Areyou familiar with Nicolas Andry? Arthroscopy? Or Prosthesis? Perhaps most ofyou aren’t. Those are some of the basic terms in orthopedics, and if you’regoing to finish this article, you’ll be able to obtain a bountiful of knowledgeabout this particular field of medicine.

Let’sbegin with Nicolas Andry. He played a major role in the early history oforthopedics. He was the first one to introduce the word ‘orthopedia’ in 1741,in his book Orthopaedia, or the art of preventing and correcting deformities inchildren. The terminology Nicolas used were derived from two Greek words; orthos,meaning straight and pais, meaning child.


Greatdevelopments were seen in this specific branch of medicine and after a long periodof time, orthopedics is not only about children.

Orthopedicsfocuses on the diseases and injuries of the bones or muscles. If a bone isbroken, it would develop new growth in order to correctthe fracture and fill in any areas from which bone is removed, since bone is aliving and functioning part of the body.

Forthat reason, a bone that’s deformed from birth can be operated, cut, braced, ortreated to generate a normal form. If a broken bone is held in alignment, itwill heal without any physical deformity.



Evenin the prehistoric ages, humans have had to deal with broken or deformed bones.It’s evident in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that people wrapped and braceda limb in order to heal normally.

Warsare common during those times and it happened on a much larger scale. The soldiersalso used more competent weapons. This result in fractures and other boneinjuries to become more prevalent.

Interestingly,advances in orthopedics made a great uproar in the field of medicine as surgeonsshortly invented simple prosthesis to replace limbs that were amputated becauseof a grave wound.


Orthopedistsin the earlier times were very committed in their field. It’s no doubt thattheir legacy remained into our modern orthopedists. Birth defects such asscoliosis and clubfoot have also been the main concern of the formerorthopedists. But it doesn’t stop there, those physicians also included withintheir specialty the dislocations, fractures, and trauma to the spine andskeleton. Orthopedics had been a physical specialty for several years.

Aftermanipulating bones and joints to restore alignment, orthopedists including Dr. Howard Marans will apply castsor braces to maintain its structure while waiting for it to heal. While the fractureheals on its own, the patient is advised to be more comfortable as possible toavoid further injuries. However, in some cases,the healing process was incomplete and affect the patient with a lifetimehandicap that can make walking or bending difficult.



Inorder for the bone fragments to heal better, a special nail was invented in the1930s to hold them. On the other hand, the head of a femur that is a part ofthe hip joint and that wouldn’t often heal after being fractured can bereplaced with a metal device that was developed a couple of years after thenail, then a total artificial hip joint was invented after that. Revisions andimprovements are still being made by the orthopedists to allow an individual tomaximize the use and flexibility of the leg.

Orthopedistsutilize physical methods to align fractures and repair damaged joint. Braces and casts are still being used tohold injured bones in place while they heal. To ensure that the bones arealigned properly and that there’ll be a better healing process, orthopedicspecialists now use x-rays.


Crushedbones that have a little chance of healing on their own could be treated by Dr. Howard Marans throughtransplanting bits of bone from other locations in the body to fill fractured areas.He and other orthopedists use drills, screwdrivers, screws, staples, nails,chisels, and other tools to operate the bone and connect pieces with oneanother.

Mostof the bone deformities these days could be corrected. Deformed facial bones canbe replaced or reshaped. Bone transplants from one person to another is a usualthing. Grave diseases like cancer may bring terrible results to patients, suchas losing a limb, but Howard MaransMD can provide a normal-appearing prosthesis for them to have anear-normal life. He can teach them on how to use it, and it’s also fitted soit’s convenient to use.

Thepatients that have lost limbs due to traumatic injuries, vascular diseases,diabetes, cancer or congenital disorders could get prosthetics throughorthopedic surgeons. Prosthetics refers to the design, fabrication, and fitting of custom-built artificial limbs or other assistivedevices.

Thesedevices could restore the function and appearance of a full or partial missinglimb as completely as possible. He also added that the creation of prosthesisis a very complicated and custom procedure that requires a high degree of skillcoupled with advanced technology due to the huge differences in human anatomy.


Arthritis,carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, and osteoporosis are among the list of degenerativediseases that orthopedists were trained to treat. Treatment options includediet changes, exercise, steroid injections, as well as surgical procedures andhormone replacement therapy.

Arthroscopyand joint replacement are some of the recent technological advances that helpeda lot of orthopedic patients around the globe. Several orthopedic surgicalprocedures don’t need an open incision to completely expose the joint. Flexiblearthroscopes can now be inserted through a small incision in the skin and theninto a joint, and after that, it can be manipulated through the joint to locateand determine the nature of the injury. Arthroscopy can be used to look intomany joints of the body, such as knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, and wrists.

Dr. Howard Marans and his affiliates are committed to treating all patients in a professional andtimely manner. They surely are a promising team because they can provide promptcare utilizing established orthopedic treatments and innovative surgical andarthroscopic procedures.

That’sit! This sum up most of the facts about orthopedics. Hoped this article helped youin understanding this particular field of medicine.

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Arthritis Treatment Options

hand-surgery-caIn general terms, arthritis is aninflammation of the joints. The daily occurrence is not uncommon. In the UnitedSates, millions of people handle the daily symptoms of arthritis in a varietyof ways. When arthritis affects hands and wrists, normal activities may becomepainful and difficult to perform. Depending on the degree of degenerations,numerous arthritis treatment options are available to help relieve thesymptoms.


1. PainManagement

When joints are inflamed or stiff due to arthritis, painmanagement may be the first focus in the various arthritis treatment options.


- Anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving drugs may be usedeither by a prescription or over the counter.

- Corticosteroid injections to help reduce and controlinflammation which will allow for more flexibility within the joints. Thesteroid injections will be inserted into the wrist areas.

- Anti-rheumatic medication or analgesic to help reducesymptoms and modify the disease.

- Bracing and immobilization to help protect the wristarea by limiting movement. The limitation will help reduce the pain whileperforming daily activities.


2.Exercise and Health

Exercising is another important factor in combating theeffects of arthritis.


- Maintain a healthy weight. Even a few extra pounds canincrease the pressure on any joints. Discuss the ideal weight with the primaryhealth care professional.

- Physical therapy may be prescribed as part of thearthritis treatment options to help gain flexibility in the joints.

- Daily exercise to help restore or improve range ofmotion in the wrist area while strengthening the muscles in the arm.

- Get enough rest each night or consider taking a dailynap to help combat fatigue. The symptoms of arthritis may leave a personfeeling extra tired. Without proper rest, the symptoms may increase creatingmore problems.



When non-surgical methods have been exhausted or thedegree of degeneration is too severe, surgery is the next step in the treatmentprocess. Surgical arthritis treatment options usually fall into one of threecategories.


- The removal of the arthritic bone also known as aproximal row corpectomy. The procedure will help combat the painful symptoms ofthe disease.

- Fusing the arthritic bones together in order to makeone solid bone. The procedure may be a partial fusion method which will stillallow for minimal movement and reducing pain. If the degree of degeneration isextensive, a full fusion of the bones is utilized. The full fusion eliminatespainful symptoms by removing all wrist motion.

- Complete joint replacement may be used as a treatmentmethod. A prosthetic joint will help a person recover range of movement withinthe wrist.


Before considering any arthritis treatment options, anaccurate diagnosis should be obtained from a leading orthopedic doctor. Dr.Howard Marans understands all the symptoms affecting an arthritis sufferer.With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Marans strives to get each patientback to normal, daily activities free from painful symptoms.


TreatmentOptions For Arthritis

Working with various insurance companies, including PPO,Dr. Marans, and his friendly staff will help each person receive the highestlevel of care. Striving for an optimal outcome with each patient withoutcreating an overwhelming financial burden. Please click below to schedule yourconsultation or call us at 714.979.8981.



The shoulder may develop arthritis as a result ofdegeneration, trauma, or autoimmune disease. Treatment for shoulder arthritisvaries based on the severity of the condition, but the majority of patients areable to control their symptoms and maintain functionality in the shoulder. 


AboutShoulder Arthritis


Arthritis is a broad term that simply means inflammation ofa joint. It may be caused by a number of factors. Osteoarthritis, the mostcommon form of arthritis, is a degenerative condition in which the cartilagesurfaces of the joint break down over time. Post-traumatic arthritis may occurafter shoulder trauma. Rheumatoid arthritis is a progressive autoimmunecondition in which the immune system attacks joints all over the body. Thereare also some less common types of arthritis, such as infectious arthritis.


Shoulder arthritis is most common among older people. It mayalso occur in athletes who use the shoulder frequently. Shoulder arthritis canproduce pain and stiffness that make it difficult to perform even simple tasks.




The most minimally invasive treatments available arepreferred for treating arthritis. Because arthritis is usually a chroniccondition, management is also long-term. Making lifestyle changes can go a longway toward controlling symptoms. Some common treatments include:


- Physical therapy – Can help strengthen the muscles thatsupport the shoulder and maintain a range of motion. The exercises learned inphysical therapy should be performed at home regularly. Whatever othertreatments are used, physical therapy will form a cornerstone of the treatmentprocess.

- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) –Medications like Aleve and Advil can help relieve the inflammation associatedwith shoulder arthritis.

- Steroid injections – Steroids have powerfulanti-inflammatory effects. By injecting the medication directly into the joint,it is possible to provide a large dose with only local effects.

- Shoulder replacement – Surgical replacement of the damagedjoint surfaces is sometimes necessary in cases where symptoms are severe andthe patient does not respond to any other treatment methods.


Another factor that influences the course of treatment isthe patient’s age and activity level. Athletes and other people who requirefull use of the shoulder, such as musicians, will typically receive moreaggressive treatment. In contrast, older and more sedentary people willtypically receive less aggressive treatment, because the benefits do notoutweigh the risks. 


Best MissionViejo Shoulder Doctor


The best doctor for shoulder arthritis in Mission Viejo, CAis Dr. Howard Marans, head of OC Orthopedic. Dr. Marans has worked inorthopedics for over 20 years. He is skilled at the administration of bothsurgical and non-surgical treatments, and has helped many shoulder arthritispatients to regain function.


Dr. Marans would be happy to meet with you about yourshoulder pain. To schedule your consultation today, please call (714) 979-8981or click below and enter your information and we will get right back to you.



Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when there is too muchpressure on the median nerve, which runs from the wrist to parts of the hand.The symptoms of carpal tunnel can be severe, so it is important to seektreatment from a skilled orthopedist if you have this condition. Below, we willtake a look at how carpal tunnel is treated.


CarpalTunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Carpal tunnel causes symptoms in the hands and fingers. Someof the most common symptoms include:


- Muscle weakness

- Numbness

- Tingling

- Pain


Symptoms may get worse at night or when you are performingactivities that use the hand, like playing the piano, typing, or sewing.



A number of factors can increase your risk of developingcarpal tunnel syndrome. Although people can develop the condition without riskfactors, and may not have problems even if they have many risk factors, yourchances of having carpal tunnel increase if you:


- Are female

- Have fractured or dislocated your wrist in the past

- Have diabetes or another condition that causes nervedamage

- Have an inflammatory condition like rheumatoid arthritis


Some people believe there is a correlation between carpaltunnel and factors like typing a lot or working in an assembly line, butstudies have not found a strong connection.



Most cases of carpal tunnel can be treated without surgery.Some of the most effective non-surgical treatments include:


- Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – Drugslike ibuprofen and naproxen do not treat the underlying condition, but they canprovide relief from symptoms.

- Splinting – Splinting the wrist holds it still so that thenerve does not experience further irritation. Splinting is often performed atnight, to prevent noctural symptoms.

- Corticosteroid injections – Injecting the carpal tunnelwith a drug such as cortisone can reduce inflammation and swelling, thusrelieving pressure on the median nerve and alleviating symptoms.



Surgery may be necessary when symptoms persist even afternon-surgical methods have been attempted. During surgery, the doctor relievespressure on the median nerve by cutting the ligament that is pressing againstit.


Endoscopic surgery is often appropriate for carpal tunnelsyndrome. During this procedure, the doctor uses a camera and tiny incisions toview and operate on the joint. In some cases, the doctor may perform opensurgery, which uses a larger incision.


Endoscopic surgery has a shorter recovery time, and a lowerrisk of certain complications, such as infection and bleeding. Your doctor willdiscuss which treatment is best for you based on your unique clinicalsituation.


If you have symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. HowardMarans would be happy to meet with you. To schedule your consultation today,please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714)979-8981.



Fracturedbones or dislocated joints arising from injuries may requiresurgery that involves internal fixation. Internal fixation is a surgicalprocedure which involves attaching a device to a bone in order to stabilize itand help it heal or regain functionality of joints. Dr. Howard Maranshas performed many of these operations and has the capability of performingthem to restore the patient’s normal functions.


Internal fixation specifically involves attaching implants,such as plates, rods or pins, to fractured or separated bone parts throughopen-reduction surgery, allowing the surgeon to reach the injured bone partsand realigning or restoring their normal position and fixing them in placeusing the implants. At most one week in the hospital is required for patientsbefore they are discharged. Normally, physical therapy is required in order toattain fast recovery and allow patients to go back to their normal activities.


Most simple fractures, however, do not require openreduction and internal fixation. Dr. Marans recommends casting the injured partand keeping it immobile so that the bone can repair itself. In more seriousfractures, immediate medical care and surgery must be undertaken in order tofacilitate the healing and restore the motor ability of the patient as well asthe strength of the muscles of the injured parts.


Immediate medical attention should be given to severeorthopedic cases in order to prevent aggravation, such as, compartmentsyndrome, a “life-threatening and limb-threatening condition in which pressurein a muscle compartment builds up to dangerous levels”. Also, there are caseswhen bones fail to heal and rejoin, thus, requiring further medical attention.In other cases, bones heal but in a misaligned fashion. Proper medical care,such as what Dr. Marans provides, will help prevent the occurrence of theseconditions.


Some patients also encounter nerve damage due to boneinjuries. Immediate attention is needed in order to repair the damaged nerves.Finally, infection may result when fractured bones penetrate the skin and leftexposed for some time. Again, prompt medical procedure is needed to arrest theonset of greater infection to the wound and repair the injury.


Thanks to Dr. Howard Maransand his staff, patients who require their specialized medical care have someoneto turn to for proper treatment and full recovery.



HowardMarans is an expert in sports medicine and has treated hundreds ofelite and thousands of amateur athletes over the course of his career. Athletesare at an increased risk of orthopedic problems due to the nature of theirlifestyle, and they have unique needs when it comes to recovering frominjuries. That’s why seeing a sports medicine doctor is so important.


Athletes Have Unique Needs


When it comes to treatment for orthopedic problems andinjuries, athletes have unique needs from the rest of the population. Someexamples of this include:


- Athletes are typically in peak physical condition

- More prone to injury due to training (especially in casesof over-training or incorrect form)

- Education on ways to prevent future injury is essential

- Restoring full functionality to the injured body part is apriority

Approach to Treatment


One of the major ways in which athletes differ from otherpatients is that they require full use of the injured part in most cases.Although sometimes an orthopedic injury is so severe that the athlete will beunable to ever return to their previous level of achievement, in many cases itis possible to restore full functionality.


Because of this, sports medicine tends to be more aggressivein treating injuries than general orthopedic medicine. While an older or lessactive patient may receive treatment aimed at relieving symptoms in the leastinvasive way possible, athletes usually want to be able to perform strenuousphysical activity over many years.




Physical therapy is often a cornerstone of sports medicine,whether or not surgery is also used. Physical therapy can restore flexibilityto stiff joints and strengthen muscles that weakened due to injury. Inaddition, physical therapy can help athletes develop the good form that theywill need to prevent future injuries.




Many common sports injuries, like shin splints, musclesprains, and simple fractures, can be treated without ever entering theoperating room. However, conditions that are unlikely to heal on their own mayneed surgery, especially given that restoring full functionality is a priority.


Many sports injuries, like ACL tears and rotator cuff tears,can be treated using arthroscopic surgery in an outpatient setting. For moresevere and extensive injuries, it may be necessary to perform traditional, openprocedures, which might require a hospital stay.


Preventionof Future Injuries


In sports medicine, preventing future injuries is animportant part of treatment. After sustaining an injury, athletes are ofteneager to get back to training. Under the guidance of a physician, athletes cando this in the safest way possible.


The first step to preventing injury is to wait until it issafe to do so to start training again. The physician will carefully monitor thepatient’s progress as the injury heals and physical therapy restores strengthand flexibility. Starting before the doctor gives the go-ahead can put athletesat risk of developing another injury. Depending on the injury, this could beanywhere from a few days to several months.


The next step is to change the training regimen to preventfuture injury. In some cases, incorrect form contributed to the originalinjury; in such cases, the doctor, physical therapist, and coach should workwith the patient to correct the form.


Over-training is another major issue. One way that patientscan avoid injuries caused by over-training is to take up a cross-trainingregimen, in which case their normal training is supplemented by the use ofother types of training at times.



Affordable ankle surgery is a dicey subject – there are manysurgical interventions that can be performed on the ankle, and the costs varydepending upon the complexity of the procedure. The patient who is having ankle distress symptoms should worry more aboutthe cause of their issues instead of worrying about affordability.  However, if you health insurance coverage,you can be assured your surgery will be covered and your co-pay veryreasonable, depending on your insurance plan. With health insurance coverage,you can have affordable ankle surgery, no matter the dysfunction.


Ankle Surgery Funding


Ankles require surgery due to arthritis, injury, and birthdefects.  Complex surgical procedures,even if uninsured, can be afforded with funding loans or payment schedules withthe surgeon and hospital. It is not unusual for the ankle joint to have to betotally reconstructed after an accident, and you should seek out the highestauthority in orthopedic surgery to treat your issue, even if you must have affordableankle surgery.


OrangeCounty Orthopedic


Whether you want to get back to your softball league or playon your school team, Orange County Orthopedic provides you with prompt care byutilizing state of the art surgical, arthroscopic, and orthopedic treatmentsand procedures.


As an Orange County, California specialist and surgeon, Dr. Maransnot only is the go-to authority for sports injuries to vital joints and thereconstruction to complete health, but he volunteers as physician for thesports teams at local secondary schools. This is an outstanding benefit to his community and its families, and isindicative of the overall caring character of this highly skilled surgeon.


SportsMedicine and Reconstruction


Dr. Howard Marans hasexpertise in all of the human joints as an authoritative surgeon of wrists,elbows, shoulders, ankles, hands, and knees. His medical practice dates over twenty years in the operating roomsperforming surgery for athletes, people in law enforcement, and others. Amongthe difficult procedures which Dr. Marans performs with expertise is theAchilles tear and reconstruction, joint replacement, and treating de Quervain’sDisease.  Some of his male patientshave  experienced the need for rotatorcuff repair, and he has extensive experience in ACL knee repair andreconstruction.


His practice and studies have taken him to Canada,Australia, and the U.S. His offices in Fountain Valley, California have thehighest quality equipment and diagnostic tools and his staff shares his missionof caring for patients with professionalism and timeliness.


TopAffordable Ankle Surgery in Orange Couny, CA


Dr. Howard Marans has received the following honorary awardsfor exemplary service:


- J.C. Kennedy Award for Excellency in Sports Medicine

- Excellence in Research Award (Sport Sciences) AmericanOrthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

- Healthgrade Honor Roll


If you are experiencing any inflammation, stiffness, pain,or limited movement in your ankle, contact Dr. Marans immediately for hisevaluation and correction of your medical issue.



When facing the potential need for orthopedic surgery, everypatient deserves the best quality of care. OC Orthopedic, run by Dr. Howard Marans,is the top orthopedic surgery center in Tustin.


OC Orthopedic will use the latest and most thoroughdiagnostic exams available to determine if surgery is the best answer for eachpatient, or if an issue or injury should be treated with more conservativenon-surgical treatments. If it is determined that a patient needs surgicalintervention in order to improve function, quality of life, or return to sportsfollowing an injury, OC Orthopedic specializes in minimally invasive surgicaltechniques that return the patient to activity quickly and without breakingtheir bank.


OCOrthopedic Surgical Specialties


Arthroscopic Surgery –This is a minimally invasive surgerywhere small incisions are made near a joint for the purpose of a surgeon toinsert a camera and instruments into the area for diagnosis and repair. Whenknee pain, for example, is due to an injury to the meniscus, ligaments, orother soft tissues, the tissues can be repaired or removed with arthroscopy.Other joints with complex soft tissue problems that respond well toarthroscopic surgery in addition to the knee include the hip, shoulder, spine,or wrist. Recovery happens more quickly than with major invasive surgeries, dueto the smaller incisions and fewer side effects. It does not even require ahospital stay. In most cases, arthroscopic surgery is used when conservativetreatment options such as physical therapy, lifestyle changes, or medicationsto decrease inflammation have failed to improve measureable pain or quality oflife.


Open Reduction/Internal Fixation – When a bone is fractured,many times surgical intervention isn’t necessary. A simple fracture, where abone is cracked but remains in place, will usually heal on its own with castingor bracing. When a bone is broken into several pieces or moves out of placeupon breaking, internal fixation surgery is necessary in order to preventfuture complications. During surgery, a device such as a rod, pin, screw, orplate will be fixated to the bone in order to hold the bone in place to promotehealthy healing. All fractures, regardless of whether they need surgicalintervention or not, are a medical emergency and need to be addressedimmediately. X-rays and other imaging tests will be done to help a surgeon knowhow to best treat the injury.


Non-SurgicalTreatment Options


Sometimes, after an initial examination, it will bedetermined by the doctor that surgery isn’t the first, best, or only option fora patient. At OC Orthopedic, non-surgical treatments are available forconditions including arthritis, injuries, and pain. Non-surgical treatments mayinclude physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medication, steroid injections,and more.


OC Orthopedic is also the best orthopedic surgery center inTustin for Sports Medicine. Understanding that athletes have the need to returnto full function as soon as possible after an injury, surgical and non-surgicaloptions are used to treat injuries quickly and effectively.


All patients receive comprehensive patient education as partof their treatment. Empowering patients with knowledge that they need tounderstand their injury or condition and how to avoid and prevent future injuryis always an important part of the goals and philosophy of patient care at OCOrthopedic.


BestOrthopedic Surgery Center in Tustin


When searching for the best orthopedic surgery center inTustin, you do not have to look further than Dr. Howard Marans’OC Orthopedic. Dr. Marans’ expertise, extensive diagnostic exams, and use ofminimally invasive surgical techniques are the winning ingredients that provideevery patient with the highest quality care. The office is always happy to takeyour calls or answer your questions, so please click below to schedule yourconsultation or call us at 714.979.8981



One of the most common forms of shoulder pain is shoulderimpingement syndrome. The symptoms can occur after frequent and over use ofoverhead activity. The repeated activity can create persistent pain due to thenarrowing space between the rotator cuff and acromion. The pain can actuallycause a patient to have reduced movement in the arm. The costs of shoulderimpingement surgery will be based on different contributing factors frominitial diagnosis to the surgery option.

Costof Shoulder Impingement Surgery

BeginWith a Diagnosis

Costs of shoulder impingement surgery will begin with theinitial diagnosis from a health care professional. If the patient has medicalinsurance, the costs of the doctor’s appointment will be dependent on co-paysand deductibles. Without health insurance or minimal coverage, the initialdoctor visit can exceed $250.

- A complete medical history will be evaluated and reviewed.

- X-rays and MRI may be done prior to the doctor’sappointment or part of the evaluation process. The costs of the X-rays andMRI’s will be an additional cost to the doctor’s appointment. The photo imagingtests are needed to verify the absence of bone spurs and arthritis.

- Physical therapy may be required to ensure surgery is thebest option. Each session can costs over $100. The amount of sessions willdepend on if the physical therapy appears to be working. In some cases,physical therapy can only help after the surgery is performed.

The Surgery

When all other options are exhausted, surgery is the nextstep to fix the shoulder impingement. There are three different types ofsurgery used to repair and reconstruct the shoulder impingement.

- Shoulder arthroscopy is less invasive which gives thepatient a decreased recovery span. The surgery consists of making smallincisions in the shoulder area to fix the damage. The costs of arthroscopysurgery can exceed over $8000.

- Open surgery costs will be higher than arthroscopy. Theopen surgery method is used when there is severe damage to the shoulder area.By opening with a larger incision, the surgeon will be able to view the jointand tissues in a more direct method. The expense for the conventional approachcan exceed $18,000. The drawbacks of this method are larger scars and longerhealing times.

- The third and more complex procedure is shoulderarthroplasty. The surgeon will reconstruct or replace the joint to bring backform and function to the shoulder area. The cost is the highest of threeshoulder impingement surgeries with a price exceeding $21,000. The majordrawback of this type of surgery is the longer recovery time – approximatelynine months.

Shoulder surgery is usually covered by the patient’s healthcare provider. With any type of major surgical procedures, discussing the costsof shoulder impingement surgery with the insurance company or health careprovider can provide a basic assessment of the costs and potential out ofpocket expenses.

An accurate diagnosis is important for an optimal outcome ofthe client’s shoulder impingement needs. With 20 years of experience in thesame location, Dr. Howard Marans can provide a complete explanation oftreatment options and surgery expectations. Dr. Marans welcomes PPO and willwork with other insurance companies to give the best treatment available.Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.



If you are looking for affordable orthopedic surgeons inOrange County, California, Dr. Howard Marans is the doctor to see. At theOrange County Orthopedic, you can get the best treatment for knees, ankles,wrists, shoulders, and more without breaking your bank. Dr. Marans have beenserving the Orange County area for over twenty years, striving to treat allpatients in a professional and timely manner, providing prompt care and the userecognized orthopedic treatments and state of the art procedures.


Dr. Marans provides several types of treatments for manyinjury’s. His primary concern is always to get patients back to their dailyactivities as safely and quickly as possible. He is known for treating manymajor athletes as well as minor athletes, and for providing a warm and caringenvironment for treatment. He and his staff only do surgical procedures if itis necessary in order to restore function and control the symptoms.




Arthritis is one of the ailments treated by Dr. Marans.Arthritis refers simply to inflammation of a joint or a place where two or morebones meet. The majority of arthritis cases can be managed non-surgically. Dr.Marans treats rare forms of arthritis such as:


- Infectious arthritis

- Psoriatic arthritis

- Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

- Gout

- Reactive arthritis.


He also treats common forms, such as Osteoarthritis,Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Post-Traumatic Arthritis.


Non-surgical treatments are also available for many injuriesor ailments that may be affecting your quality of life. Some of these include:


- Physical Therapy

- Lifestyle Changes

- Weight Loss Methods

- Medication

- Steroid Injections


Dr. Marans also provides Sports Medicine Treatment. Whetheror not the patient has surgery, physical therapy is an important part of sportsmedicine. Athlete’s usually require different treatment than non-athletepatients due to the fact that, more often than not, they need full use andfunction of the injured body part sooner. Surgery is sometimes necessary wheninjuries are less likely to heal on their own, especially if restoring fullfunctionality is a priority. One form of treatment provided for athletes thatdiffers from treatment for regular patients is prevention of future injury. Itis a key feature in safely getting any player back to their sport.


Open Reduction/Internal Fixation is a procedure thatinvolves  attaching a device to a bone inorder to stabilize it and help it heal. Implants that can be used for InternalFixation include:


- Plates

- Screws

- Rods

- Pins




Being a leading whole care provider in orthopedic care, Dr.Howard Marans takes into consideration that each patient is unique andhe works with them to understand their special needs and concerns. Hisspecialties include:


- Arms

- Foot and ankle

- Shoulder

- Other common injuries, such as Achilles tendon tears,bunions, fractures, sprains, and more


Top Affordable Orthopedic Surgeon in Orange County, CA


Please click the link below to schedule your consultation orcall Dr. Marans at (714)-979-8981. We’re looking forward to hearing from you,and to providing you with the best treatment available!