Buzzador: Trying FUN Light.

Let's test it out!!

In collaboration with FUN Light i have tried two of there flavors; Wild Berries and Orange.
Here is what i thought about them.

The first one i opened was orange and i kid you not it smelled like Fanta.
Doing the first glass with just normal water and the taste was a bit on the tart side and it tasted of mild oranges.

Next i tasted it but with carbonated water and it was nice.
It tasted like Fanta but with a bit of tartness.

So, i deiced to wait to the next day to try the other flavor of FUN light.
I did the same as with the orange, i first tried it with normal water.

It was sweet and tart at the same time.
It has a mild raspberry flaovr.

Next i tried it with carbonated water and it tasted like a mild raspberry soda.
I really liked it.

I will buy the Wild Berries again, and carbonate it.

Til next try, Bye.

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