Hey, the most common questions I get on my Instagram are "What do you eat in a day?" or "How many calories are you eating?" With this post I am going to show you what a typical weekday can look like.

  • 6:30 - Breakfast. See last blog post for recipe c:
  • 10:00 Morningsnack
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 14:00 Snack
  • 17:00 Dinner
  • 19:00 Studysnack
  • 21:00 Nightsnack

The photos over show a great example of a normal wednesday when I don't do any excersise, but when I have basketball practise I usually fuel with a smoothie or protein bar. IMPORTANT TO FUEL ENOUGH WHEN TRAINING IF YOU WANT TO SEE RESULTS.

I am not going to answer how many calories I eat, because I don't count them. I fuel when I am hungry, eat what I want and accept sweets from my friends and taste the pasta to see if it`s ready. Calories and weight gain, weight loss are often paired together, but really calories are just a unit of energy. Energy - Calories.

have an awesome day, people and stay tuned for a "What I eat in a weekend", (Hint: Chocolate, pizza)

Lots of love, Jenny

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I have recently received a lot of questions ... How do you make your porridge? HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT!? Oatmeal recipe plz. Teach me the art of porridge! Can you make me breakfast?

So I decided to teach you all the art of my perfect porridge.

This porridge is perfect for lazy people as me on a hectic morning or relaxed Sunday, when you want to watch as much Netflix as possible.

Apple Raisins Porridge. Cooking time (5min)

What you need:

  • A saucepan.
  • A stove
  • A wooden spoon
  • A Nice bowl

  • 80g Big Steel Cut Oats
  • 5dl Water
  • Raisins 1-2 Tablespoons. (the more the better)
  • And apple sauce or jam (1-2 Tablespoons)
  1. Put the oats, water and the raisins in the saucepan
  2. Heat it up. Full power and make it boil like crazy. 🔥🔥
  3. Stir constantly while cooking for about 2-3 min , on almost full heat. It should not be overtly bubbly.
  4. Take the saucepan off the stove when you have that perfect texture. Runny, but still kinda solid. (Don`t be afraid to cook it too light, it becomes more solid when its less hot.
  5. Pour the porridge into a nice bowl.
  6. Top the porridge with apple jam or sauce.
  7. Take a pic of it and tag it with #jennysporridge
  8. ENJOY.

If you want to spice up the porridge even more you can substitute half of the oats with premade-musli with nuts and dried fruit. I also like to add almonds to my porridge. Almonds taste so good when heated up! Try it. You can add the nuts from step 1.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe and try it at home. But stay safe, kids. Use condoms and make sure to watch the porridge while cooking. We don`t want any accidents , do we? . Cooking on own responsibility .

Lots of love, Jenny.



Advantages and disadvantages of having an ED

Hey, long time no 🌊

Today I want to highlight some important fact about having an eating disorder. We often get to focused on the disadvantages of the disorder, that we forget the " good" parts of having an ed. You might think that there is no light in the darkness of an eating disorder, but there is... That`s the reason why its so hard to recover and get healthy from it. If it was only "bad" there would be no suffers and I think it`s important to recognise the eating disorders good sides and reasons why it`s still fighting in the suffers head. To get healthy you need to accept the fact there will be bad moments you can't control. 

OF COURSE THIS VERY INDIVIDUAL. I write from my own perspective.

Advantage of having an eating disorder:

  1. Personal space
  2. People worry more about you
  3. Local fame, looks
  4. Child clothes are cheaper
  5. Friends from hospital and treatment
  6. Dont need to buy an airconditoner, coz its always cold.
  7. Save time. Making food is time consuming
  8. Become more Reflective
  9. Your dog gets more walks
  10. Predictability in your life
  11. "Stops time" "Stops puberty"
  12. You turn into a street smart and sly creep.

Disadvantages of having an eating disorder

  1. Gum and diet soda is quite expensive if you buy them every day
  2. Treatment is time consuming
  3. People dont trust you
  4. Your bones break
  5. You are gonna die
  6. You dont get to taste all the limited addition foods.
  7. Chocolate
  8. Supervision
  9. No education
  10. No job
  11. No friends
  12. Alone
  13. Die Alone.
  14. You are welcome

I hope those lists made you think. What does the eating disorder give you? Why do you feel like holding on? Cheap baby clothes or constant cold?

Lots of love, Jenny



I have been referred to an inpatient program again. Too late, I tell myself. I have already gained xx kg in just 6weeks, that means I am clearly not skinny enough. I am still diagnosed with anorexia, but my heart rate is just fine and my body is responding well to the reefeeding. I am a failed anorexic, as well as a failed normal teenager. I am just a failure.

I am too big to get help, but I am too small to be accepted in society. My mind is too messy to even think or live.

Anorexia is a mental disorder, but the only thing that matters right now in my treatment is my physical appearance. The scale. Fat or thin? Underweight or overweight?

My body have gained weight. My physical health is 100times better and I am not even close to death at the moment, but... My mental health have not been this bad for a year. My mind is constantly thinking about food and weight loss. I am scared. Scared of every bite, but I continue to fight... why do I fight? I have no idea. My body is just so starved that it is eating on instinct. I can't not eat anymore after years of starvation. I am scared of food, but my body is also scared of dying.

Conclution: I am sick as fuck and need mental help, but I am too fat to get it c: Yey , I love the health care system.

Lots of love,Jenny



My life is running away. Just when I had control it spiralled out of my hands. School work, friends, house work, writing and every other aspect of my life. It`s terrifying. I am hopeless in such a big world that requires so much of me... I am not capable to fulfil those requirements at this moment. I am busy fighting against my biggest fear... but right now it feels like it`s not worth it. Gaining weight and getting healthy for what? The life that ran away from me years ago? School is killing me. School is literally killing me.

I have currently just recovered from almost drowning in a big, wet, pool of my own salty tears. My breath is back and I breath pretty normally, but my mind is a wild storm. I am supposed to do homework, study for 3 important tests, learn what I have missed at school for the past 6 weeks and prepare for tomorrow. How can I do that when everything I think about is the inpatient referral , the meeting in two weeks, ambivalence and how much I hate myself ? I can`t. It`s not possible. My mind is a messy mess. I hate mess. Last time it was so messy I was put inpatient because I was so suicidal. I can`t lie... I thinking about death as well.

I want to drop out of school. I don't want to be judged by teenagers in the hallway, I don't want my teachers to see how dumb I am nor pretend everything is so fucking perfect. I am tired. I am exhausted by having two fulltime-jobs at once. Being a recovering anorexic takes 170% of my energy, school requires 100%. I am terrible at math atm (except counting calories and macros) but I am pretty sure that does not sum up.

Time-out! I just want to breath.l

Lots of love, Jenny




Treat yourself today <3

Lots of love, Jenny



I am sick off crying so my lungs and eyes hurt... Gasping for air and trying to get myself together. Fighting. Struggeling. But In reality I can't win over this overwhelming fear of fat,fatness and failure.

As I chose recovery I also chose to make peace between fat and I. I knew I would have to eat fat, drink fat and become fatter. Recovery means fatter to almost every single edsolidier , included me. Fatter means failure to almost every single edsoldier, included me.

I can`t win over the overwhelming fear of "healthy" (also known as failure and fatter to me) , but I can silence it... mute it a little. If I fight enough inside my head I might get a few minutes of freetime, but those minutes are worth every struggle.

I cry myself to sleep and I wake up crying realising how fat I have become and how much fat that is left to gain. But now I can laugh.... because of the fat?... maybe fat is not that bad after all? idk

I am tired of this fat fear.

Lots of love, Jenny



I am starving.

I am hungry.

Hungry for life.

Hungry for friendship.

Hungry for adventure.

Hungry for travels.

Hungry for exercise.

Hungry for adrenaline.

Hungry for love.

Hungry for sleep.

Hungry for food.

Please feed me,

I am starving.

Lots of love, Jenny



I have decided to write about my journey rather than recovery help. I am not recovered and nobody should really listen to my advice before I can listen to them myself.

It might be some triggering content later, as I will not sensor my journey. But I will keep it free from numbers as much as I can

Lots of Love, Jenny




Anorexia plays with your mind. Anorexia plays with your friends and family. Anorexia plays with your body. Anorexia thinks this is a game about becoming as little as possible, hating yourself the most and being miserable 24/7. What a fun game!

Q:So how does Anorexia win the game? A:When it kills it`s gameparter also known as the host. Anorexia will never be satisfied with a second place. Anorexia is very competitive, sly and has the highest murder rate off all mental disorders.

Throughout my journey with this illness I have met a lot of sick patients with Anorexia. Some were smaller than me, some were bigger. Some had been struggling for over 10 years, other months. Some were more ill, some were less , but in the end - we all had the same disorder. The same way of thinking and our disorders had the same goal in mind.

Why did we begin to compete with each other? Anorexia patient A vs Anorexia Patient B. "Who has the strongest eds and the weakest minds? " Wow, that is impressing that you almost lost your life! Haha ...no. Thats not impressing at all. There will always be someone who is more afraid of butter than you or weighs some grams less, but that does not mean that your eating disorder is bad in its game. We all play different games and its important to remember that the rules in each game are different. Some might have genes that make their metabolism faster, some have genes that make them taller, some have parents that monitor every single bite and some have parents that work a lot . Just because the other patient with anorexia faits in the hallway does not make you less of an anorexic, its an other game with other struggles and other rules... but it still has the same predicted future -> Death(anorexia wins) or recovery (You win) .

You deserve recovery, no matter what age, weight, years with ed, amount of body fat, friends and symptoms. We all have to end at the same place no matter what, right? Either you recover or you die... You might just delay your recovery or death, but you still need to gain those pound to come to a healthy weight and fight those thoughts. Those pound and those symptoms needs to go away in the end in order for you to win the game... why delay it with competition with someone who is really on your own team and same position.

You can not be good at having anorexia. I have been told several times by therapists and doctors that I am " good at having anorexia" because I am a master of lying and manipulation... Really I am not good at anorexia... I am just good at lying.... that is not anorexia. In my game Anorexia steals my abilities and use it to get faster trough on the game board. Therefore I lost weight. Therefore I became more ill and closer to the games end(aka death).

Everyone will always deserve immediately recovery. I always thought that I will just lose a couple kgs more and then I will fight back. I will just faint one more time and get to hospital before I can start eating. I will just be the best anorexic in the world before I can recover and live life. I will just become skinny and then...The truth is that you will never be thin enough for your eating disorder... your eating disorder don`t really care about the bones sticking out nor the times you have been force fed. You eating disorder have your death in mind and tries to make you as miserable as possible while waiting for the end. You are really lucky if you don`t experience all of the symptoms, like lack of blood in your underpants or feeling cold. You might be lucky and be able to have children in the future after you have recovered and your bones might not break as easily when you grow old.

You can not turn before you become enough ill for you eating disorder, because then it will be to late. You will be buried under 7m of dirt before you can be ill enough for your ed. Do don't wait before you take your first step. Just do it. Jump into it. Everyones is different , but one thing that is true... none deserve hell. never. ( I can think of a couple of persons, like Hitler and Kim in north Korea, but I am sure you are not on that list)

Turn around as fast as possible. Its not worth it. The faster you recover the faster you will realise how stupid it is to wanting to be ill. I PROMISE YOU THAT THE WORST DAYS IN LIFE ARE BETTER THAT THE BEST DAYS IN ANOREXIA.