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I KNOW! Its been like forever since I posted last, I´v had too much FUN stuff on my mind. So here´s whats been on my mind and in my life lately,

1. Me and my distant cousin are gonna meet up in San Juan in April! Really looking forward to that!

2. School has been a real pain in the ... lately, my ESP (Express to Success) class is a lot right now so you can´t really have any bad days because then you fall behind. The ESP class is two three english classes in one so its alot to handle, but I know I can do it :)

3. Tekla has finally arrived in Santa Barbara, We spent the weekend last week in Los Angeles which was alot of fun. I arrived on Thursday, Tekla too, so we met up at a hotel called Hollywood VIP, it was a good hotel, it was located only one street from The Walk Of Fame, so it was very convenient. We say the Hollywood sign, walk of fame and many second hand stores. We did not want to plan too much, we ate some good Acaí bowls and did a lot of gossiping. We took the train back to Santa Barbara on Saturday evening, I was exhausted when we came home. Being away from my housemates is really hard, you start missing them just after one or two days away. On Sunday morning we all went up early to go on TWO hikes, Mia made an event with the Coral group to hike to 7th waterfalls and insperationpoint, we had a blast. It was very nice that Tekla could join even though she´s not in Coral Group. It´s pretty hard to go on hikes if you don´t have a car because you have to drive like 10-20 minuts to get to the starting point. Here are some pictures from Los Angeles and the hike.

We ate Korean Barbecue, we where 8 people and we had so much fun. None of us could walk after, we where to full!!

The first picture is Amanda, very graciously making her way over a pool of water. PARKOURE!!

Crystal and Amanda! Looking GOOD!

First picture, Tekla, Renee and I on the way home from the hike, we stopped for some Milkshakes of course

 Los Angeles Pictures

The Hotel we stayed at, Hollywood VIP

A very good Acaí bowl to breakfast and a pretty sign :)

Tekla doin some modeling in Los Angeles

And the Walk of Fame

And at last but no least the Hollywood sign. We had a great time in Los Angeles, but I have to admit, its a little to many people there for me, I like Santa Barbara more

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I don´t really have anything to write about at this moment so i´m going to bless your day with some pictures of the people in my life right now. LOVE THEM ALL!

First is a picture of me and Joel (one of my housemates) on the first day in santa barbara, I think, we when to a tower where you can see the whole city from. The second picture is from the beach barbecue the coral group had last weekend, it was so much fun. We went upstand paddlebording which was both challenging and fun. It was really peaceful when you stood up and just floated around on the water.

Some more pictures of the day we went on adventures in Santa Barbara. The second picture (right up corner) is of Minna and Atte, two of my housemates from Finland.

Pictures from the beach barbecue

Two pictures from when we celebrated Minnas birthday in a very cute little park just a few blocks from the house. You can find a lot of turtles there :) We had cake, music quiz and fruit salad <3

The two last picutres kinda summarize my life right now, we hang out a a lot all together and just talk about life and what it brings you. I am very happy with my life right now, I scored a 95 on my math test (very proud) and I´m gonna be the RA for a house next fall so I can stay in the coral group, which makes me really happy!! because I really love it here.




I just got to campus and it looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful day today, my plans for today is school from 9-12:45 and then I got a math test after that and then home, I’m planing to take a 3 h nap. I’ve started to sleepwalk so I need to catch up on some sleep. I’ve been studying a lot this week, with the math test coming up but also with all the classes. It’s the first week of school, and the teachers do not like a soft start, school got postponed a week so that’s probably why they are making us do a lot the first week. Anyways when the campus looks like this it’s no biggie coming here. This is West Campus, the newest of two.

It’s about 20 days until Tekla comes here to visit, I got a lot of fun stuff planed, she’s gonna come with me too college too, I hope she finds it interesting and fun. And after that my dad and my stepmom is coming, I’ve missed them soooo much so it’s gonna be nice to them again 😊 I have so much fun stuff coming up so life is definitely on top right now.

My class starts soon so gotta go



Hey so its been a crazy couple day, a lot has happen. They new semester was supposed to start tomorrow but because of the crazy amount of rain we had last week its been postponed until the 22. Last week it rain so much, all the water we where supposed to get in an hour we got in 5 minuts!! Because of the big amount of water it creates something called a mud slide. We had the fire just a month ago so everything is burned, there is no threes or bushes to keep the water from flushing/sliding down the hill. The water takes everything with it, so everything on the grown is taken by the mudslide down the hill destroying houses and roads. The Highway is now under water so its really hard to drive from LA to Santa Barbara, you have to take a detour and that one takes about 6 hours so they postponed school a week and hopefully they can clean up the roads until then. Santa Barbara is safe, but Montecito and Carpintera was in the danger zone. These places are about 10 -20 minuts away from here.

We all went on a hike yesterday, to the Insperation Point, AMAZING view. I can feel it, even though the semester started of pretty awful I know that this semester is going to be one of the best!

I also got new housemates and they are perfect! 



I know, its been 16 Days since the last post, I have had so much to do in the past week, so much FUN stuff to do. Its a New Year and a new semester which means a lot of new people arriving to the coral group. We are getting 8 new people to this house, its only me and Renee that´s staying from the last semester. So I have been doing one of the more fun jobs i´ve ever done. I have been helping Mia greeting new Students. That is so fun, I really love seeing the new students, they are so excited and motivated on their new life here in California. I´ve been doing that and just like the small stuff, like making sure the house looks good and that all they keys are at place.

I flew back to Santa Barbara last Friday so I had a few days to chill before the first students to this house was going to arrive. They arrived on Monday, January 1st. It is three Swedish people, Amanda, Stina and Joel, they are staying in the triple room (my previous room) They are super cool and chill. they are from Boden in Norrland. So they have this super cute accent, my dad gets that one too every time he talks with his sister. They are a little older than me, around 23 but its nice anyways. When they arrived it just felt right so i´m really happy. On the same day but a few hours later two people from Finnland arrived, Atte and Minna, super chill people too. I have never met anyone from Finland so its nice to get to know new countries and cultures too.

And today (Saturday) we got another new student. Maaike from Germany, she´s 21 so they are all a few years older than me but I don´t think that matters at all. She is too super chill and really positiv which I like. Her mom is here too, for about two week I think. Also really cool.

So this past week have been really fun for me, I love to answer all their questions about school and how it´s like to live in California. Today Crystal, arranged a pizza bonfire party, it was a great way to meat all they new people. I think overall there are going to be 40 new faces this semester so its a lot to remember.

School starts in a week, they new students have their wave week now. I´ll think of them when they have to go up early and I can have my Winterbreak another week. But I am really excited for school to start, because then I get to see Renee, my roommate. I am really missing her right now, it´s getting lonely to sleep in a single room. She´s arriving on the 16th so it about a week left. I am taking very interesting classes next semester, three graphic design classes (yay!) and two english classes. I am also going to take the Math Assessment test in a week so I am studying a little each day so hopefully ill pass it.

I spend my Christmas in Chicago, which was amazing. I am so grateful to have friends there, they are like my second family. Really I am so lucky to have them, love to you guys <3 I also visited my moms old teacher and his family in Fulton. It´s always a blast to see them.

So this is what i´ve been doing the last 16 days. I will try to post more often but its been a hectic week. A fun week.

I am totally living life over here. Until next time, have a great one :)



I have such a wonderful time here, the friends we have here are worth gold. I don´t know what would do without them. So Lili have got me hooked on Yoga, it is really fun. We went on hot Yoga today which was a new thing for me. When I heard hot Yoga the first time I hoped it was hot guys that made it hot but noooo, it was 40 degrees in that room, really sweaty but fun. I think i´m gonna continue going when i´m back in Santa barbara. The only bad thing is that it´s really expensive, like 89 buck a month. Well i´m fine and happy over here, we haven´t got anymore snow which I was hoping for. Hopefully soon! Ill post some picture from the past week. I wish everyone a merry Christmas where ever you are in the world. I will be celebrating it in Fulton.

We went to IKEA! To get the most important food to have on the Christmas table, meatballs! :)



Okey so the last two days has been a bit busy for me and everyone els in Santa Barbara. I would say that I think the downtown area of Santa Barbara is safe from the fire for now, the fire is in Santa Barbara so the smoke is getting to downtown SB. He haven´t really had any windy days yet so the smoke is just laying over Santa Barbara like big thick blanket. I decided that it was best for my health and safely if I left Santa Barbara for a few days. So I booked a flight to Chicago on Saturday that was going to leave the next day at 10 am. I packed my stuff and said goodby to the housemates that was still there, I think they are leaving like today or tomorrow. No one really want to stay there, the smoke is to bad and you can really feel that it has a bad impact on your health.

– Saturday morning, I had my alarm on 2 am that morning. I went up and walked outside. It was like it was snowing, and i´m not overreacting now, the ash was like snow in the air, just flowing around I was really glad I was leaving at that time. I took the airbus to LAX and on the way to the airport you could see the fire. It was the most appalling thing I have ever seen in my life. You could see how dark red the fire was, how hot it must be and this was not too far away from Santa Barbara. Hoping everyone is safe from the smoke and the fire in both Santa Barbara and Carpinteria. <3

I am now in Chicago, It kinda felt like flying home when I left LAX. Even though it hurt to leave Santa Barbara. I am so glad that I can come here to be safe from the fire and to celebrate Christmas. The only thing I wish for this Christmas is that my friends, family and especially the people in the Santa Barbara area is safe and sound.

It is snowing here!! A lot!! 



The fire is getting 15 % controlled by our amazing fire fighter, some people can return to their homes in Carpinteria but the smoke is still a thick layer over Santa Barbara. "the atmospheric soup of ash and smoke has been alarmingly thick" They don´t know how long it will stay, the estimated containment date is now December 24 but it´s hard to measure. So the people staying here gotta get use to the smoke and the bad air quality. The air quality is still very unhealthy and I am starting to feel affected by it. So ill be taking a flight to Chicago tomorrow morning to my beloved friends. When I look outside the window I can see the ash flowing around in the air, I would describe it as snowing ash. so it does not feel good to stay here. If I would stay I would just stay inside all day hoping that it would not get worse so the best thing would be to leave here and come back when the fire is gone. Safety first!



När man ska ut med tvätten blire mask på. Just nu ser hela Santa Barbara ut såhär. Hel orange man kan tänka sig att zombie apokalypsen är här. Vi mår fortfarande bra, utöver kritisk nivå på ren luft.