About Michelle Moonforce

My name is Michelle Moonforce on Star Stable, and I'm on the Swedish server called Air Star. Although, I might switch to another server to be with my best friend Alicia when she comes home from USA.

Star Stable is an amazingly fun and exciting MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). It was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 and I've been playing since 2012. I flew past the first 5 levels super fast, and then I just had to become a Star Rider and get access to the rest of the game world.

I've had a monthly subscription on Star Rider membership on and off since then. It's been 'on and off', since I've had some breaks from playing over the years. I took some breaks here and there, in order to let the game catch up a bit and stock up on a couple of new tasks for me to do. But then I end up playing for hours and get them all done in a single day anyway.

Lately, I've realized that I'm wasting too much unnecessary money on the monthly subscription, so the other day I went and got myself a lifetime membership. It was my birthday and I thought "Heck, I'm worth it".

In the list above, you can see that my very first Star Rider payment occurred in May 2012. Then I cropped out the middle of the list (it was waay longer originally) and left my Lifetime payment at the top.

Now, over to the fun stuff! Well, I'm not sure you'll find it all that fun, but keep reading if you want to know more about Michelle Moonforce and my game.

What level am I on?

I'm on level 19, but I'm more than halfway to level 20. I would've already been on level 20 if I'd just been online more to complete the quests with limited time (such as Ferdinand's Horse Market and the holiday themed quests).

How often and when am I online?

Like I said earlier, I'm all out of tasks to do (the yellow ones, I mean), but I still log on to train my horses and stuff. So, I log on at least once a day, depending on when and how many hours I have to work that day. It could be in the midmorning or the afternoon, but mostly at night.

Do I play with friends or by myself?

I wish I had some friends (both IRL and in-game) to play with, but I don't. I guess it's partly because I tend to ignore the other players, but also because I haven't found any players with the same interests as me. My best friend actually became a member just yesterday, but since she's currently an au pair in USA, she ended up on an American server. I hope that when she gets back to Sweden, we can both transfer to the same server and play together.

What's the purpose of my game?

I'm on Star Stable because of different reasons:

  1. My love for horses
  2. I used to be a member of Pollux Hästbokklubb, a book club owned by Stabenfeldt AB. The same company released the four Star Shine Legacy- and the four Star Stable PC games (which I got from Pollux). And then those games evolved into Star Stable Online.
  3. I love MMORPG
  4. I strive to own at least one horse of each breed
  5. The need to go on an adventure and complete all the tasks is too strong
  6. I just to find all the stars and hidden locations on the map

Am I part of a club?

No, I'm not. I always reject the club invitations I get. Meeting up to have riding lessons or to play hide and seek in the woods is just not my cup of tea. I have yet to find the perfect club for me.

What kind of traits or qualities do I look for in a Star Stable friend?

I have tons of friends on Star Stable, but that's just because I accept all the friend requests I get. None of them are friends that I play or even chat with. I wish I had one or more of those though.

If you'd like to befriend me, I'd prefer that you're 15+ years old, but it all comes down to maturity in the end - not age. Age is just a number. I look for mature friends with humor and a love for animals. It would also be awesome if you and I have similar interests in the game. For example, I love completing tasks, finding stars and hidden locations and exploring the world of Star Stable. Another type of friend I'd like to have is someone who's familiar with all the clothes and tack all over Jorvik, and who's also great at creating outfits. That's something I suck at.

What's my focus right now?

While waiting for new tasks to complete, I still have a ton of stuff to do around Jorvik.

  1. Training my horses. I currently have 14 horses (a separate post about them will come later), but not all of them have reached level 15 yet.
  2. Searching for archaeological finds. I still have to complete the Spectacular Dinosaur Skeleton, the Roman Amphora, Captain's Canteen of Cutlery and Captain's Spyglass.
  3. Doing daily quests, in order to become 'Admired' with AAE's Archaeological Department, Crescent Moon Village and the Hermit on the Beach.
  4. Finding the 7 stars and 7 locations I'm missing.

What's my favorite horse breed?

The Fjord Horse of course! Both IRL and in-game. But I also like the Shire and the Jorvik Wild Horse.

Here are some pictures of me and my Jorvik Wild Horse Moonmaniac: