Let's get to know me, shall we?

1. I have different coloured eyes. My lefteyes is a yellow tinted brown and my right is more olive.

2. I love tattoos and will be getting somein the future.

3. I am constantly buying small nickknocks to decorate my space, even though I am a firm believer in minimalism.

4. I love any type of white flowers. Especiallywhite roses.

5. My parents have been divorced since Iwas around nine and I have been moving between them since.

6. My favourite spices are garlic andcurry. And I don't care if it smells.

7. I really want to be fully vegan and Iam slowly working towards it by trying to cut out meat/animalistic ingredients andavoiding any type of product that have caused harm on a living animal.

8. I try to avoid painkillers as much as Ican. Partly because they hurt your organs in the long run and partly because allmedicine is animal tested and I think that it then is unnecessary to takemedicine you don't really need.

9. I am so bad at drinking water and yet Itry so hard to find ways to make myself drink more than one or two (!) glassesa day.

10. I am always buying bags. Always.

11. My closet has a total of four colours.Black, white, nudes and blue. Basics and my all-time favourite colour that is.

12. I try to get up around 5 am onweekdays, and I will make a post on how and why soon.

13. I declutter very often.

14. My favourite trend is dark lips in thesummer. It is a very nice contrast to all flowery patterns.

15. I writein English because I feel like there is a bigger variety of people of reach outto when targeting an international audience.

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If anyone knew how long I have been debating to take the step and do this. Make myself a blog. I feel like it is a very big step, putting your thought out on the internet like this but I really hope I will enjoy it. And of course that you will too! I thought this blog would be about how to be your best self, meanig how to be organised, productive, healthy and of course some beauty tricks.Then I would like to throw in a couple of personal post. Well, not personal, but it might be fun to let you know me a little better.

Anyways, I think that will be it...happy reading!