Autumn. I have this incredible newfound love for the smell of Autumn.

I don’t know if it’s because I have been travelling and been so far away for such a long time. I have been living in countries where the summer is never ending, and the sun is everlasting for the last couple of years. And that’s what I used to chase, so this is all very new to me. I used to hate the winter, I used to hate the end of long summer nights and cigarette lights and drinks on the beach and sandy beds. But not anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. I am just so incredibly happy, and feel beyond blessed that autumn is here. I am embracing the cold, and I want to put furry jackets and woolly hats on. I want to wear boots and fancy earrings. To drink mulled wine and wear that sparkly black dress on a night out. I want to put my slippers on in the morning and feel the warmth of the coffee hit the back of my throat. I want to wear that red lip stick and the chunky knits.

I want to sit in front of the fireplace, and I want to feel the air hit me in the face when I go outside. I want to drink soup for dinner, and I want to cut my hair shorter. I want to sit inside and read book under a snugly blanket, and I want to lose my scarf in the club. I want warm hugs and cold noses, and leather trousers. I want sunny days and rainy evening, and cold fingers intertwined.

I honestly couldn't be happier that Autumn is here.

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I'm having one of those days today. I feel very Monday-depressed, and basically quite.. Lonely? Pathetic.

I’m not going to lie. Moving abroad can be quite hard. No matter how great your boyfriend is - no matter how including and lovely, no matter how much time he sets aside for you. It’s just not healthy to spend all your time together, and he doesn’t do the job of a best girlfriend. I am happy to be where I am and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. But damn, it does get quite lonely sometimes being abroad and starting over. I would say I’m rather independent, I don’t mind doing stuff on my own or spending time in my own company - most of the time I quite prefer it. But I can’t deny that making a friend or two with similar interests would be completely amazing and the best thing in the whole wide world. And by similar interest I mean wasting money, taking photos of your lunch and basically taking photos of everything you see and especially me. I realise that my hobbies are pathetic, but hey.. I’m happy with my pathetic hobbies, it would just be nice to have someone to share them with. Heh.

But hey - least my new jacket is absolutely amazing.



Morning guys,

Does anyone else get massive Ted from 'How I met your mother' when he's wearing his red cowboy boots vibes from these shoes?! Haha. Gosh. I still love them though.

Well, what can I say.. Pulling. Them. Off.

Ankle boots from Zara. X



Had the dreamiest long weekend. Hope you had a good one too xx



How i looked on saturday for a day out in Brighton, before I got completely shitfaced. Need to get my life together. But first - pizza and chocolate in bed. Lol. X



Hi awesome people that reads my blog,

So yesterday, right, I was just laying down in bed for one teeeny tiny second (you know that innocent feeling) and then 100 years later I woke up from the best nap ever, right in the middle of the night, just unsure of whatever the hell was going on in the world and just wondering what the point of living is, when it just feels so DAMN good to be asleep. Am I right!?

So anyways, this week has just been ridiculous, I have been so tired. And I have done absolutely nothing. Except eating that is. I’m bloody good at eating. So this weekend I just want to do something nice, to make up for all the nothing I’ve been doing, right. But what does my boyfriend want to do!? Nothing.

And what does my friends want to do?! Well I don’t have any friend yet, do I. Jeeez no need to rub it in.

So what will I have to do? Nothing.

No way. Sooo.. Anyone living in like Brighton/London area and wants to be my friend?

If so – Holla at me. And I might give you some of these:

​Most likely not though, I'm quite stingy. Please be my friend :) 



Hi guys!
Just checking in to let you know how incredibly tired I am, please feel sorry for me, hah.

And also - How amazing is this belt togeter with all denim and my Chanel?!




Blessing - Tom Walker

City of stars - Gavin James

Just you and I - Tom Walker

What you do - James Gillespie

A closeness - Dermot Kennedy

Trap queen - Enzo Bennet

Call you home - Kelvin Jones

Cry to me - Solomon Burke

Cold little heart (Radio edit) - Michael Kiwanuka

This Feeling - Alabama Shakes

It ain't' me - Sara Farell

After rain - Dermot Kennedy

Bruises - Lewis Capaldi

Waiting game - Parson James

One lovely day - Citizen Hope

Praying - Kesha