Ferdinand's Horse Market

Yesterday, I helped out at Ferdinand's Horse Market - not because I need to increase my reputation with them, but because those quests give me a little bit of XP. I've already finished all the yellow quests available, so as soon as Ferdinand and Eddie need my help, I'm there. This time, they were in Cape West Fishing Village.

Whenever the Horse Market visits Jorvik, it brings five yellow quests with it. And this is what you earn from them:

  • JS: 125
  • XP: 45
  • Reputation: 500 points with Ferdinand's Horse Market

So if you don't want to miss out on those 45 XP, you better complete those quests during the week Ferdinand and Eddie are there. They seem to visit different places in Jorvik every two or three weeks, and these are the locations they can be found at:

  • Fort Pinta
  • Steve's Farm
  • The Arena at Jorvik Stables
  • Cape West Fishing Village