We're gonna move to Dubai!

I have been dreaming about moving for two years. I fell in love with the place the first time I saw it.

My family includes my husband, our 16 years old daughter and 10 years old twin boys.

Venla, my niece, is coming with us and she has been planning this whole thing with us since day one.

Viivi said that she is not coming with us

Our daughter just started a Finnish high school and she decided to stay in Finland. She wants to focus on her studies, so she made a really brave choice. She's gonna be living with my husband’s parents. Going to school and meeting friends will be easy from there.

I think she will be ok, of course missing her family a bit but I believe that she will handle it.

Instead, I think I will be upset and sad every day. The moving day will be devastating for me.

I know it’s normal to get intepented at her age, but I thought that we would have a whole year together in Dubai.

Now I need to say goodbye to her for 82 days. I don’t really know how to handle it.

My way to get through difficult or big things is that I imagine these moments in my head several times. So it’s like some kind of image training before actual action.

That’s my plan for this time also. I hope it helps.

We have a new home

We found our dream house last week when we were in Dubai. In the photo above you see it from behind with one happy future resident.

There are other houses in front of the villa, but at the back yard we can only see camels and desert.

I believe that the area will be really nice for us. There’s a community pool, barbeque area and party hall.

We have planned to stay there at least a year. Then we will decide what to do. If it feels like it, we can always move back to Finland, or just stay another year in Dubai. Time will show us.