Once upon a time...

After many weeks of wishful waiting we finally took the plane to Edinburgh to begin our stay abroad. We both were incredibly excited and nervous at the same time...

At the time we got to our school in St. Andrews we were worrying about not finding any friends and not understanding the scottish accent but we forgot to worry about the food...

From the moment on we first entered our boardinghouse we got to know amazingly many charming people and even got to know each other which basically was sheer luck.

The first couple of days were really relaxed and we didn't have much to do except for attending tours of the lovely little town called St. Andrews or of our school in Scotland.

When we first saw our school uniform we were kind of shocked and didn't want to wear such "granny" skirts but very soon we started to like them and began to be happy about not having to decide what to wear before going to school.

Last but not least we think that it is going to be a great and adventurous year!

305 days left