Result Of The Mazes

I haven't been able to update the blog for a couple of days, so I thought I would let you know how I did in The Mazes.

The event ended yesterday, so Sunday night, I started using Titan's Challenges (TCs), diamonds and passes in order to complete the event and win the divine.

This is how far I got, before spending any of the items listed above.

It cost me 3 TCs, 80 diamonds and 16 passes to complete the mazes and win Taranis. Fortunately, I'd saved up on both diamonds and passes beforehand, so I had 99 diamonds and 41 passes to use.

When I was done with the event, I still had 25 passes left. So stupidly, I decided to try for a Falabella with the Golden Fleece. I wasted 22 passes and got two Falabellas that I already had. And later, when I looked through the direct sales, I saw that I could've bought 2 Falabellas that I didn't already have - for only 16 passes in total! So annoying!

Next time, I'll definitely try to look through the sales first...