Happy Monday everyone.

I have been doing some earrings and I always like to go with the easiest one. I personally love this white beads. Sometimes I feel like I can wear on everything.

so I made this beautiful. I m so in love with them and I am so happy to share them with you.

what you need to make earrings.

- a wire (6 In )


- a pair earring hoop


It is really easy to make after getting all the bead on the wire

you twist it on the top and make a small to the top to attach the earring hoop.

then attach it to an earring hoop.

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Hello !!

Welcome, to my first blog post. I m so excited to start this journey after a really long time thinking about it. It wasn't easy to find something to write about in my first post but I thought since I will be sharing a lot of DIYs, it will be better to start sharing with you the most important DIYs tools to me.

are not the only tools that you need ( you need the tools for the projects) But these are the tools that you will in almost every single project.

1. Cutting tools ( scissors or Exacto knife): the most important thing in DIYs project. Did you know that 95% of all the projects you will be doing you're gonna trim or cut?( that is just according to my work) Sometimes cutting can create.

2. Glue: There are many types of glues, choosing carefully before you start a project is very important.

3. Findings, buttons and beads: They might be small but it won't be an earring without an earring hoop. Buttons can make a basic shirt to the high level.

4.Pliers: Since you will be working with findings, pliers will make your work easier. Most of the findings are small, so some extra help is needed to cut, hold or pick them.

5.Thread and needle.

This is my first top 5 tools because i work a lot with pieces of jewellery and clothes. If you work with something different share with me your top 5. I will be glad to hear from you.