Lots has happened and it has been a roller coaster. Not only my father is very sick and in hospital, even my mom went in by ambulance the other day with confusion and memory loss. I was sick to my stomach of worry.

Feel so helpless and far away.

But good news is that my mom is back home and feels much better. My father is still in hospital and not doing great. But it seems like it is at least more stable.... I am taking one day at a time.

At work things are going very well. I overproduced my revenue goal last quarter and we had a very very strong quarter nationwide. Q4 has just begun and we are in full swing already. I am hoping to reach my goals once again:-)




I'm sorry to hear about your father's illness, take care Lina, hope it works out and he improves soon. Congrats on your success at work!


I'm starting to fear the worst now Lina, did something bad happen? This year has been one long freakin' nightmare, I hope you are o.k., and whatever happens, don't give up, stay strong, hug <3

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