had severely dry and sensitive lips, to the point where they are eczema prone. This has meant that I have to be very careful when it comes to beauty products applied around or on my lips (as well as things things like toothpaste).

Due to all of these issues, I basically swore off lip liner as I found all of them made my lips feel dry. It was only a couple of months ago when I knew I was having some pictures taken when I thought it might be a good idea to use some lip liner to add some more definition. I ended up purchasing the cult classic, Charlotte Tilbury's lip liner in Pillow Talk and (spoiler) I completely got the hype. After enjoying using Pillow Talk I decided to pick up another three lip liners from the brand. The ones I purchased are Kiss 'n' Tell, Pink Venus and Hot Gossip.


Kiss 'N' Tell is a classic red that leans a touch more on the warm side but would probably work with most neutral red lip colours.

Pink Venus is a light, peachy-coral pink.

Hot Gossip is a warm, rosewood brown.


formula overview

The texture of these liners are a nice balance between creamy and waxy, they seem to almost set after a minute or too and after that it's pretty much as if it's locked in and it doesn't budge.

Considering lip liners aren't exactly moisturising in nature, I don't find that this formula strips my lips the way that other lip liners do. I won't lie and say my lips feel hydrated after wearing these but it is definitely manageable. I have to say thought that I don't tend to wear lip liner everyday just to give my lips a break as I noticed when I would wear them for multiple days in a row my lips would start to protest.

As for the wear time, these clung on for a solid 8 hours of me just living my life and not thinking about the fact that I had lip liner on. If I was more careful I I'm sure the wear time could be extended to last even longer than that.

final thoughts

While I doubt these will be an everyday staple in my routine, I do love that I have all of these in my collection. I can see myself reaching for Pink Venus on a regular basis and Hot Gossip a lot as we enter into the cooler months, plus you can also never go wrong with a classic red lip around the holiday season!

What shade would you use the most? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!