3 Month Replacement Only No Buy

This weeks post is a bit different from the other content I've posted previously, instead here is an introduction to my No Buy.

What is a replacement only no buy?

If you're active in the makeup community you already know what's about to happen. Some others of you may be thinking, what does this mean? Essentially, a No Buy is when you stop buying certain kinds of things if you feeling like you're overspending or if you have a shopping addiction. A Replacement Only No Buy is just an extension of this, so when if you run out of a product, you can replace it. There are certain things I only have one of, like my moisturiser, so if I run out of that I can replace it.

For context, a lot of upcoming content here will still be product reviews. All of those products are things I have already bought and are either in a special section in my vanity, or are on their way to me. (When buying from indie brands, shipping usually takes a lot longer to get to its destination!) So don't be worried if you see me review a new product knowing I'm on a no buy, I've just planned ahead!

Why do I want to do it?

For the past few months we've all been confined to our homes, due to everything going on in the world. To be honest, at first it wasn't too hard for me as I had distractions but as time went by, bit by bit they went away. I'm at the point now where I don't really have much to do other than work on blog content and hang out in my flat. I don't have a car and public transport is still only for essential workers where I live, plus everyone I know and love don't live close by. So I have been distracting myself by buying makeup.

To be fair, I can justify most of these purchases because I not only want to own and use these things but they are also things I'd like to review here. I have kind of had a nagging feeling that I was buying a lot of things in the last month. What really made me stop myself was when I was planning a schedule for blog content. I have at least 3 months worth of things to write about at the moment, so I definitely can't justify buying more products for a while.

I don't think my spending has been pout of control but I do think if I continue down this path I can see myself having a rude awakening. So, I'm stopping myself before things go bad. I do catch myself relaxing by online window shopping and I don't think thats a particularly healthy way to unwind, so I'd like to replace that habit with something more productive. I want to get to the point where I de-stress by making or creating something, or even re-organising. I want to feel good about my monthly budget again and not feel guilty if I buy something new.

My RONB Rules

I did some research, mainly on Reddit (r/nobuy), which helped me shape the rules I want to follow for my no buy.

1. These rules apply for makeup, skincare and other non-essential beauty items (essential beauty items are things like deodorant and toothpaste, so they are not included in my RONB).

2. If I finish a product during these 3 months, I can repurchase it or replace it. This will apply for basic items that I use everyday, such as skincare or a mascara. This rule doesn't apply to products that I have a lot of, such as eyeshadow or blush, where I will use what I have.

3. If I purchase a replacement product that I don't get on with or downright hate, I am allowed to replace it again. For example, if a skin care item makes me break out, I won't force myself to use it and I'm allowed to replace it.

4. If there is a product that I really want to buy, I will write it down on a list. After my RONB has ended and I still want to purchase the items on my list, I can.

5. I can purchase gifts that are either makeup, skincare or beauty related, as they are not intended for me.

6. I will declutter my makeup collection during my no buy. Anything that can be given away will be and anything old will be tossed or repurposed.

I already started my RONB around 2 weeks ago but I plan on sticking to it until November, just so that it's easier to keep track of. The aim is also not to go crazy and buy all the things on November 1st, so hopefully at that point I keep my cool and don't go on a spending spree. At that point though I'll probably want to wait until Black Friday Sales to buy the things that will be on my wish list anyway, so waiting until November seems like a good idea.

I'm not sure if I'll update on how it's going during my no buy but I will definitely write about how it went after the three months are over. Again, I will be posting product reviews of things I already have purchased, so any new products shown here are not instances of me breaking my RONB. If I do break my RONB for some reason, I'll clearly state it.

If you've ever attempted a No Buy before and have tips or if you've considered doing it ever let me know your thoughts and opinions! I'd love to know what you think. Thanks for reading!