Collared t-shirt and neck t-shirt are common types of casual t-shirts worn by everyone across all industries. Both these types of shirts are even used as a corporate uniform in Malaysia. Round neck t-shirts are available in a wide variety of styles and designs, whereas collared t-shirts often have a standard design. The primary difference between these shirts is the design – collared t-shirts typically come with a collar and have a placket with 2 to 3 buttons beneath its collar, whereas round neck t-shirts do not have collars.

What is a Collared T shirt?

A collared t shirt is a type of shirt, often having a placket and a collar. They come in simple patterns like stripes or solid colors. They are actually made from knitted cloth, which is different from a round neck shirt that is often made from woven cloth. Interlock cotton, silk, synthetic fibers, pique cotton and merino wool can be used to make collared t-shirts. They come in minimal design, without much images or slogans.

What are Round Neck T shirts?

By the name itself, a round neck t shirt has a round neckline, and is a casual top with short sleeves. Unlike collared t shirts, round neck ones do not have collars and typically do not have buttons. While collared T-shirts that can be worn for a smart casual wear, round neck t shirts are worn only for casual wear.

T shirt is a unisex shirt, named after the T shape of the sleeves and the body. It is a casual wear and shouldn’t be worn for professional, formal or any non-casual events. In most modern fashion, t-shirts come in a variety of patterns and shapes. They are also available in solid colors or can have different slogans, images, quotes, etc. on them. They can be worn with skirts for girls and jeans for both genders.

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