Duochrome - Stylishly Merry

I finally own this coveted eyeshadow! It's only taken over 2 years to have it in my collection, but here it is, MAC Stylishly Merry. I got this shadow as a gift this Christmas and was super excited because this has been an eyeshadow that I have wanted for ages.

I first heard about it when it was re-released in MACs 2017 Holiday collection. However, when I went to buy it, it had already sold out. Then for MACs 2018 Holiday collection, they released a highlighter called Snowflushed which was essentially a giant version of Stylishly Merry. I didn't buy it though as I still hadn't managed to swatch it yet and didn't know if I wanted a massive eyeshadow. However, this autumn MAC re-released Stylishly Merry! I'm pretty sure it's a permanent shade (at least for now) so if you've been eyeing this shade its available!

This shade is a yellow gold-coppery pink duochrome and with flecks of pink shimmer in it. The pigmentation isn't amazing, which is good if you want to wear it on an everyday basis as it still looks like a neutral shade (it's work appropriate). I tried building up the shadow on my eyes but it didn't become more intense so keep that in mind. I also checked my eyeshadow in some different lighting and it mainly looked like a coppery pink shade although in more artificial lighting the pink shimmer particles were more noticeable.

A slightly burry image of MAC Stylishly Merry to show the pink shimmer

While I do enjoy this shadow, it doesn't wow me. I think this is because after trying the Clionadh Cosmetics multichrome eyeshadow formula the bar has been RAISED. Stylishly Merry is good but it doesn't quite live up to my expectations unfortunately. On my lids it just translates as a pink-copper with some flecks of pink shimmer so you can't really tell that it has a colour shift.

Also, since my posts about Clionadh Cosmetics Stained Glass Collection have been so popular, if you want a shade similar to Stylishly Merry but you want a super intense shift and more pigmentation; Clionadh has two shades Blaze and Engrave, that look similar to Stylishly Merry, but stepped up a notch.

Stylishly Merry retails for £16.50 and the Clionadh glitter formula retails for around C$11.00 (roughly £6.50) so with Clionadh you get a much better formula and cheaper price. Keep in mind also that there are shipping costs when ordering from Clionadh's website, so the price may come out to a similar amount.

And a PSA, Clionadh Cosmetics are actually restocking AND have a sale on Tuesday the 21 of January at 4pm EST! So definitely go and check the website if you liked the look of the shadows in my previous posts.

Thanks for reading!



Hourglass Blush

I have always been curious about Hourglass as a brand (specifically their powder products) but it was always slightly out of my price range. However, I can always justify mini products!

I picked up the mini blush in the shade Mood Exposure as it was the most neutral shade available in a mini version. Mood Exposure is a warm nude-mauve shade that will be flattering on most skin tones.

Left: Finger swatch Right: Swatched using a brush (Zoeva 127)

The formula is a satin so it won't emphasise texture, I tend to prefer satin blushes for this reason compared to both matte and shimmery blushes. It isn't overly pigmented (which tends to be the standard for most blushes) and it's very easy to build up the colour without it looking unblended. It is definitely a good blush for beginners for this reason. It's a lovely natural looking shade and will definitely be the blush I'd pick to travel with from now on, both because of the shade and the fact it's small.

Awkward close up before and after of applying Hourglass Mood Exposure

If you have also wondered about what the Hourglass blush formula is like, I definitely would recommend buying one! It is a lovely formula that doesn't emphasise texture and gives a fresh healthy looking glow.

However, I would also encourage buying a mini of one of these (if the shade you're interested in is available as a mini) as I find that blush is the product that always lasts the longest. I think the last time I panned a full size blush it took me over 2 years of everyday use, so believe me, you don't need a full size blush!

Wearing Hourglass Mood Exposure blush

I would purchase other shades in the range but I know I don't need any more blushes in my collection right now, so even though I really like the formula I won't be buying other shades soon. I could see myself buying a blush palette from Hourglass in a few years time though!

Hope you're having a good one and thanks for reading!



Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb

Happy New Year everyone! I have been eyeing Fenty Beauty Gloss Bombs for a while now and this Christmas I was lucky enough to receive it as a gift from my boyfriends mum. After hearing so many great things about this gloss formula I was very excited to try it and spoiler - it lives up to the hype.

I have the shade Fu$$y, which is a sheer pink with tiny flecks of shimmer in it. The shimmer isn't that noticeable, it's only visible up close and even then its not that obvious.

Like any other gloss formula it doesn't have a very long wear time but it feels very comfortable on the lips, almost like a good lip balm with with a slight tackiness to it. This isn't a plumping gloss, that is it doesn't feel minty or make your lips tingle so great for those of you who don't want irritate your lips. It also has a very pleasant smell of strawberry laces, specifically Malaco snöre sweets, those of you who are Swedish.

The doe foot applicator is a larger than average but to be honest it doesn't bother me, as long as I look in the mirror when applying this lipgloss (which I would do with lip products anyway), so to me it just means a faster application.

Before and after applying Fu$$y

This gloss retails for £17 and is available in the UK at Boots and Harvey Nichols however I do remember the price used to be £16. I'm not sure why the price went up but I'm assuming it has something to do with CPI (people who know a lot about economics feel free to correct me).

Anyway, this is a great everyday shade and will probably end up being something I reach for most days. And as someone with chronically dry lips, I really enjoy the formula as its very comfortable and doesn't emphasise any dry patches, this gloss is a great all-rounder. Overall I definitely recommend this gloss!

Thanks for reading and hope you're having a great start to 2020!