Lifestyle photography is wrongly considered to be a new form. Contrary to common belief, as long as there have been cameras, life photography has been there. Probably it was more commonly known as photojournalism and seen only in magazines or newspapers.

Ever since, modern cameras, DSLRs and the birth of digital photography – life photography has become more popular. One can shoot freely and not have to worry about the costs of development or the film getting over. In fact, smart phones and other gadgets have made just about everyone a lifestyle photographer and clicking of pictures have become quite a hobby for all.

But let’s not talk about a mere way of passing time. Let’s talk about making it more real. Let’s talk about real life photography which can uncover a story, someone’s personality, some feelings, smiles and maybe a relationship.

Here we will give you a few tips which can help you get some excellent lifestyle photographer

Anticipate – It is all about catching the right moment. But for that you cannot wait around for something to happen. In real life, things happen too fast; maybe within seconds. You might just miss such moments. What you need to do is anticipate such moments and catch it when it really happens. Sometimes, even a camera click may not be fast enough to catch something. What you could do is capture the moment before as well as the moment after a moment that is anticipated. Think of that moment when a kid runs into his mom’s arms and gives her a kiss. You’ll know what we mean!

You could also give your subjects something specific to do. After all, these are not the “say cheese” kind of snaps! These need to be natural. So make them bake, or cook, or eat. Once they get into something they get comfortable and their personalities would come out. That is what you should be looking for.

Lighting – During this type of photography, lighting may not be always great. And since you are not supposed to be disturbing the subjects and let things work their way; it is up to you to get the best light. You have to make it work for you. You could try changing your position, or angle or maybe even get a reflector without disturbing the subjects.

Create a mood – If you are trying to get some fun moments or something more of the romantic kind; people may not always be in the mood. Especially, when kids are involved; you need to talk to them, joke around, try and act silly. They have to be happy and jovial so that you can catch the right mood. It is up to you to create the right environment.

Details – The minute details are what make up life photography. The way a baby holds on to a mom’s dress, maybe even the lace on a daddy’s little girl’s dress. Do not forget to capture those as well.

Environment – This kind of photography is not only close-ups or within the house. In can also include the surroundings. One can experiment with some wide-angle lens and show the broader view of a family. Those are equally important.

We hope these tips would help you in capturing those absolute perfect moments.