Sparks - Part 2: The First Date

Hello, my preziouz ones! I won't hold you up for long. Let's see how that date goes, shall we?

Gaia was in the upstairs bathroom, getting ready to go to a restaurant with Ouranos. The only thing she couldn't get out of her head was the hug. She wondered what it meant, or if it even meant anything at all.
He said he's from a family of huggers she pondered. But the hug felt really warm and genuine. It made me feel safe, and like I'd finally found my home in this world.
"No, the hug couldn't have meant anything--he's gay, he wouldn't even think of me like that," she said to disperse her dreamy thoughts. She glanced at the clock and jumped. Where had the time gone!? She swore she had only been in here for fifteen minutes but that clock definitely told her that she had taken an hour. It was all that daydreaming about Ouranos's...
Gaia shook her head to clear her mind and rushed down the stairs. She skidded to a stop right before she got to the door, took a couple deep breaths, and smoothed out her hair so she wouldn't look like she was in a rush. Then she opened the door and stepped through. She caught her breath as she was greeted by the sight of Ouranos leaning against the mailbox. The simple way he lounged really showed off his body--which wasn't that bad. Gaia exhaled a short, sharp breath--quietly enough to be out of Ouranos's hearing. She needed to stop thinking about him like that!
He had obviously been waiting awhile but did not look peeved in the slightest.
"Have you been waiting a long time?" she asked him sheepishly.
"No, no," he lied. "I got outside just before you did. Are you ready to go?"
"If my dress is formal enough for where you're taking me."
"It's perfect, and you're beautiful," Ouranos said.
Gaia thought she heard something more than just friendly admiration in his voice. No! She mustn't think anywhere near that path. He's gay, she reminded herself sternly.
"The restaurant is actually in this neighborhood. It shouldn't take us long to walk there, and I thought we should keep savoring this wonderful weather while we still have it. Also, I prefer walking over driving. It keeps me in shape," he said and patted his flat stomach. You could almost catch a glimpse of his toned torso and defined abs through his shirt. I sure appreciate a man who takes care of himself, Gaia reflected and bit her lower lip, this time out of interest rather than suspense.
"Let's go." His voice sounded far away at first but it pulled her out of her thoughts. Gaia blushed and they started walking towards the restaurant. The urge to grab his hand was definitely there but she ignored it, determined to do this the right way.
The walk to the restaurant obviously took longer than Ouranos had planned, partly because he probably wasn't that familiar with this area, but also because they were walking pretty slowly. He's so nice and well-mannered. I could talk to him forever, Gaia thought in a dreamy manner, but was disrupted by the sound of Ouranos' deep and joyous voice.
"Here it is. Chez Llama," Ouranos said, gesturing towards the restaurant's fabulous exterior.
"Wow! It sure looks fancy," Gaia said admirably. "I've heard of this restaurant before, and I've been dying to eat here!"
"It's like you took the words out of my mouth," Ouranos laughed. "Let's go inside and grab a bite to eat."

They went up the small flight of stairs on the side of the building and were greeted by the hostess in the bright grand foyer. The inside of the restaurant was even more impressive than its facade. Gaia looked around and saw windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling, elegant white and light gray surfaces, prosperous plants and fresh flowers, a neatly groomed staff and a stunning black grand piano for entertaining the guests.
"Hello, and welcome to Chez Llama. My name is Eva. How may I help you this evening?"
"Hi! A table for two, please," Ouranos answered.
"Yes, of course. Let me have a look," the woman said and studied her computer screen. "We're a bit understaffed today. One of our chefs called in sick, so the head chef has to personally prepare everything himself, but I believe I'll have a table ready for you in a minute, if you don't mind the wait?" she explained with an apologetic look on her face.
"No, that's totally fine. We understand. We could grab a drink at the bar while we wait," he suggested.

They went over to the prestigeous bar with the flaunty floor to ceiling shelves, filled with liquor and wine, and each ordered a glass of Von Haunt Estate Meloire.
One drink quickly turned into two, while the conversation was flowing. And after the third glass, Gaia was starting to feel inebriated.
"Maybe we should get some food to go with these drinks, before we get too drunk?" she suggested and giggled.
"Yeah, you're even starting to slur a bit when you talk" Ouranos joked. "I'll go and ask if our table is ready."
He returned a second later with Eva by his side, and she showed them to their table.
They were seated in a booth near the kitchen and a young waiter, named Åke, brought them their menus.
"Hello! May I take your order, please?" Åke asked politely.
"Yes, please" Gaia answered. "We'd like to know what tonight's special is."
"Well, tonight, the chef is recommending the Glazed Heirloom Bamboo Roll. And the Soft Shadow Avornalino would go perfectly with that dish."
"That sounds both interesting and delicious," Ouranos replied. "Gaia, what do you think?"
"I'd love to try it," she said and smiled.
"Excellent! I'll be back soon with your food and drinks," Åke said and disappeared into the kitchen.
"Have you ever tried Glazed Heirloom Bamboo Roll before?" Ouranos asked when they were alone again.
"Actually, no. But if it's half as tasty as it sounds, it'll be delicious. As long as it's perfectly cooked, I can eat anything," Gaia said passionately. You could tell by the way her eyes sparkled, that she really loved food.
"Really? You can eat anything?"
"Yeah! Pretty much. I have yet to try a dish that I don't like," she stated proudly and began to dream about Pasta Primavera and Spinach Frittata, which were some of the dishes she enjoyed most.
The dreams dispersed when both of their stomaches growled almost at the same time, making a small symphony of rumbling and gurgling noises.
"Did you hear that?!" Ouranos laughed heartily.
"Yes, we're both starving. Where is that..." Gaia's complaints died out the second their steaming hot plates landed in front of them. She closed her eyes and inhaled the food's exotic scent. "Mmm! That smells amazing!"
Being a food lover, Gaia ate with much gusto, and Ouranos did too.
"You mentioned that you have an adoptive family earlier," Gaia started. "I'm sorry if this is rude, but you're adopted?"
"That's correct. I've been told that my dad died of a heart attack before I was born, and that my mom died in a car crash when I was 5. I was adopted soon after that, and they've been my family ever since."
"Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss." Gaia said, instantly regretting bringing it up.
"It's okay. It was so long ago that I don't even remember my mom. And I love my adoptive parents," Ouranos assured her. "Dina told me that you're an orphan too. Were you also adopted then?"
"Actually, no. I was abandoned when I was about 4 or 5 years old. Then I bounced around from one foster family to another. I didn't stay very long with any of them, except for the last family--I stayed with them when I was 16. I think I lived with them for about a year"
"Why not longer than a year?" Ouranos asked gently.
"Well, everything was perfect at first. I loved my foster mom. But then she got a new husband, and he wasn't very nice to me..." Gaia said, while looking down on her food. Ouranos understood that this wasn't really something she was ready to talk about, especially not with someone she just met.
"Let's talk about something else" he said in a more upbeat tone. "Are you dating anyone?"
Gaia was surprised by the sudden question. "Ehrm, no. My dating life is non-existent. I've been too busy job hunting and looking for places to live." She paused, thinking about how crazy things had been lately, then turned her attention back to Ouranos. "What about you? Are you dating anyone?"
"I've gone on a couple of dates, but I haven't found the right woman for me yet" he paused. "Until, maybe now"
Gaia almost choked on a piece of food and started coughing. "Aren't you gay?!" she blurted out.
Ouranos seemed slightly angry and hurt by her assumption. "No! What made you think that?"
Gaia was both confused and embarrassed. "Dina told me..."
He gave out a laugh of relief. "Dina is crazy. She knows I'm attracted to women. Are you disappointed?"
"No..." Gaia said and blushed. "So this is a date?"
Ouranos nodded and they looked at each other in silence. Is this really happening?! Gaia shrieked inside her head, half panicked and half euphoric. I'm so happy he isn't gay and that he likes me! But what do I do now?! She started chewing on her lips again.
"Stop that," he said, his hand holding her cheek, his voice merely a whisper. When did he get this close? She could almost feel the vibrations of his deep voice, emanating from his massive chest.
Suddenly, it felt as though they were all alone in the restaurant. The attraction was undeniable and they were leaning closer and closer to each other.
Their lips touched, and what started out as a soft, careful kiss, soon turned into a passionate make out session. Everyone in the restaurant was watching, but Gaia and Ouranos either didn't notice or didn't care. They were getting really hot and heavy, but managed to pull themselves apart briefly, to catch their breaths.
"Maybe we should continue this elsewhere?" he suggested with eagerness, barely finishing the sentence before his mouth was all over Gaia once more.
She tried to speak inbetween lip locks. "Yeah. Probably. We could go back to my place--I mean our place?"
It must've been a bizarre sight for the rest of the restaurant's guests, but the two of them just couldn't keep their hands - or mouths - to themselves. Slowly, step by step, they made it past the bar and the hostess in the grand foyer. Everyone around them had their mouths gaping wide with shock. While they were descending the small flight of stairs and stepping onto the grass, the hostess suddenly sprung to life.
"Hey! You didn't pay your check!" Eva shouted after them, but the aroused couple had their minds elsewhere.
"My--I mean our house is too far away. I can't wait that long. I want you, right now!" breathed Gaia impatiently, while looking for the closest place where they could quell their lust. Hmm... a bush. That'll do, she thought and ushered Ouranos in the direction of the tall bush with the red heart-shaped flowers. It was here they decided to let out their desires.
It was not enough for the energized and horny couple, so they walked back home.
During the short walk, the fresh air cleared Gaia's mind a bit, and she started processing what had happened during the date. Obviously Ouranos isn't gay and we really seem to like each other; well, at least I know I like him. She smiled and bit her lip. It had been short, but it was unlike anything she'd felt before. Could this be what it feels like when you like someone? Could it have been more than lust? Lust had been all Gaia had ever known.
But can we be roommates after this? We probably shouldn't; we can talk about that later, Gaia thought to herself.
Before she could think about it any further, they were back at the house and their libido took over once again.
They were on their way to continue upstairs, when Ouranos suddenly swept Gaia off her feet. She screamed in surprise, caught completely off-guard. She looked up and saw his sparkling eyes. He laughed, spun around the post and bound up the stairs, taking two at a time, making her cling tightly to him. They almost made it to the top, when Ouranos tripped, spilling Gaia onto the landing. His hands flew to his chest, raking the skin. He dropped down on his knees and passed out. It all happened so fast.
Gaia scrambled towards him, but she wasn't quick enough. The Grim Reaper appeared and practically snatched Ouranos out of her hands. She could have sworn that her fingertips had brushed against him before he disappeared. Her anguished cry swept through the empty house. She was all alone again.

To be continued...


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