You can't copy anybody and end with anything. If you copy, it means you're working without any real feeling. No two people on earth are alike, and it's got to be that way in music or it isn't music.

CODE 11 Records presents Lauren Paige--an up and coming singer/songwriter from Boston, Mass. She has professionally recorded two original songs on iTunes, as well as a cover of Silent Night.

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I Found You

I Found You - Single by Lauren Paige

 I FOUND YOU - iTunes


Blackout - Single by Lauren Paige


Lauren Paige is currently working on releasing a new single. STAY TUNED for exciting news!



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Hallelujah spring is finally here...but don't get too excited and whip out those pastel pants and floral pattern tops just yet. I mean do you REALLY like those Aztec pattern shorts or did you just buy them because you saw Rihanna wearing them in People Magazine? The changing of seasons is a good time to amp up your style; reflect on that winter grunge attire you wore all February and ask yourself...why did I think it was acceptable to wear the same lululemons for a month straight. Here's the thing guys, winter time means lazy time--we aren't waking up each morning with the same chipper spirit that we do in the summer. I found that the one thing that got me through all of that cold Boston snow was to have fun with my fashion. To take risks. To start my own trend, and to figure out what style I feel most confident in. If you're anything like me, your attire decisions hang by a yoyo string and seem to change after you read each months InStyle magazine. So what I'm trying to say through all of this nonsense is that it is time to embrace your style. Take the opportunity of this new season and each season after that to set some goals for yourself and try out those ripped jeans you've always wanted. Give people something to look at, don't cover your curves in an oversized hoodie; don't wear a pink floral dress just because your friend did; be confident in the body you have and work it with the style that you were born to show off. We were put on this earth to flourish as individuals, so dammit girl go buy them ripped jeans and rock em with a smile. .


My Spring Style for 2015

I feel like I learned a lot about my style over the winter. I definitely matured (kind of) and I think that my fashion flavor absolutely represents that. I like to define my style as having a "classy edge with a teaspoon of girly and a drop of grunge" (yes this will be a trending style soon girls). I stick to more of a neutral range of colors, especially beige, taupe, white, grey and black. But don't get me wrong, I always like to add a small pop of color in there somewhere

Check out some of my favorite fashion styles for this Spring Season!

(CAUTION: you are about to view unoriginal conent....i clearly know these aren't my photos so don't go calling the Pinterest police on me you cranky computer creatures)

[gallery type="square" link="none" ids="344,343,341,340,339,338,335,334,328,329,330,331,332,333,327,444"]

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Can we all just take a moment to reminisce on some of 2014's beauty mistakes. I know there are over 700, but lemme just name the top 10...

Starting with 10...Overly highlighted and dewey skin. Your face looks like a ball of grease. Stop doing that.

9. Over-arched eyebrows. Now I love a good arched brow...but it shouldn't make a 90 degree angle. Did you use a protractor for those things? Now I know why my math teacher abused this rule...hmm.

8. Orange lipstick. This was never a thing and should never be a thing. Like sorry did you just kiss an Oompa Loompa? Sure looks like it.

7. BLUE lipstick...didn't think it could get worse than orange but YEP that happened.

6. Flash tats. Can't we save these for the middle schoolers. Like okay I get that wearing ONE looks dope, especially with a tan....but not when you put on so many that it looks like a skin disease.

5. Mile-long, sharp stiletto nails. Do you just not go to the bathroom...oh you must air dry.

4. "Spider-clumpy" eyelashes...EEEEK talk about unnatural. You may as well glue a mascara tube to your forehead just in case people didn't know you were wearing three tubes of mascara on each eye. Remember ladies, less is more.

3. Over lined lips. Here's the thing, I love my lip liners. There are 5 of MACs "Whirl" lip liners in my purse right now...but come on girls we can't all look like Kylie Jenner. Im guilty of hopping on that Kylie train and refused to get off until I looked in the mirror and saw a clown glaring back at me...I hate clowns.

2. Overdrawn, severely squared, sharpie colored EYEBROWS. Listen you guys, I was born with thick brows...not to mention a unibrow, but if you don't have them DONT FAKE THEM. I'm not saying you shouldn't fill them in or thicken them up to give that face some life, but it's all about being natural. Embrace your natural beauty ladies. Enhance it, don't cover up what ya mama gave you. We can't all look like Cara Dellivargo.

And the winner goes to....

1. Heavy Contouring...yes I mean when you take that creamy white concealer and glob it under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose and wherever the hell we are suppose to put it to give our faces the illusion of a perfectly chiseled, plastic, overly made up look. For some reason, every single make up line decided that they needed to create a kit ONLY used for contouring...I mean do they understand that it's only leading to zebra stripe faces and a horrible white cloud under our eyes in every single flash selfie we try to take? Now don't go and throw away the 12 contour kits you bought in 2014, I'm just saying, use them lightly :)



Winter is here and we all know what that means...chapped lips, dry skin and utter laziness. It's time to liven up those spirits by adding a creamy, bright pop of color to those lips. Transition your beauty look into the cold months with deep purples, warm nudes and rich reds. Take your wintertime look from dull and washed out to bright and bold.

Here are my top 5 lipsticks for the winter...

Number 1 goes to...

TWIG- MAC cosmetics

[caption id="attachment_6" align="alignnone" width="223"]

TWIG is a brown-nude color with a semi-matte finish: satin as MAC categorizes it. It is a beautiful neutral color that is perfect for all skin tones![/caption]


DRY ROSE- Lauren Mericer

[caption id="attachment_10" align="alignnone" width="300"]

Laura Mercier Creme Lip Color in Dry Rose delivers an ultra-rich, rose color with an incredible creamy texture. Great for all skin tones, especially for those who are looking to brighten up their complexion.[/caption]


CREME CUP- MAC cosmetics

[caption id="attachment_11" align="alignnone" width="300"]

LOVE this beautiful nude and pastel pink lipstick for the winter. Has a blue undertone, and a natural finish, which looks great with a neutral smokey eye![/caption]4. PERFECT NUDE 226- Ulta Beauty[caption id="attachment_12" align="alignnone" width="300"]
This 8 dollar lipstick will be your best friend during the winter season. With Shea butter and Hyaluronic Acid, you will be sure to get rid of those flaking, chapped lips. Not to mention...the color Perfect Nude really is the PERFECT nude.[/caption]5. RUBY WOO- MAC cosmetics[caption id="attachment_13" align="alignnone" width="300"]

It's no wonder this M·A·C matte lipstick is so's the ultimate red color, with blue undertones, that looks incredible on all skin tones. Make sure to apply a clear gloss over this beauty to keep those lips looking luscious.[/caption]

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