Nor Alhaj

Nor is my name, light is it's meaning and the same. Sharing my passion of brightness and embracing glimmering pieces of gratitude, compassion, love, inspiration, motivation through a fusion of thoughts, emotions and devotion into a floating river of dancing droplets to water the seeds of you, the reader.
Philosophy, spirituality and motivation are my circles.. with the aim of creating a chain reaction of power and fuel for life.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my page. I hope you'll enjoy your stay and the glimpses of my day.
Sorry for the long introduction! But here is a little about me!
Nor Alhaj, 25y.o. from Stockholm in Sweden where I was born and raised. But my roots belong to Syria, where my parents were born. I'm a Pharmacy student at Uppsala University. And a Taekwondo black belt graduate since 2011.

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