Before I die

I want to travel to:

Iceland - To see the amazing landscape and nature. To just go on a trek and to be able to experience what nature really has to offer... A dream of mine! It has been in my head for years to go there, but the prices to go has always been sky high and I didn't really feel at the time that it would be worth to spend that amount of money to go. When I had my travel-spree I was a student and I did prefer to go to many places and spend medium/low amount of money on the trip than to spend a high amount of money for going to just one or two destinations, so Iceland has always been put on hold, but who knows, the years to come might very well include a trip to Iceland!

Czech republic - This is where my roots are from from my mothers side, so to go there and experience the culture of my roots is a must for me! A bonus that it's a beautiful country with a lot of things to do. I did have Prague booked last year, but due to the pandemic it got cancelled, so I am hoping I can squeeze a long weekend-trip in when things start to get back to normal again!

New Zeeland - The country of Lord of the rings... Has always been a dream to go here, and hopefully me and Matthew will be able to go there in a couple of years. Well, thats our plan anyways so fingers crossed that everything calms down and borders open up so we can start planning it for real!

I want to experience:

Of course it would be giving birth to our future children, to see them grow up and being there for them. Buying our own place, for us to get married and end our days with traveling and being the normal cheesy us forever. But maybe that is such a normal answer to this? What else would I want to experience? I would love to experience Pig Island (an island where you can swim with pigs in the ocean! They literally roam free there living their best life!) and to see more and explore the nature around us.

A language I want to learn:

It would be pretty cool if I could pick up my French again, because I do know a little bit of it and can have a basic conversation. I did pick it up again just before lockdown using the app "Duolingo" but for some reason I didn't find it necessary because I don't think it will be of much use to me and I will end up forgetting it again. Other than that it would be amazing to know any other language, but the path of learning takes time and a lot of effort. Another language that might be good to know I guess would be Spanish. It seems to be a big language around the world, so wouldn't say no to that!

A feeling I want to feel:

The feeling of seeing your child for the first time and realizing that you have your own little family to see to. Such a cheesy and common answer I guess but I know that this is a feeling that you will never forget!

A goal with my health:

To feel good about myself and my body. I think it is super common for girls and women to constantly find something wrong with themselves, and I am definitely not a exception. But I believe this feeling of not feeling good enough or finding faults has also been spreading to boys and men more and more because of how society is nowadays, and with the rapid pace of social media influence. So for me it is important to work on that and to feel comfortable with my body and my health. It is something that will be a pilar for future children and to be surrounded by adults that are comfortable in themselves is super important and might help to boost their confidence as well!

I want to eat:

I am not very picky when it comes to trying new things, so trying something I have never tried before would be a yes for me. Thinking of things I haven't tried yet I cant't think of anything "normal" that people would usually eat (so many people I have heard of that haven' tried sushi - Matthew included - is a chock!).

An artist I want to see live:

I have actually seen most of the bands that I been wanting to see. I went to a lot of deferents festivals when I was younger and got to see a lot of differents artists and bands. I can't really say any favorites, but I will always remember seeing Alice Cooper and Bob Dylan. A few Now I am not really super keen on concerts as I once was, but one artist that would be nice to see live would probably be Ed Sheeran.

I want to own:

A house with a garden! Only a couple of years ago I wasn't big on the thought of buying a house, but now I can't wait to buy a house and call it "our own". Mostly because I want to have a garden, it doesn't have to be big, just enough for our future dog (yes that's another thing I want to own in the future, a wee doggo) and kiddos. I would probably not want to go for a big house, but when we come to that stage I bet my mind has changed a million times.

An adventure I want to do:

As mentioned earlier I have a few big adventures that I want to do in other countries, but if I would mention something else to do it would be road tripping in Scotland and rest of Ireland. It would be amazing to see more of my second home here, and both me and Matthew has as a goal to see more of the island here before we move back to Sweden, and even after we've moved we will of course come back for visits and there will be time for adventures then too for sure!

A job I want to try:

It feels like I have tried a good few jobs, and right now I will stay with what I do until we go back to Sweden, and when we are back I just want to find a good job that I enjoy and at the same time has a good pay so I can save mney on the side and just live a comfortable life. I think my calling is being a teacher of some sort,but I just have to find the right setting for it!



Potato leek stew

Vi har tänkt att vi ska göra egen soppa som ska fungera som lunch i veckorna. Det är ju så enkelt att göra så det känns lite onödigt att köpa burkar, men vi tog lite för mycket potatis i och det slutade upp att bli mer av en stew än en soppa.. Men det gjorde inte så mycket för oj vad gott det var! Potatis med gullök, selleri och purjolök, sen kryddat med buljong, salt och peppar och spätt med kokosmjölk och vatten. Inte så illa!


We have decided to make our own soup for the weekly lunches. It is easy enough to make so it makes no sense really to buy the cans, but we managed to put maybe a few too many potatoes in it, and it ended up as a stew instead of a soup.. Didn't really matter that much because it was super tasty and a perfect lunch! Potatoes, onion, celery, leek with stock, salt and pepper and water + coconut milk. Not too bad!



Walk to explore

Ett stort intresse för mig och Matthew är att gå promenader och upptäcka olika platser. Det är i princip det man får göra nu när det är lockdown, så det passar ju oss perfekt. Att gå olika "treks" eller hitta berg att ta sig upp för är att föredra, men att hitta parker med fin natur är också ett plus. I helgen var vi iväg till "Cairn woods" strax utanför Belfast och sedan tog vi en promenad till Ormeau Park i söndags, som ligger hyfsat nära där vi bor, då snön hade bestämt sig för att visa sig på ön. Matthew ser snön på ett helt annat vis än vad jag själv gör. Att komma från ett land där snön blir en vardag så har jag nog alltid sett det negativa med det snarare än det positiva. Så det är ju absolut bra att ha någon nära som kan se det positiva och boosta en i rätt riktning (kan behövas nu när vi ska tillbaka till Sverige)!


A big interest for us is to go on walks and discover new places. That is pretty much all you can do nowadays, so it suits us well. Going on different treks or to find mountains to go to is what we prefer, but parks with a nice view and nature is a big plus as well! This weekend we went to Cairn woods just outside Belfast, and on the Sunday we went for a walk to Ormeau Park, close to where we live, because we wanted to see more of the snow that decided to show itself on the island. Matthew is very found of snow, and well me - who comes from a country of snow and grew up with it - is not very found of it, and I think I only see the negatives with it. So, it's good to have someone that is actually seeing the good things about it to boost me a little bit to the positive direction (might be very well needed for the move back to Sweden)!