This weeks topic is (drum roll) Top 10 lists

Movies To Watch:

1. Beastly (Genre, Romantic)
About: A Guy who has to find Love, he doesn't think it will work beacuse of his looks.

2. The Legend Of Tarzan (Genre:Adventure,Action,Romantic)
About:A man who grew up in the jungle and then goes to the civilisation just to go back to the jungle again.

3. Hancock (i know the name sounds weird) (Genre: Action,Comedy)
About: A Guy with superpowers and a blurry past, tries to help but it always backfires.

4. Crank (Genre:Action)
About: A man with dangerous enemies, who wakes up surprised with an exciting and dangerous day ahead of him.

5. Crank High Voltage (Genre,Action)
About: The same man as in Crank gets his heart taken away and replaced with an mechanical one. And has to find his original heart whilst keeping the mechanical one beating.

6. Mortal Instruments (Genre: Supernatural, Romantic,Action)
About: A girl who finds out about her true identity and purpouse.

7. The Avengers (Genre,Action)
About: Heroes saving the world from evil dudes and weird things from space

8. Big Hero 6 (Genre,Adventure) (It's a "kids" movie)
About:A boy who looses his brother in a fire and finds a friend who will help him find who's guillty of his brothers death.

9. Charlie St. Cloud (Genre,Romantic)
About: A man (Zac Efron) looses his brother. He sees his brothers ghost everyday, but then his meetings with his brother is in "danger" when Charlie meets a girl.

10. Rat Race (Genre,Comedy)
About: A couple of people who gambles in Las Vegas and then wins a coin wich leads them to a wery entertaining path to 2 milion dollars.

That was this list,there will be another on Tuesday.

If you want to you can comment what type of Top 10 list you want next time.

Love Ya❤️😜😜😜

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Now that 2016 i finally over (thank god) i wanna start doing something new, I'm going to blog about one topic all week. I think i'll post 4-3 times a week. STARTING TODAY.😜😛😛



Today I'm not feeling my best but I'm not going to let it affect you at all.

I'm not the one to tell you wich books you should read but i can give you some tips on what to read but if you want some tips then keep reading

1. Red Tears: This is a book about deep feelings and if you are into reading stories about how people fall so deep down but then they get up this is the book for you. It's about a girl named Emily Bowyer who had everything and she felt amazing. But then she realized everything wasn't how it should be and she started thinking it was her own fault. I totally think you should read it.

2. Beastly:This is sort of like a Beauty and the Beast kind of story. It's about a guy who was really popular and had everything your average teenager could wish for. But all that is taken away from him even his good looks, and to get his normal appearance he has to find a girl who would love him for who he is.

That's all of the books that i could think of :)

Be safe and well Love yall XoXo



Ok today I'm going to talk about something a little bit sensitive for some people(for different reasons)

So in my class i have 2 friends(that i know about), they cut themselves why i don't know but they do.

And it's so painful to see their scars every day, I'm not blaming them not one bit, It's 99% chance that it's not their fault that they do this but instead of cutting yourselfs plz go to someone and talk. I get it it sucks to feel bad and i get that you could feel so bad as to the point to were you think it's your fault and you wanna hurt yourself for it, but it is NOT YOUR FAULT

Talk to someone plz cause i don't think that deep inside you think that what you do is a good idea.



Hello beautiful! How are you? I myself am not that very good cause well the most obvious reson today is Monday, then on top of that my friends and my loved once are having it a bit tricky and I'm trying to solve their problems instead of my own( i know complaining online doesn't make any different, the only thing the internet can do is feel sorry or pitty for me but i don't want anyone doing that for me) But on to another subject: Annoying things teachers do and say ,annoying teachers.

1.You know when a teacher is helping out another student? yeah and you end up being way to close to their butt :)

2.Comparing you to other classes or students.

3.Their self-satisfied smile after explaining something "important".

4.Telling you to be quiet when you sneeze or cough, like I'm sorry but i can't control my sneezing or coughing reflects could you do that when you were in school?

5.Telling you and your classmates that you stink of sweat. Like did you smell like roses when you were going thru puberty? No that's what i thought.

That's it for me, remeber stay save n' in school :)



Hello beautiful today i don't have a subject to talk about, today I'm just goin going write about something. So im going to go shopping, or not shopping im going to buy a pair of shoes. Then I'm not doing anything cause it's weekend and i don't have to go to school(yaaaay) I'm jsut going to have a Harry Potter marathon(now I'm not a big Harry Potter fan i just like the movies). But what are your thoughts on the ewhole clown thing?, have you seen one? Coment cause i'd like to know. I myself find it a bit scary but mostly horrible. Beacuse you know when you were little or if you still are or still do this8 i know i do) you went or go to the cirkus and then there were clowns, and that is sort of a comedian for children but now people(who i found are cowards) put on masks and scare or even go so far as to kill people. It's horrible beacuse clowns are supposed to be fun and sweet not horrible and murderers. Another question Trump or Clinton?. Love ya <3<3



Hello! thanks for stumbling upon my blog. So for my first blog post i will be talking about body ideals. 

Cultures over time has always had different definitions of beauty. So the ideal beauty always changes. At first i think... it was wery popular to be a little rounder(representing that you were rich). Then you had to be shaped like a hourglass wich was made with a corsett.. Then it was thin that was in, after that curvy and a little bit thicker was the goal,  there was even commercials about how to gain weight. But enough of that. to br honest sometimes i think negativly about my body but we all do that it's nothing rare. But why chould i change? It doesn't benefit anyone. All my friends and family and boyfriend couldn't care less how i look. Now i'm far from perfect, no one is but in their eyes i'm perfect and that is all that matters to me. As long as you aren't an anoying person to be around you don't have to change a thing, well mabye if you weigth is dangeorus to your health then you should probably think again(you can be thin and it can be dangeorus to) Rememeber stay save and take care. ;)