I'm sorreh I haven't posted much (like at all except for my first post) but at the moment I'm watching the halloween episodes of Scream because love love love and oh my I shouldn't be writing this at the same time, I get so caught up in it that I forget to write ahahah.

But anywayyyyss you should just follow me on Instagram! I have my private(s) that is @lgustafsson and @lejonxcastle
and then a fan one *prays that no one I know will find this* but it's @is2gjosh

well I'll probably make it private if someone I know finds it ahahah oh whale

(this took like 25 minutes to write oops)
well I'm off watching scream lololol k bye :*

I'm starting with a song suggestion for each post so for this one it's
Panic! At The Disco - Crazy=Genius



So this is going to be fun! I've been thinking of doing it for a while but I just never started before today (obviously since this is my first post.)
But I was thinking that I would tell you some stuff about myself so you get to know me better.

so Heylo!!
My name is Leia (obviously on that one too) many people know me as Charlie because I didn't feel like a girl all summer and I just felt shitty and wanted to die but I've moved now and I feel much better and more comfortable in my own skin, I don't mind if people call me Charlie tho but they don't need to ig.
Also I'm 16 , if that's interesting to know.

also sorta shoutout to my homie Michael because he made me feel better when I was at my worst and I lub him very very much.
also shoutout to Liv and Brianna bc they're my hoes and I lub them too.

but uh I have a lung disease and diabetes too so my whole thought about starting this blog was to talk about stuff that is going on in my life and hopefully help someone else (but mostly myself tbh) with talking about it, because it's nothing wrong about it and whoever has it may feel like they did something wrong but no, life just sucks ass sometimes and mostly the best people gets hit.

I believe that was it tho!? and I hope to see you back here again soon!