We stayed at a hostel named -

Had this perfect lunch when we arrived in Chiang Mai - not at KFC, we just wanted to remind Mandy where she come from haha

So in Thailand not every country's credit cards works when booking tickets online. Ours didn't, we asked a local girl from Thailand if she could book it for us and then we just went to 7/11 and payed and printed the tickets out - easy peasy!

But my life is nothing about luck - we went to the airport early in the morning and realise we booked the tickets 29 of January, not 29 of December haha.

​All photos are borrowed from my extremely talent photographer friend Mandy Garvin . Like and visit her Facebook page "Mandy Garvin Photography" and follow her on instagram "blondevoyage2018

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Our third day we explored once again, we just love it. Stopped by the World War II Memorial Bridge and Thai Pai hot spring.

Some night market.

​All photos are borrowed from my extremely talent photographer friend Mandy Garvin . Like and visit her Facebook page "Mandy Garvin Photography" and follow her on instagram "blondevoyage2018".



We took our scooters to Pai`s tree house - the food was amazing.

Drove to the white Buddha on the mountain, on the way we stopped and said hello to a new friend.

So this day we celebrated Christmas - what could be better than celebrate it with new friends.

​All photos are borrowed from my extremely talent photographer friend Mandy Garvin . Like and visit her Facebook page "Mandy Garvin Photography" and follow her on instagram "blondevoyage2018".



The first day me and my new best friend Mandy from Kentucky rented scooters and explored Pai. We started at the hot spring Sai Ngam and went to a waterfall Mo Paeng. On our way we stoped by the Strawberry farms. So sometimes the police stop you to check your scooter and bags for drugs - but not with us. They stop us and couldn't do their jobs, they flirt, told us jokes and let us go haha

Pai Canyon were our last stop - i`m so scared of highs, but Mandy run out and climb like she never done anything else in her life - AWESOME!

Back to our hostel The Circus, we drank cocktails, played pool and beat the others in every game - who would believe that?

So the wheather is crazy, it's the end I feel December and the daytime is around 30 degrees and the nighttime 10-15 degrees and we are freezing so much.

​All photos are borrowed from my extremely talent photographer friend Mandy Garvin . Like and visit her Facebook page "Mandy Garvin Photography" and follow her on instagram "blondevoyage2018​". 



Bohol is a island in Philippines.

Our first 2 nights we stayed in Loboc. A small village next to a beautiful river. 2 days here was enough, we rented a scooter from our hotel to go explore.

Accommodation in Loboc:

1. We stayed at Stefanie Grace hotel - good location, nice staff and the view is really nice next to the river.
What to do around Loboc:
1. Chocolate hills - they are everywhere, you have to pay a little entrance fee to go to the top and look at them, on a sunny day it's worth it. On our way to the hills a naked man showed us his "hood" parts haha
2. Tarsier conservation - the small animal with the biggest eyes and can hump 5 meters live here. You pay a small entrance fee and the staff show you where they are, can be really hard to find them without the staff.
3. Simply butterfly conservation centre - never had time, but heard it was beautiful butterflies.
4. Drove through Bilar Man-Made Forrest, where the tarsier lives and the Forrest is amazing.
5. Long river cruise and floating restaurant - we payed a lot of money to do this, they take you on a boat and you can eat all the buffet if you can. Live music on the boat, see a waterfalls and stop by some locals who sings and dance for you.


How to go from Loboc to Panglao:

We went to the centre of Loboc and took the small red local bus to Tagbilaren. Good experience if you wanna travel with the locals and don't pay that much money. Otherwise you can take the big bus or a VAN.

In Tagbilaren you change and take another local bus or a tricycle over the bridge to Panglao and to your accommodation.

Accommodation in Panglao:

1. Sea Breeze hostel - good reviews, nice rooms, clean toiletts and includes breakfast (porridge or toast - you make it yourself).

2. Inbox bed and bath - wierd staff, but great location, cheap, aircon and hot showers.

What to do in Panglao:

1. Bohol Bee Farm - loved it. We took our scooter there, didn't had any expectations and it was amazing. They have a small village resort with organic products. A guide take you around in the garden, bee farms and products factory's. Sit down and enjoy a tasty coffee with lactos and gluten free icecream in cone.

2. Diving.

3. Massage.

4. Cave - go there, swim inside the cave.

5. Alona White Beach - the main beach we spend lot of time near.

Best food in Panglao:

1. Hera Greek Taverna - try their kebab.

2. The Buzz - the Bee Farms organic products.

3. Aliahailey Reggae bar - food and popular bar near the ocean.

4. One 4 da road - play pool and drink good cocktails.

5. Dunking Donuts - for the one who loves desserts.

6. Mexican restaurant - glutenfree corn tortillas in Panglao.

Long river cruise and floating restaurant



We are going to Bohol, a island that belongs to Philippines. We met a guy in our class in Manila that lives in Bohol and invited us to the island with him. We took a flight from Manila and at Bohol`s airport the guy and his girlfriend picked us up in a rented VAN. Mick and I trying to travel budget, because when our money is out we need to start work and we want to push that date as far as we can. The guy told us that Mick and I had to pay 3000 P for the VAN and we got confused, we had seen the bus on the island for less than 100 P the same way. On our way we stoped at a new opened restaurant - me, Mick, the guy and his girlfriend and the two drivers had a good dinner. When the bill came out on 1200 P they gave it to Mick and told him that its a tradition i Philippines the drivers get free food. So now me and Mick are up in 3000+1200 P for this short trip and the other 4 guys are thinking that we are gonna pay for it all. They took us to a hotel, where we were the only one, with no reception and we were supposed to pay 800 P / night out in nowhere. It was Micks birthday and they took us to a kareaoke bar and they told us no white people ever been there before - so everybody was staring and wanted to shake our hands. We had a lot of Rum and coke and I sang three songs on the kareoke, a good night and we tried to forget about the day - feeling used is a terrible feeling. But what happens? They gave Mick the bill on everything we all 6 had in the bar the hole night - I couldn't take it anymore - I got SO angry and couldn't stop. It end up the guy paid for it all and took us to the hotel room, told us to be ready 7 am for new adventures. We tryied to smile and woke up 7 am. Texted them but no answer, tryied to text again 10 am and 1 pm but no answer. We took a walk and found out that we are out in nowhere. Read in google people got killed here, saw a naked women walked pass us and we run to the bus, payd less than 100 P together and we were out of there. 

We thought we were gonna travel with a nice guy who knows Bohol and wanted us to see the local parts - eat the food only locals eat, live where locals live and go on local buses - not go on the most expensive places and pay for 6 people so they can have their perfect holiday. 

We left without paying the hotel room, the rented VAN and the cocktail bill - after 2 days the guy finally texted us back and we wanted to meet him at the chocolate hills so we could pay our part of the money. But he never showed up and we retired again but same thing happens. 



Accommodation in Manila:

1. Lotus Garden Hotel - we stayed here for 9 nights, we paid around 2000 P each night - that included buffet breakfast (so good), Jacuzzi, pool table, gym, flat screen TV, air-con, hot shower and available room service and cleaning everyday.

2. Grand Prix Hotel - cheaper than Lotus Garden, but still good. We just stayed here for 1 night.

Gluten free Manila:

I found Gerald online, a shop with a lot of gluten free food with free delivery. Made a delivery to my hotel and it worked perfect.

Best restaurants Manila:

If you are lazy and just wanna be in bed for a hole day, Manila is big in food delivery, I will recommend FoodPanda.

1. Sushi Foodie - served so good different sushi, free delivery to your home.

2. Army Navy - good taco and burgers, you have to try!

3. G-point - if you miss Swedish food go here, everyday they have smörgåsbord.

4. Pound by Todd English - YOU HAVE TO GO - best and cheap burgers, truffle fries and ketchup. At Robinsons Mall.

5. Soi - good Thai food.

6. Pho Hoa Viet - good Vietnam food.

7. Happy lemonad - try a lemonade, maybe share when they are so big haha

8. Go to a pub, order something to drink and then put up the Rum and Coke from your bag that you bought in a shop. I'v never hear about this before, but if you just buy one thing you can take snack and drink there by yourself and sing kareoke.

Shopping mall in Manila:

1. We went to Robinsons Place shopping mall and WOW we fall in love. Such a big mall and they had everything we needed and more - clothes, food places, cinema, funpark, electronic etc. We saw two movies at the cinema, in Philippines they have a offer, if you buy tickets on your card you get free popcorn and a drink. Robinsons shop in Robinsons mall has everything, can be really cheap and great things.

2. M&S - a shoppingmall just next to Chinatown. The people we met told us not to go there because there are no fareners and a lot of pic pockets. But we didn't listen, cheap things and I made eyelashes extensions there :) but the Taxi are not gonna take you back, so go with a friend from Philippines.

Study in Manila:

We did our security class at The Sims and our STCW at G.E Antonio building. If I can do it all over I would do both at the Sims - better classrooms, easier to get things done and aircon. Cost a little bit more but not that much, it's worth it.

So we went to Manil just for our study, we are doing STCW cours, full medical test and security cours - just so I can work on boats with him when our money runs out. The courses are so cheap here compare to do in Australia or Sweden. I'm gonna try to work as a nurse/stewardess on a boat.

Studying here is so different, they are looking at us like we are from another planet. The teachers would never say something bad to us, never ask us a hard question or be angry at us. But they are trying to get respect from the rest of the class, we saw a teacher scream so bad and hit a student. When we did a test, everybody cheated, the CPR are so different and wrong?! and we have to have long pants, white tskirt and shoes to be accepted in to the building.

Our final test were 2,5 hours away with on a bus ride out to nowhere. We had to save people in a fire, take the fire down, jump in the water with a lifevest, climb into a lifeboat and swim in survivergroups. The bus ride back took us over 5 hour because Philippines traffic is crazy - no words!

The security class was so hard, in one day we read a hole book and in the end of the day we had a test in english. When I started the test I justness stared at the screen, I'm never gonna pass this - I didn't understand a shit. I saw Mick walk up and the teacher said he passed 19/30 and to pass is 15 - fuck. If he only got 19, he speaks English and worked on boats before, what would I get? I walked up and the teacher said - Rebecca you have passed..... wait what?? 16/30 hahah




What to do in Port Barton, Palawan:

If you want to know how to get to Port Barton, please visit my blog post how to travel in Philippines.

Port Barton is a small village with a lot of love, a basic place and not that many people. Not as aggressive sailing as other places. The small village only have electricity  6 hours/day - so in the night the aircon and the fan would not work, the wifi is down and the lights gonna stop lightening. Some places have generators, reggae bar has one so you can stay out longer than 00 in the night when the power runs out. The town doesn't have any ATM, only El Nido and Puerto Princessa have on the island. 

Accommodation in Coron:​

1. Le Cou De Tou Village Resort - garden view, clean and nice rooms and the resort serve amazing food. 

2. Elbusero - hostel.

Party in Portrait Barton: 

1. Purple Turtle. 

2. Upsetter - Reggae bar. 

Best food in El Nido: 

1. Gacayan - Cheap and really good philippinofood.

2. The Reef - best burgers. 

What to do in El Nido:

1. Island Hopping - we found the people who sold the tours walking on the beach, easy to get it for a cheap price with a boat with less people, we paid 700 P each and includes all. There are different destinations, but our tour guide took us to the best places - to a big reef out in the ocean to snorkelling, to swim with turtles, to a sandroad out in the ocean where there was so many sea stars, to Germans Island where you can get a hammock and relax and also to a paradise beach to have lunch. 

2. Waterfalls - Papawyan falls.

3. White sand beach - you have to pay.

4. Jungle Bar - from the city and pass the white sand beach and you will see signs. A bar out in no where runs by a really nice couple. 

5. Sunset bar - go have a drink and enjoy the sunset :)

6. Mangrove Forrest - we never had time to go. 



Diving in Coron, Palawan :

We did diving with Amphibi-Ko Diving & Accommodation. Starts 7.30 am, but the water this day was to shallow so we had to wait 1.5 hours. In one day we did three dives, two with a wreak and one in a big lake. The second wreak was a Japanese 97 meters wreak that you could swim through. I was so scared, but Mick helped me along the way. In the middle of the wreak there was a space to get up and get air. The lake was half saltwater and half fresh water, the top of the lake were 28 degrees and the bottom part was 40 degrees. 



The Island Coron and how to get there :

Coron is a island located outside the bigger island Palawan, in Philippines. You can travel to the island from El Nido on Palawan by ferry or take a flight. We took the quickest ferry, it cost 1760 pesos, takes around 3,5 hours and leave El Nido 6.00 am. If you wanna pay less, take the slowboat, cost 1400 pesos, takes 5-9 hours and leave around 7.30-8.30 am.

To go with a tricycle is the easyest way in Coron town, you pay 10 pesos each when you walk off.

Tips for booking accommodation :

Don`t forget to read on TripAdvisor before you order food, we found a place that looked good, waited 1 hour for the food and the chicken came out grey. If we just had read the TripAdvisor we would miss the foodpoisen we got. 

1. Princess of Coron - The owner owes a big part of the island, so the guesthouse is more fancy. Pool, air-con and breakfast. 

2. Diamond Lodge - Good dubblerooms - got tv, air-con but the breakfast is disgusting. 

3. Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse - swedish owners, the guesthouse is friendly, basic with a pool.

4. Apo Lodge - good hostel if you wanna meet others, a little bit out from the main area. 

Tips for food or a drink :

1. La Morena Cafe - expensive restaurant, but wow so good. 

2. Brujita - hard to get a table because the food is that amazing, try the curry. 

3. Levine - go up to the sky bar restaurant and enjoy the view and food. 

4. Los Guapos - Mexican food.

5. French Freight stations - green signs, different sizes and flavors - wasabi, chili etc. 

6. Big Mama`s - good Philippine food. 

7. Coron public market - everyplace have their night market, just ask for the way. 

8. No Name Bar - great price in happy hours. 

Next to the restaurant Brujita there is a small fruit shop, they selling the best mango shakes! 

What to do in Coron :

1. Scuba/Freediving - We did diving with Amphibi-Ko Diving &  Accommodation. In one day we did three dives, two with a wreak and one in a big lake. The second wreak was a Japanese 97 meters wreak that you could swim through. The lake was half saltwater and half fresh water, the top of the lake were 28 degrees and the bottom part was 40 degrees. 

2. Maquinit Hot springs - go in the afternoon by tricycle or scooter. Entrees fee : 150 pesos.

3. Go explore on Busuanga Loop road - We rented a motorbike and drove 31 miles/50 km, we stopped by a waterfall, tree-houses, food places and a private beach (we didn't know it was private until a guy hiding around a tree with a gun stared at us). 

4. Rent a scooter - my recommendation is Angel Motorcycle Rental, you pay how many hours you wanna rent and leave a ID.