Getting Help For Teen Depression

​I provide teen therapy services to parents who are looking to help their child with mental health problems. In today's world, many teenagers are having issues with depression and anxiety making it quite difficult for them to function in society. I'm at the point of depression when I am just tired, don't even feel anything and just want to sleep all day. My mind is a living nightmare. I told my mom that I scheduled a meeting with a counselor. She asked me what was wrong and I told her all of my thoughts and problems. She ended up blaming all of it on time management, not exercising, and not sleeping enough (even though I do). She then carelessly says that my mental health are just attitude problems. I hate how the older generation doesn’t understand the importance of mental health . When you're teen is really depressed you can't understand that people love you.

You don't know how to love because all you can think about is how you disappoint them etc. like you know they love you, right? But the feeling of worthlessness and thinking you're a disappointment just outweighs that heavily. I don't understand my own feelings, i feel like i have depression, but at the same time it feels like self pity. Because of that i cry because i don't understand , i don't want to ask for help because i feel like if i don't have depression and people that i told find out they will hate me. I don't show normal symptoms for depression.

To me it also feels like I want attention. At first you are just sad. Then you realize that you are not feeling anything. You try to feel. You are so desperate. To feel love, happiness... You don't feel something for a long time, so you get used to it. Then it just gets worse. It's strange and difficult. It's a strange illness because it annoys those around you. Like you only feel sorry for you choose to feel this way. It's difficult because EVERYONE has problems and I'm aware of that. It just makes me feel worse. everyday i wake up i've always think that i think today is a good day but when i start to go and do my daily activities i always feel really unease and feel like i isolated and no one gets me not even my parents, my closest friends and anyone i have already lost hope but i don't want to kill myself because i know i have a purpose in this world but i don't know what it is. still everyday I feel very sad and feel like there is no purpose here i dont know what to do if i do something and that thing will hurt somebody but if i dont do that thing somebody else or me will be hurt. please help i dont want to live like this anymore i am unease and i cant sleep in peace. This is why its important to help teenagers who could be struggling with depression.