Happy 10th Birthday, Howrse!

The birthday celebrations started out with a star rain, and I got a HoP as a prize. Sweet!

Then I saw that the yearly mini event was back. The one with the birthday cake and candles, if you remember it? If you started playing Howrse this year, you probably won't though.

Below this, you'll find all the clues and the locations of all the candles. So if you haven't found them yet and you want to do it by yourself - don't scroll down any further.

Community > Directories

Community > Directories > See today's birthdays

I just randomly chose a player from the list, and ended up here:

"Head" button in the top right corner > Account

Achievements > Trophies > Scroll to the bottom

Trade > Horse sales > More criteria

Sadly, you can only sort the horses by year and month of birth, but I chose April and looked through a bunch of sales until I found one born on April 23.

I chose to visit my first foundie, Bright Dawn ❤

Community > Invite players

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