For some reason life seems to move a lot faster now. Days feel busier and there seems to be an endless list of things to take care of. Regardless, no matter how busy my days get, or how overwhelmed or stressful things may become, I know you have my back. It is the best feeling in the world, to be able to depend on someone who understands you so well and never doubt their loyalty or underestimate their willingness to help and to support you.

I feel like everyone says this about their parents but I am saying it and meaning it more than other people; I don't know where I would be without you. You're remarkable allegiance and devotion to my success and happiness does not go unrecognised or unnoticed. I appreciate every single thing you do for me from driving to planing to talking to taking initiative when I lack the momentum, to making me laugh on days I would not have otherwise done so.

You're unyielding sense of optimism and humour is infectious and touches the lives of everyone you come across and I will forever admire you and aspire to be more like you everyday


Troublllllle!!! WOO! YEAH, I'm talking pan fried sandwiches in the morning, pan fried sandwiches in the night. So as you're reading this either with me or not, I will most likely be having some commonly consumed close to crescent cereal whilst listening to a bit of Paul Kelly TROUBLE...

Love it when we are enjoying a nice snag on toast with sauce (YUM craving that right now) whilst you are showing me a classic jam and then mum walks in and takes the iPod away without words and leaves us to dine in silence. We were NOT happy JAN

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Southeast Asia: Vietnam. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand + +

So a stop over in Thailand every year, 1 0r 2 times a year on the way and on the way back from aus for 10 years equals about 40 visits to good old Bankok! Sawadika!!



To me, there is something so special about this country, it still remains unparalled to any other. Perhaps this is because of the senitment Oman harbours which could be tied up in warm memories or perhaps, the fortuity we had making life long friends.

Life is a big unknown, there is no way of telling what the future will offer, and you have taught me how to best negotiate this. However there is one thing I do know for certainty; and that is that I definetly won the lottery of life. I am eternally indebted to you and Mum for the childhood you gave me in this country. You filled my life with ample experiences and surrounded me with people of all walks of life, and gave me a reality that is inconcievable to many people.

This was all made possible through the chance you took and the choices you made many years ago, before I was born, and this is perhaps the reason as to why I find so much fasination in looking over your photos of you two living here before my time. Your decision led our family down an exclusive avenue; one that was replete with diveristy, with travel and with characters that broadened our horizons and fostered so much love.

Thank you

Thank you for teaching me to love the world we live in...

You taught me how to appreciate a good view with the "have a look at that!" phrase said around every corner of a drive or every few minutes of watching a David Attenbourough or national georgraphic doco

You taught me how to love not only the destination but the journey it takes to get there with endless CD mixes of Aussie bands being played to pass the time

You taught me how to appreciate whats around me through half raising me on deserted beaches and deserts with no fridges, phones, showers, toilets, beds or stoves but only the ocean, sand and other people to stay endlessly entertained

You taught me to love the little things in life; like finding a good stick or swimming in clear water

You taught me to find the trivial pleasure in things like cooking, our home or funny things seen or overheard

You taught me that no item or sum can amount to seeing something new or being somewhere beautiful

You taught me the value of community, of friends and surrounding yourself with decent loving people

You taught me that life is simple; "all you need is someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to"

And lastly, you taught me how to make life as good as it can be; through humor, appreciation, kindness, and smarts

Thank you for all the lessons you have taught me in this spectacular country and for giving me a ridicirously insane sicko childhood!




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