Hi guys

how are you doing?

So I have not been blogging for a little while. It can be difficult to find something intresting to write about since I don’t really know what you guys want to read lol

But I finally find something

So todays blog will be about how I stay motivated!

I am on my 4th week of Progress and I can see results I lost 4cm around my hips and 3 cm around my waist! I lost some bodyfat and gained muscles instead. I lost 3 kg so what not to be motivated about?? XD

I have tried so many times to lose weight but never for more than 3weeks

So what motivates me

And even more important how do I find the surplus to keep going

  1. I get 7-9 hours sleep every night.
  2. I work out in the morning making the endophines kicking in all day.
  3. I messure once a week.
  4. I take pictures to my IG account to follow my progress.
  5. I try and blog my feelings and have a fun time.
  6. I study my bad thoughts to figure what i can do to overcome them.
  7. I buy fitness clothes lol.
  8. I enjoy food don’t go on a strick diet from the beginning but slowly get into it.
  9. I watch photos and videos of people i wish to look like and wupti gym calls lol.
  10. Last one I have fun while doing it even tho it kills me I enjoy it ( one time I sat and chit cahtted with the staff for a few hours after working out) you should get to know people making it all the more fun :D

These are my 10 motivations notes

Hope you can use them !!

Enjoy <3


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Hi guys how have you been?

What have I been up to?

Today I Joined the Gym .... Awesome Now I will wake up at 5.30 am and go work out at 6 am instead of 6.30 am

if I love it?? I'm gonna friggin' die hahahahha but I want to be fit and show everyone that this lazy arse can actually be active.

I'm usually only active for a short period of time. The Gym is my worst enemy cuz I use it for maybe a few months and then it's just taking my money lol. I might get to a spot where it seems like nothing matters, if it happens please bear with me .. I so wish I can get through this so I can look like my idol Anllela Sagra. I will use her program for a month to figure out if I can do it !! so I don't waste too much money on something I cannot finish!

I Know you are excited to know how I got my delicious abs in just 3 weeks of working out <3

I am a really lazy type aaaand no patience at all hahha .. so I have been working out from Monday to Saturday for almost 3 weeks. so how did I do this?

................................................... you will never believe me ...............................................

my friend was like filter?
special diet and too much workout?
others were just like
ooooh you got abs now awesome!!

my Secret is as easy as it can be.. I did not photoshop my phtoto in anyway .. I'm too lazy for that, you know <3

Eyeshadow makes friggin' wonders HAHAHAHHAHAHA





Hii everyone
How are you all doing?
I have been up to sooo much lately. Saturday I totally overslept hahah so a late workout and a jog after was needed.. my time for 4k was horrible so now I’m doing a running program which should help me to be faster “yay” I need that.. my score is still the same since summer last year lol even tho I haven’t been jogging for a while, I’m surprised .. Hahaha so now I found a running book from my first race ever. Maybe that can help me further *crossing fingers*

In the evening I ate home made pizza with my friend whom I have really missed. She went to Africa and when she came home I went to the US hahaha

Yesterday I had a break from all workout ! I try to do that once a week even tho I hate it but my body need to relax now and then (please tell me if it’s not needed <3) hahah oke so I was an extra in a movie from the film school it was a small role but it was fun for sure!

Aaaaand helloo Monday :D I’m not shy to say when I go to bed Sunday I don’t want to get up Monday but when my alarm wakes me up 6am 30 min workout and cardio here I come; loooove it .. I feel fresh I have energy and I’m just in a very good mood <3

Today I did not do my cadio on the bike I went for a jog after school instead I did the new program, so from 1.45 min to 3 min jog and from 1.15 min to 2 min fast walk for 2k. Perhaps distance went down but maybe this is a better way !!-

Workout is indeed freedom. Now I’m considering a new workout app cuz 8fit is too easy lol ( my mum is so bitch slapping me right now xD )

I got my Garmin forerunner 25 at christmas love it so much now I can really get serious hahah

So yeah that’s what I have been up to lately.
Please tell me if there is anything you wanna know or want me to write about !

Cheers enjoy your Morning/Day/Evening




Hi Friends. I didn't blog Yesterday because I was not home before 10 pm lol I talked with my mum on the phone until 11 pm. We kinda talked about Nothing and Everything. It always calms me down when she is on the phone and I'm out late like yesterday. I went to my first ever photoshop lesson... as you can see I mostly don't photoshop my workout pictures because I want them to look as real as possible. but some light and basic knowledge could be good if I wanna make more recipes lol

I am so proud I work out almost everyday. My plan is to have Sundays off. Wedensday and Sunday I was Relaxing .I have been at it for 2 weeks now. I am proud I feel like I'm getting a hang of it, 6 am on weekdays and 9 am on Saturdays ! how great can life be lol .. so these days I use an app called 8fit. It has a program which takes about 10 min, and after that I go for my indoor bike for about 15 min to 24 min depending on how much energy I have..

On the bike I do cardio:

5 min warm up at medium level
20 sec all out at highest level
40 sec relax at medium level
I will repeat this 10-15 times
3 min repair before finish at medium level

i love this cardio; my ultimate favorite hehe.

My plan for Saturday is that I will work out and run.

I can run for about 3-5k
1.45 min run
1.15 min walk
2 blocks away from goal run all you can as fast as you can ;)
I repeat this until I get back to my starting point !

I am a weak runner I know i love it but its so difficult because weather totally sucks all the time lol.
Good Luck!

enjoy your evening
AND again thank you for reading <3




So what have i been up to? I just came home from 3 weeks in the states. It was so much fun. I went to Las Vegas, Portland and NY. I had so much energy when i came home and I think that’s why I got my motivation back! I had not been working out since summer last year so I was so happy when i came home and I had a lot of Energy. It feels great to be active again! <3

I am writing this while I sit at a sushi restaurent and eat. I have to be honest it’s just cuz it’s easier! I have trouble grossery shopping alone, because it’s like the list tells me to bye unnecessary stuff so usually when i had to buy breakfast or dinner i would come home with chips popcorn, ice cream and soda. And I would be so sad Cuz why do i buy this ? I was not supposed to. “ why can i not buy my own food I feel so Helpless” but I found out i just needed someone to go with me and it will be much easier or talk in the phone and tell what i buy .. usually my mum helps me out. (Which I am so greafull for<3 )

but yeah thats My grossery nightmare haha .. I really did not think about what i wanted to talk to you about! I’m more like let it float and just write while thinking. I’m a little poetic so I like to just write my mind <3

So back to point I am sitting in the restaurant i wanted to use some time outside my home and text you.

..... I got my motivation back yaay i want to start and run again so i can compete in small competions again i did 5K last year so hope i can do that again but it’s not gonna be easy weather is bad. Dark and cold i can handle cold but not dark. A part of that is im scared of the dark i find it so that someone can hide inside of it total dislike ! But at this time of year it’s not possible to go out when it’s not dark if you have school or a job so I’m just gonna stick with it lol but yeah i work out every morning 6.30 until 7.10am I do a 15 min workout and a 25 min cadio bicycling. I have a bad shoulder I am getting Treatment for so i cannot work myself out to hard yet but it doing my best to overcome it. After I try and make breakfast something easy. Smoothie, oats or scramble egg then I go to school and when i come home i do my homework and fall asleep early .. Yup I skipped dinner I usually don’t really eat much but I have been eating regular the last month so thats great I got so much energy. But I’m scared what will happen when it disapeard </3 oh well enjoy the moment and let the prolem come when its time lol

Yeah thats it for today <3
thanks for reading I am happy your read it all <3
Until next time baibai




So I like to drink this green smoothie in the morning it makes my head feel much better <3 usually I dont make breakfast at all I eat a easy meal at my school buut im trying to start and do it myself ! Cheers <3


1,5 dl Milk after prefence
1 banana
Frosen spinach after prefered amount
2-3 frosen brocoli
Fresh lime
1 spoon Protien (optional)


So you sip the milk in the blender cut the banana in smaller pieces
Put the amount of spinach into it you want. Cut the brocoli into smaller pieces so the blender don’t break down trying to blend it as mine did the first time i tried lol xD
Cut a lime and smash the liqur into the mass and last put some vanilje on it not the vanilje suger but real vanilje

If you wanna put protien into it I would suggest vanilje

Now blend ! And breakfast is served <3



So the last week I have been up between 5-6 am everyday to workout and it has been great. My motivation is often pretty low, I usually only workout in periodes of time, when I feel i have the engery. my dream is to become a Bikini Model and try to compete for a year or 2 but that is right now just a dream. I want a healthy lifestyle, but usually I am to tired to even make my own food. (still working on that lol) I dont have anybody to work out with or to say "GET YOUR LAZY BUTT UP" as my Blog says its called Lazy Girl Going Fit. I am often confussed with being Lazy becuase of my lack of motivation and low energy, but this is something I fight everyday.

I also have school for 41 hours a week. so when people call me lazy because i sleep when I am not in school it might seems right. but I would like people to understand the difference between Lazy and Mental Surplus. but well I found Lazy Girl Going Fit to be what I feel, because e everyone tells me I am lazy i have began to believe so. peoples words affect everyone and if you hear it enough you will believe IT!! ..

Oh well but i will try and put up some of the food I'll make so i have an excuess for food picture haha, and also about My workouts. I Usually do them at home tho but I will try and go to the gym now and then ! and I will tell you how I feel if my motivation is down if I am super hyped just my daily days of thoughts.

Thank you for Reading

Lets Enjoy this Blog together <3 <3