…it’s nice to see you here! I guess you feel a little bit confused or lost or just are looking for some positive vibes. That’s why you found this site! Trust me - universe knows what it’s doing. I truly believe everything in our life happens for a reason… Even if we can’t see that from the very beginning - after some time everything fits together like a puzzles.

So, you are probably wondering what I mean by "life diving"? Just keep reading and everything will become clear soon.

Have you ever tried scuba diving? Do you know that feeling, when you are taking a deep breath and you are going under the cool surface? If not - you have to trust me. It’s one of the best feelings ever!

First of all, the world you already know is dissapearing. No loud sounds. No phones. No people. NOTHING which can disrupt you. At the beginning it’s just YOU, suspended somewhere in space, and the sound of your own breath.

Deep breath in… and loooong breath out….



Can you feel it? It's like during meditation - after a moment you are becoming calm and more aware of your own existance. Doesn’t it sounds tempting?

Then, when you are already focused on your own feelings, the adventure begins. Under the water life is going leisurely. You are slowly diving through the brand new world, full of colors and sensations. You can finally perceive all the small details around you, notice the things you haven’t seen before. You are here and now - feeling everything deeper. Suddenly you are able to catch these small moments, like glimmer of sun in a tail of rainbow fish or distant sound of whales songs. How thrilling does it sound?! For me it’s pure happiness.

Have you already gotten a little glimpse of diving experience?

Now imagine, that you can transfer it to your everyday life. That you can slowly flow through life, fully aware of your own existence and catching all important moments. 

That’s exactly what I mean when I talk about life diving and what I’m trying to do every day. I believe in Epicurus words, that we should "live every moment of life and make sure to feel it in the most complete and pleasant way." I’m going to share with you my thoughts about the way how fulfill that quote. Hope you will join me in life diving experience.


…and dive in your life next to me.

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