I've spent my days in complete calmness - listening to podcasts, reading, morning meditations, snorkeling, night swims under the moon, dinner and beer with open minded amazing people, breathtaking sunsets, coconut hunting and in complete peace with myself. Every afternoon at 6.30pm after the electricity cuts on the island, I was sitting on the porch to my balcony with a little candle, listening to the waves and writing down my deepest thoughts. With that view and surrounded by nature it's easy being creative and feeling mindfulness. I can't even remember the last time I tried to sit down for a meditation, I've never been able to shut out my disturbing thoughts and the surroundings before. On this special island - almost every morning I fell into a deep state of meditation and I felt absolutely amazing afterwards, even if the meditations only lasted 5-10 minutes. Everything I wrote down during these 10 days was positive, happy and caring thoughts about life and myself. I've never felt this in peace with myself. It's a new feeling for me and I love it. I've changed so much these 14 months traveling around Asia and Australia. Pushing my limits and following my heart. I feel so blessed being able to travel the world like this but most of all - I AM blessed for having such an supportive loving family and friends in my life. I am a very very lucky girl and I'm thankful for life <3

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The last days I've been spending my time by the beach on Koh Chang island in Thailand. This place is a bit too busy for me but I've met some amazing people. Mostly just been chilling out and today I got tattooed at "Danny tattoo" such a good and clean studio, Danny is amazing at his job and the whole family is SO friendly! I'm extremely happy with my tat :-) guess the cost? Just 3000 baht which is around $90. It would cost at least $600 in Sweden or Australia!!

Tomorrow I'm going to Koh Wai island to spend my last 13 days in a bungalow on the beach. There's no bars, motorbikes, stores etc on this island and they cut all the electricity around 6pm. I will just spend time with myself. Relaxing on the beach, meditation, reading, podcasts and live on coconuts and noodles. I've never before had this tight budget but I don't worry about money anymore. I rather stay on a quiet paradise island and live on noodles than staying in a busy average place and spend all my money on partying.. I'm not that kind of girl anymore. When I think about how much I've changed these last 2 years it's scary! I don't enjoy getting drunk anymore, partying until sunrise, shopping up all my money and I'm not superficial like I used to be. I feel so free and that I'm finally accepting who I am. I love spending time with myself.

My Bungalow on Koh Chang

Playing with adorable puppies <3

The sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breath ~

Dinner at Joy



After 2 weeks at Baan Unrak animal sanctuary I decided to move on for new adventures. Was sad to say goodbye to everyone especially all the beautiful dogs. I fell in love with at least 10 dogs during those weeks lol. Not easy wanting to adopt every single puppy that comes in! I fully recommend everyone to go volunteer there if you're in Thailand. It's an amazing place and all the people at the sanctuary really cares for animals, the dogs are lovely, the locals are really friendly and helpful. The area Sangklaburi is nothing like the Thailand I've experienced before - it's the real Thailand, outside the tourist trail. Real cool place!

After 8 hours minivan I'm now back in Bangkok. Tomorrow I'm traveling 8 hours again but down south to the island Koh Chang. I'm gonna spend my 2 last weeks in Thailand there and on the island Koh kut. This time I'm living in a much nicer area here in Bangkok, just 5 min walk from the eastern bus station. Just outside my hostel is a big shopping mall with a food court etc. I had amazing food and the best vanilla ice coffee I've ever tasted! Tomorrow I've got sand between my toes again.. can't wait to just chill out and do whatever I want every day. No schedule, no rush and being surrounded by beaches and jungle.

Big golden retriever named Power. He was in for a big wound and kept biting/scratching it so took a long time to heal. Tomorrow he's going back to his owner finally :-)

One of the cutest puppies I've seen in my life. Gonna be a BIG dog when she's fully grown. Such good temper and attacking you with kisses all the freaking time :') Came in with diarrhea and didn't eat/drink. Now she's healthy again so going back home

Our beautiful monk-puppy that came in with an awful eye infection. Our vet removed his eye and everything went really well. I wanted to adopt this boy soooo much <3

Another cutie that came in because she was too skinny so the owner wanted help from us to feed her up



Jet and Nabu. Nabu used to be alone in her kennel but wasn't happy. You could barely touch her without getting bitten all the time. Now since moving in with Jet, Maple and Peanut she's like another dog. Playing with Jet all the time and comes up to you wanting cuddles. Amazing change!

Maple. Doesn't she look a bit like Sid from Ice Age? lol. You should see her smile then you really know what I'm talking a about. She's a lovely girl that wants all your attention. Peanut and Maple are best mates, always giving each other kisses

Our little Peanut. She's skinny so gets fed many times per day, picky dog that only likes her fish ;)

Maple and Jet :-)

Jet. She's the kindest girl but has calcium deficiency which has lead to her walking a bit funny sometimes. She can't walk long distances because of that but inside she's got so much energy. Always playful and want cuddles <3


We gave this little guy a bath yesterday. He's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Today our vet Christina is gonna remove his eye, it's getting worse and worse. Poor thing <3



Yesterday me and another volunteer Audrey had our afternoons off so we walked to a resort to swim in their pool. It was such a nice view over the lake and mon-bridge, felt like I was swimming in the actual lake. Then we took a boat ride to a temple which was pretty shit, at least we gave it a try! Just chilled out the rest of the day.

Today it was morning walks with the dogs as usual, feeding etc. I felt weird today hope I'm not getting sick! So just had a really quiet night, except that a woman came in with a half dead cat.. She had been hit by a car and had internal bleeding. Suffering and whimpered. Our vet Christina and vet assistant Pam put her down to sleep and I was there too. So sad. I've seen cats being put down before but not seen one suffering like that. Not a good way to end this day. At least she don't feel any pain now.

Cuddles with lovely Cupcake

To the left: a stray dog called Moo-moo
Middle: Xena
Right: Mowgli

Bunny is doing good. Loves her milk and I can see that she's growing :-)



to see animals come in with awful injuries/diseases and not being able to do much. Wish I was an experienced veterinarian in those situations.. Today two locals came in with a puppy that had one of the eyes completely outside of his body, looks awful. Can be either an infection caused by trauma to the eye or a tumor. He was also completely covered in fleas and probably full of worms too. It hurts in me seeing these innocent helpless animals suffering like this. Especially when it's caused by humans! This little boy lives in a temple in Burma and obviously no one takes care of it. I hope we can help him and I don't want him to go back to that place when/if he gets better. It's really hard sometimes. I just want to adopt all of them and give them a loving home.

Many people think that it's so complicated to adopt an animal from Thailand but it's not at all! It's just paper work and either fly with the animal yourself or ask a flight volunteer. If you fly the dog through Amsterdam they don't need to be in quarantine and it only costs you around 200 pounds, that's nothing! If I had a stable life in Sweden with a job and a place to call home I would adopt here and now! Always adopt, don't shop. We have so many beautiful and friendly dogs here on the sanctuary that needs a forever home. So if anyone is thinking about adopting, let me know :-)

Happy left this morning, back home to her owner. I was out walking dogs so didn't have a chance to say goodbye 😢 gonna miss her attacking me with kisses and biting in my chin. this is me in pure happiness and calmness, only animals can make me go into this stage of mind <3



Today I got dragged into the lake by Waterbelly and Ruth, really nice dogs but strong and a bit over excited haha. Otherwise the day was pretty chilled, we gave our house dogs Baloa and Nipper a shower and cleaned a lot. I was on poop-duty so had to clean up lots of dog shit, I don't mind though :-) Later we're going to the Blue rock for Roasted vegetables meals, so hungry!! Think I'm gonna loose weight here cause we're moving so much and sweating like crazy. I'm gonna stay here until the 16th then I'm going further up north to Chiang Mai to do a mindfulness farm stay. You pay 200 baht per night (40kr) and get meditation classes, Thai cooking class, gardening lessons etc. you help them out in the farm too of course. It's a little basic village in the jungle! So excited. Then I'm going to Pai the last 2 days before I fly back to Australia.

So this is the fury little shit that I told you about yesterday.. She's so adorable, playful, lovable and is attacking me with kisses all the time. Want her so badly, I seriously would book a flight to Sweden and adopt her without doubt if she didn't have an owner already. So I guess it's good because I'm not ready to settle down in Sweden yet. Her name is Happy <3

Beautiful Buttons that came in when she was so tiny and had no fur at all. Found in the rain, poor thing. Still sick :(

Our walks in the morning are so amazing



We got a new patient yesterday - the tiniest baby bunny I've ever seen. It's mum was sick and couldn't feed him/her so we have to help him get stronger. He's sleeping in a cage in my and Pam's room. We're feeding him with goat milk every day around midnight and at 5am. Sucks to wake up 2 hours before work starts but it's so worth it. I've gotten attached now so he needs to make it! Cutest little precious thing ever.

Today has been a really good day. Started with two rounds of dog walks in the morning, to the lake and then to the wooden bridge which was an incredible view!! First I had two brothers, Bernie and Arthur such good boys but really strong and pulling the leash a lot. The second time I had Eleonore and Nimbu which was pretty chill. I even walked in with my feet in the parasite-lake just so the dogs could swim lol. I would LOVE to go for a swim cause it's so damn hot during those walks but it's lots of parasites so I shouldn't. Later on I was attending when the vet removed the uterus from a cat - my first surgery ever. So interesting but nervous for us all cause the sanctuary doesn't have heart monitors etc. so it's a lot of guessing with the anesthetic plus the cat had an inner bleeding, everything ended well though.

I've fallen in love so badly with a fury black puppy named Happy. He has a owner though so that's good otherwise I would bring him home haha. He came in with diarrhea and vomiting, really really sick. I've been worrying so much and checking him constantly. He's gotten better and went on walks with me and lots of cuddles. But today in the afternoon on our walk he started vomiting and got diarrhea, so weak so I had to carry him back. Poor little baby. I really hope he'll make it <3 gonna show you a photo tomorrow! :-)

After work I went to the market with some of the girls which was sooo good. Amazing food and lots of nice things to buy. I had fried egg, oysters, sprouts, vegetables and some sauce everything fried in a pan, so yummy. Was music and dance entertainment on the street. The night ended with drinks at the Blue Rock with all the volunteers. Garrett had his birthday so we had some cake too. I'm really enjoying this place, more and more every day.



My 7 hour bus ride from Bangkok to Sangklaburi was amazing. The further I got from Bangkok the more green I saw and the sky changed from dark grey to blue. I was the only white person on the bus and my view was just incredible, I loved the feeling of knowing - I'm going completely outside the tourist trail. I had two seats for myself so I was laying down so I could see outside the window all the time. It got steeper and steeper and towards the end it was more of a climb. Laying down like that made it look like the jungle was surrounding me and I've never felt more alive. I had never even heard about this place before and I've been to Asia two rounds already plus done a lot of research. It really was an adventure and I loved every second of it.

Had the cutest girl beside me and we waved at each other all the time and took some photos with my camera.

Our house with our tuktuk ;-)



I arrived in Sangklaburi yesterday around 2pm, took a motorcycle to Baan Unrak school (I thought) but ended up at the home stay so a really nice Russian guy showed me the way. I arrived in the middle of a workday and the only veterinarian was sick so it was a chaotic first day. I helped the vet assistant with injections and other tasks. Lots of cleaning, getting to know the dogs (there's about 50 dogs on just 10 volunteers and 1 vet). The dogs are lovely!! In the clinic they have the cutest puppies and cats that I cuddled. My bed was the dogs bed earlier so I had to do a bit of cleaning before going to bed haha. Realized that it's sooo cold during the night so gotta buy a blanket! Days are really hot and sunny. For dinner we went to the Thursday market followed by dinner at the Blue Rock (I think it's called). I was so exhausted and fell asleep straight away when I got back.

Today we started with walking the dogs, you get about 2-4 dogs per person and they're all pulling a LOT. Plus there's stray dogs you gotta watch out for everywhere cause they're attacking the dogs/you. It's not a peaceful walk haha you're drenched in your own sweat after. You go down to a nice lake where the dogs swim for a bit. Second walk for today is done and this time I ran a bit with the dogs cause they were so excited to get back to the sanctuary, 3 stray dogs came from nowhere and got a bit aggressive but nothing happened.

Rest of the day will be feeding, cleaning, medications, cuddling and more walks. Sangklaburi is such a special place, nothing like the Thailand I've experienced before! I really like this place. Some of the dogs are really sick and it's sad to see but they do what they can with what they have.

Just had lunch in Baan Unrak school. You need to cover your shoulders and wear clothes down to your knees. They only serve vegan food and it was SO yummy! Fun to meet all the local kids :)

Removing ticks from the dogs is something you can do all day cause they're everywhere!

This fella has big problems with his leg. Probably car accident and then it didn't heal properly so it's all oblique

This mornings walk to the lake. I had Peanut and Maple with me which was fine though they're pulling on the leash a lot.

This cutie has an owner here in Sangklaburi. The sanctuary is also helping locals with they're animals for free.

This is Dave. His legs are just all over the place, poor fella. I helped putting him in his wheelchair and he's biting you like crazy haha he just gets too excited.

Peanut <3 so skinny, they're trying to feed him up