And again it was time for celebration. This time celebrating that I will be mother for second time in my life and for second time I will get blessed with a beautiful girl.

This time we did it very small and casual though because I'm already tired and feels like this pregnancy has been more kind to me but it's really taking my energy now. Last weeks I'm really feeling pregnant! Like really pregnant!

We got together some friends at my mom's place and just had little cozy time.

I want to thank all that came and thank for the gifts.

We ordered the cake and cakepops from this website and I can strongly recommend them.

Some of the presents came from jollyroom and I'm really happy with them. So perfect for my little princess and packed in super sweet boxes.

I also got a beautiful accessory to the stroller and a diaper cake. It's really a perfect and original present for babyshower.

Mine came from this website:

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Well then, the shopoholic in me talked again and I just couldn't let go of some of the clothes at h&m. Their collection are just amazing and here are some goodies I ordered for me and my girl's.

Well a flanell shirt and supertight jeans are never wrong for a mom.

From H&M girl's collection I found some wonderful clothes for spring and summer to M.

And of course I course I did not forget about my little princess...

You can get those and more at the website



For almost two weeks ago 7th of april on a normal friday Sweden became one of the countries among the others that fell as a victim for the terrorism attacks. It brings pain and sadness that we're living in times that we can't feel safe anywhere and innocent people and children dies for no reason. That day I had people I know and many of my friends are working in that area so even though I was safe at my mom's place it was still traumatic to have to sit home and worry for everyone. The telephone lines was overloaded so I couldn't come thru. I'm so happy and thankfull that those I know are fine and safe but my heart is bleeding for the people that died and got injured both physically and mentally.


My dearest and deepest kondolenses goes to families of the four victims that died that day.

Rest in peace to

Maïlys Dereymaeker, 31 years old

Lena Wahlberg, 69 years old

Ebba Åkerlund, 11 years old

Chris Bevington, 41 years old

Love gives hope!

After the attacks Swedish people got together on Sunday to show support and manifest for love against terror. Over 50 000 people came, artists preformed.

Hands down and all the respect to all the police, paramedics and doctors, military forces and all the other people working that day to help.



So I needed a new stroller for the little baby that's coming soon but also with some space for my little princess that's have not turned 2 yet so she still sit in the stroller some times and get tired.

I found the most amazing and flexible stroller I could and it was cheap also. Hauck duett costed about 3700 SEK from a webside with deliver.



Who said that when you get pregnant or give birth you have to loose the feeling for style? In the time we're living today there are so many different choices and fashion is spreading and getting more and more important. So if you are pregnant or just became a mom check out what's out there for you and ride with style! Trust me it will make you more confident and you will be in better mood. Sometimes while sitting home and not going anywhere I can still get some nice blouse on and put some make up on just to get some positive energy and feel better about myself.

Here's some nice and smart clothes for pregnant and after birth from Bon Prix. Super cool and cheap.



So beautiful weather!!! You can rally feel the spring in the air. Treating with some pictures from a tbt photoshoot in Sweden taken by Nina E.



For summer days or just when you want to have something light to eat in the fridge I can really recommend this recipe.

You need:

3-4 eggs

2 small cans of tunafish ( or fresh cooked tuna )

Half big onion

3 pickles

1 can of corn


Salt and pepper

Start with boiling eggs. I a bowl put the tuna and gently press with fork so all the big pieces go away. If you're using the canned tuna remember to drain all the water or oil from can first otherwise the sallad will be to mushy. Chopp the onion and pickles in small pieces and add to the bowl. Add the corn. When eggs are boiled wait for them to cool down and then peel off and chop them also and add to the bowl. Mix everything together, add 2 -3 spoons of mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste and mix. Put a lock on the bowl and let stay in the fridge until serving. You can eat with fresh bread or if you want to make the sallad more filling you can cook some rise or pasta and mix in to it.


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Today is such a good day! Woke up in very good mood because the weather is so nice and you can feel the spring comming. Woke up early and made us polish small pancakes with apples called placki jabłkowe.

They're easy, super delicious and something of a favourite for children. That's how to make them:

  • 1 glass flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 3/4 glass milk
  • 2 spoons oil
  • 1/2 tea spoon baking powder
  • 2 apples (if possible litlle sour)
  • pinch of salt
  • powdered sugar (for serving)

First we put flour and baking powder to a bowl. We separate egg whites and yolks. In second bowl we mix egg whites together with a pinch of salt to a fluffy foam. Then to the first bowl with flour and baking powder we add yolks, milk and oil and mix. Then we add the egg white foam and gently mix together.
We peel and grate the apples and add to our bowl and mix. We fry our pancakes on hot pan and oil then put on a paper for oil to drain. We put our pancakes on a plate and sprinkle the powdered sugar on. Enjoy!



Bought new canvases to my Princess room. I'm super happy with them and Melina seems to love them.

One in 5 piece design with tingeling and her friends and other one is a sticky mirror in super cool design and form for a child room.

For ordering in Turkey

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