Black Friday Wishlist 2020

It can be super easy to overspend during Black Friday when you see really good deals so I made a list of all the things I'm considering buying during the sales. This way I can try to avoid making purchases purely because they are a 'good' deal,

pat McGrath Lust Glosses

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Recently I have been reaching my Pat McGrath gloss a lot, to the point that I've almost used it up! I love this gloss formula a lot, it's so comfortable and feels so luxurious. I think I'll pick up some more in this formula as well as a replacement for the one I've almost finished.

Terra Moons single shadows

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I've wanted to shadows from TerraMoons for a while now but I wanted to wait until their Black Friday sales as a lot of shadows I want to buy are quite expensive and it adds up quickly. I'm most interested in their iridescent chameleons as well of some of their standard duochromes. Right now I'm trying to compile a list of shadows I want to buy and hopefully there will be some good discounts.

zoeva 237, 238, 240 eyeshadow brushes

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As I have slightly hooded eyes I usually reach for smaller brushes to have more precision when doing eyeshadow. I've noticed that these work really well when I want to place eyeshadow down with more precision. I have been reaching for these brushes a lot and I think it might be good to have multiples of them as they're basically always dirty. As I'm quite lazy and don't like having to wash my brushes more frequently I thought I'd pick up some extra of these brushes.

Empty Magnetic Palettes

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Along with buying more single shadows, I have to get something to store them in. I like these empty palettes from ABH, they have a very strong magnet in them so eyeshadows are super secure in these. They also are the perfect size to stand in IKEA Alex drawers which is a plus. I don't love that the glitter on the outside packaging isn't encapsulated so thats the drawback of these palettes for me, they feel kind of rough to the touch. But to the honest I don't mind all that much.

beautyblender SOLID Cleanser

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If you have ever tried and failed to get foundation out of your brush when you're cleaning it, this product really is the answer to your prayers. I've gone through 2 already and I hate the fact I need to repurchase it because it's way too overpriced. That's why I've been holding out to buy this until the Black Friday sale. I'm thinking of buying the big size which usually retails for Β£40 which is so much money, I'm hoping to at least get 25% off if not more.

charlotte tillbury contour wand

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I've been curious about this product for a while. I really like the Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and use it most days I'm wearing makeup. As I like the way that product performs I'd like to try this one out too. It's not overly expensive but as I'm unsure of it I've not bitten the bullet yet.

natasha denona palettes

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I'm not sure I'd buy any of these as they are so expensive! I know that last year Natasha Denona had a 30% off her palettes for Black Friday but even then I'm not sure I could go through with it. I've been lusting over the Gold palette for ages now as I love murky greens and warm mustard tones. The Star palette didn't receive the best reviews when it launched but I have since heard the formula has been updated and it's way better now. This was the first palette that I saw from the brand that I was really drawn to and I have to say I'm still really attracted to the colour story. The mini Star is quite cute and contains some of the colours I'm most interested in. It's not that expensive either so it's a bit more realistic of a purchase for me.

false Eyelashes

I've been more experimental with my eye looks this year and along with that I've wanted to try out more false eyelashes. As I have hooded eyes, I find a lot of falsies don't suit my eye shape so in the past I've not always had the best of luck finding styles that are flattering. I thought that in the years sale I'd buy quite a few and then figure out what I like on myself. Right now I'm still unsure of which ones I'll get but I'm planning to pick up a fair amount.

What's on your Black Friday wishlist? Thanks for reading!