HEY GUYS, so few months ago my brother was here in Rio with me and I decided to take him to Pão de Açúcar ( Sugarloaf Mountain) because he never been there aaand I toke a few pics of the view up there that i liked to share with you guys.

FIY: Pão de Açúcar is a peak/tourist spot in Rio de Janeiro.

PS: It was Carnaval and fucking hot.

Hope you like this!


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Olá, so I made the mistake to search on google stereotypes of Brazil and holy fuck that was a lot of unnecessary bullshit that I read, so I decided to do a Question&Answer about Brazilian stereotypes. Hope you like!

1. "If you're Brazilian, why are you so white?"

What the fuck is that? Is that a real question?? Brazil was colonized and inhabited by a lot of countries plus we're a country full of immigrants. There is no "right" shape or color for a Brazilian.

2. "Can you teach me some spanish?"

Amor we speak Portuguese in like brazilian portuguese not spanish, thanks.

3. "So the capital of Brazil is Buenos Aires, right?"

Did you study geography at ALL? seriously guys Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the capital of Brazil is Brasília. jeez.

4. Brazil is a really dangerous place, right?"

Danger is so relative in the ranking of dangerous country all around the world Brazil is not even in the top 10, just as another country Brazil has it's dangerous place but it's definetly not everywhere.

5. Does every Brazilian knows how to samba?"

Of course not! Samba is not that popular in Brazil believe or not, every part of the country has it's typical rhythm in my opinion the north part has such a beautiful and magical type of song it's not very popular all around here but it's beautiful.

6. "Can't i just stay the whole day one the beach?"

Yeah, of course you can! Well, if you wanna go to the hospital for sunstroke and dehydration you can do it. (For real now guys stay safe the sun can be pretty dangerous).

7. "Are you excellent at football?"

Do every Canadian knows how to play hockey? Do every American knows how to play basketball? Sure, the kids love to play that but it's not every kid or every boy that born loving football.

8. "Are you from Rio or São Paulo?"

Yeah because the biggest country in South America just have two states. :)

So yeah that was it, first post holy shit i hope you guys liked it! I'm not that sarcastic on daily basis but i was just pissed of of reading so much shit about my country, I mean I can talk about my country others don't lol is just principles anyway I just did this to try and break some of this stereotypes.

If you have any question about my country or my culture you can contact me and i'll try to help you :)

If you find any problem with the grammar tell me please.

(Questions taken from: http://matadornetwork.com/life/15-questions-brazilians-sick-hearing)

xoxo, Flor.



Welcome to my blog


So the thing is this is the first time that i wrote something in a blog and i don't have ideia what to say as always.

Anyway this is my pathetic way to say hi so yeah, Hi.