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Jag fick äran att prova, ett för mig, nytt märke, mineralmakeup. Med min lite förvirrade hud har jag ju upptäckt att mineral smink är det bästa. Det påverkar inte huden negativt och sminket sitter hela dagen. Här med grunderna, concealer, foundation och rouge. Och borstar till det. Jag är redan imponerad. Detta är ett märke att prova som dessutom håller en fördelaktig prisklass. Ni hittar det -> HÄR


Mineral foundations are innovative makeup cosmetics that not only beautify, but also care for the complexion. Their biggest advantage is simple, natural composition. Its natural components are: mica, which gives a delicate glow, is helpful in fighting against small spots, antibacterial zinc oxide and titanium dioxide providing excellent coverage, which additionally protects the skin against UVA / UVB radiation. Mineral foundation does not clog pores, which positively affects skin's overall condition.


Annabelle Minerals concealers are a special task cover-up force. Thanks to the titanium dioxide, they are super effective in covering all redness. The zinc oxide helps in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.


Annabelle Minerals blushes ensure a fresh, innocent look. The high pigmentation and diversity of shades is what makes using them a simple task, even for beginners. The intensity of the color can be graded by applying successive coats of the product.


Our mineral makeup accessories are hypoallergenic and made from the highest quality materials. The bristles of Annabelle Minerals brushes are synthetic bristles, so they do not cause irritation or allergy.

"Annabelle Minerals was born out of a dream and the desire to learn from the best of nature. Our passion is finding beauty
in the surrounding reality, which is why the mission of Annabelle Minerals is making sure that every woman believes in the
beauty that she has inside. The beauty that is a reflection of her soul. We believe that this kind of beauty has many shades and
is there to be found in each of us, regardless of our age, skin tone or the size of the clothes we wear."

xoxo, linda

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