About Preziouz

Playing online games is a lot of fun. I especially love Howrse, Star Stable Online and The Sims. I've tried a bunch of other games too, but these three are the ones that have really stuck on me.

I've been on and off Howrse since 2007 or 2008 (I don't remember exactly when it was), and I've had numerous accounts - both on the International server and the Swedish server. My current account, Preziouz, is the one I've really focused on and gotten quite far with.

In the picture above, you can see information such as my account name, seniority, general ranking, number of horses and registration date. But those facts don't really say anything about my game, so let me tell you about it.

How often and when am I online?

That depends. I've just recently started up my game again, after being on a partial break (I still logged on pretty much every day, but I didn't do much). Before that, I was even having a complete break, due to a lot of stress - both in the game and in my life. I needed to take a step back to figure out what I wanted from the game, and if I even wanted to continue playing it. But I do. And I'm back. I'm online multiple times a day, especially when there's an ongoing event. And my work schedule also varies from day to day, so there are no certain hours of the day that I'm online.

What's the purpose of my game?

I'm on Howrse because of different reasons:

  1. My love for horses
  2. I get to read and write in English
  3. To make new friends
  4. It satisfies my need to collect things (horses, coats, trophies, etc.)

Am I a pass buyer?

As a matter of fact, I am. I do spend some of my hard earned money on buying passes in this game. I do it because I'm an adult, I can do whatever I want with my money and because I want to. Since I'm a manic collector that just to have every single divine, it does make me spend a little too much money on passes. I could've saved some money if I'd just taken more advantage of the in-game ways of obtaining passes, but that would require some more game time, and since I haven't been playing much these last couple of months, I had to buy the passes I needed for the latest divines that were offered in the TCs and GFs. But I tell myself that it's just money that I would've spent on candy or going to the movies anyway. So I might as well spend it on something else that I enjoy.

What's my focus right now?

Since I've been away for a while, It'll take some time to get everything back up and running again, so that's mostly what I'm doing. I'm not focusing on breeding a certain breed (I've tried to, but I just don't seem to stick with it), so I just randomly switch between all the horse breeds, trying to get foals with those coat colors I'm missing for the trophies. Also, I want to climb the rankings like I did before. In addition to that, I'm struggling to answer all the messages I get. I guess it's got to do with the depression I've been battling, but most of the time I still don't want to talk to everyone. I find it exhausting, and when I feel like I can't give someone a good answer, I just don't answer them at all. I'm so sorry Howrsers and friends. Just be patient and I'll get there.

Do I have an equestrian center?

Yes, I do. It's called Preziouz Stables and it's located in the mountains. The center currently has 167 large boxes, but none of them are open to the public at the moment. Preziouz Stables offers only large boxes with flax bedding, water troughs and showers. The meadows are large and fertile, are rotated daily and all have tractors and feed troughs. The boarders are also offered fodder, oats, carrots, mash, 3*** classical saddles, 3*** classical bridles, 1* classical saddle cloths, 1* polo wraps and 1* ear bonnets. It gives a +17 bonus in each skill and the mission earnings are (sadly) only at 49 equus, due to the lack of high skilled boarders. When I start to earn more passes and diamonds, I can also hire employees again. I'm having some issues with the competitions, though. And I'd love to get some tips and pointers about them, if some nice soul would like to offer it to me.

What's my favorite horse breed?

I love Fjord horses - both on Howrse and in real life. I even owned a Fjord horse in real life. Her name is Folda. She's almost 14 years old and I had her for about 8 years, before I unfortunately had to sell her.

So that's a little more information about me and my game, but feel free to ask me more questions if you have some.

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