The First Of Many

The world is changing and that holds particularly true where Sweden is concerned. What most captures my interest with these changes it’s how the face of interior design is changing along with it. My first impression of the interior design industry in Sweden was one where it felt like people were almost frightened to have a personality. The norm was to follow what others did and not really try to stick out too much. The designs were clean, nothing over the top. The color spectrum were bland in comparison to my island home of St. Lucia and the Caribbean. The word ‘lagom’ translated in english meaning just enough or sufficient, was something that I heard over and over again. But that word was not something that ever fitted into my English or Swedish vocabulary. Not because I refuse to be ‘lagom’ but because I do not know how? So my journey started trying to find a balance between my world and the Swedish world. The journey has in no way been easy but who said anything in life that is worth having should come easily? Welcome to my world of interiors. Welcome to Lilly Box Interiors.

The journey begins here……

Converting a beautiful old building on Kyrkogatan 3, in the middle of Kinna into our new showroom….Before and After.