2020 Favourites

As 2020 is almost gone I thought I'd share with you my favourite products from this year. I'm pretty sure most of these things weren't released this year but regardless, these were my most loved on products this year. If you want to learn more about any of these products, I have reviews of all on them so feel free to check them out!

Best in complexion

Glossier Cloud Paint in the shade Beam

When I purchased this blush I wasn't expecting to use it as frequently as I have been. As I've been spending more time indoors I haven't felt as inclined to wear as much base makeup and I found cream products tend to suit that style of makeup a bit better. I would often put some of this blush on before video seminars and meetings. This blush is lovely peachy tone that just brightened my face.

Milk Makeup Bronzer in the shade Baked

This has been my most reached for bronzer this year, it blends out so nicely and gives a lovely sun-kissed look to my skin. Similarly to the Glossier blush, I reached for this a lot of more as I've been wearing less base makeup.

Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in the shade 02

This is such a versatile and underrated product. If you want to trick people into thinking you have beautiful, healthy and dewy looking skin this is the product for you. I tend to use this more as a subtle, 'lit from within' highlighter but some people use this as a glowy foundation/primer. Whatever you choose to use it for it works really well.

Nars highlighter in the shade Fort de France

This highlighter is the one I've reached for the most frequently this year. It gives your cheeks a lovely glow without enhancing texture. It's a great all-rounder!

Best in Eyes

Sweed x Nikki Wolff No Lash-Lash

These lashes are undetectable with tapered, almost mink-like tips. You can really tell that a makeup artist created these, they are so prefect for creating a soft yet glamorous look. If you're a makeup artist or doing bridal makeup these are the ones I'd recommend. They're very easy to apply (although they are quite delicate so be careful removing them from the packaging) and give a lovely effect on the eyes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina Palette

If you saw my palette ranking post a few weeks back you won't be surprised this is on the list. I don't think I have ever been as obsessed about a palette before. For me this strikes the balance of being grungy, neutral and colourful while still providing a nice shimmer to matte ratio. I don't think I could ever get rid of this palette as I feel inspired whenever I open it.

Devinah Cosmetics Eyeshadows

Devinah was a brand I tried this year and I am so impressed with what I've tried from them so far. If you like sparkly magical looking shadows this is definitely a brand to check out.

Clionadh Cosmetics Stained Glass Eyeshadows

The obsession only continues. I first tried these shadows last year and have since expanded my collection, look out for even more shadows from this collection in future reviews. The quality and colour shifts of these shadows is impeccable and I am such a Clionadh stan at this point.

Best in lips

Fenty Gloss Bombs

I am so in love with these glosses! I managed to finish two of these and have almost finished a third. These make your lips look hydrated and glossy while being super comfortable. They also smell like strawberry laces which I love. Definitely a standout formula and there was no question of whether or not they'd end up on this list.

Pat McGrath Lust Gloss in Flesh Fantasy

I managed this gloss! I may have already repurchased this as well... Anyway if you're looking for a boujie lip product I really enjoyed using this gloss and I love the formula. It also has a subtle scent of vanilla which is lovely.

What products were your favourite this year? Thanks for reading, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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