Memorial Day weekend is by far my favorite American long weekend! Not only is it the time to remember the people who have served the country, but it is also the "unofficial" start to Summer! Without a doubt, the earth somehow knows to crank the heat up about mid week leading up to this long weekend. Followed by a weekend of sun, food and swimming!

Saturday afternoon started with just that! Dounya, Evelina and I embraced the warmth and spent the afternoon relaxing in the pool with our new inflatable swan pal. Unfortunately followed by some torrential rain, so we decided to shower and head out to dinner to PF Chang's, a oh so scrumptious Chinese restaurant!

Sunday also really turned on the heat and sun for us! We ventured into the empty Manhattan for a Mediterranean brunch at "Jacks Wife Freda" then took a long subway ride out to Coney Island where we found the rest of the NYC population; escaping the city for a day of amusement park rides and ice creams on the beach.

Although we dreaded the train ride back, we decided to make the most of Manhattan being deathly empty. But even on long weekends, Times Square is still as busy as ever. After spending hours in lines for checkouts and changing rooms, I left Times Square with some summer outfit purchases where we then met up with Felicia for dinner at Brother Jimmys. 

Today (Monday) was one of those days where it threatened to rain all day so you couldn't really make any plans in advance. But the Loves and I ended the day by going to Gus's Restaurant for dinner. A seafood place about 20 minutes away from my house, where I had Shrimp Skampi! A butter garlic shrimp dish with linguini pasta. Amazing!

Also, I'm working on upgrading my blog a little. We could see some big changes over the next month or so, so stay tuned for that X 

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I'm thinking maybe I should start a carnival company. The amount of money they must pull in from setting up in a small town. Literally the whole town turns up and if everyone else is anything like the kids I were supervising, they would earn $100 roughly from each group of boys who think it's a right of passage to win the biggest soft toy for their "girlfriends." And by girlfriends, I mean ten year old relationships. Girls that they occasionally look at and mutter "HI" when they're passing in the halls. 

Much like last year, the same thing went down. The boys insist that they want to spend ALL of their money on the basketball shoot out then realize that when it comes time to leave that they haven't indulged in their obligatory carnival funnel cake. Which means that we have to then stand in the "oh so very fun" funnel cake line.. Along with the rest of the town.. Of course. 

Occasionally I reminded the boys that it might be fun to step away from the basketball shoot out and to maybe ride a ride with their ride pass armbands. I wish kids saw the advantage of riding the rides at the beginning of the carnival, where the lines weren't a mile down the road. But they soon learnt that if you wait two hours into the carnival starting, then you make it half way through an hour line and end up having to leave the line after a kid decides to throw up on the swaying boat ride. 😷 

After hours (literally) watching countless disappointed boys lose their chance of their big soft carnival toy, Daniel finally hits the jackpot! He wins the cutest green monkey and gives it to his little girlfriend. This is of course surrounded by a big group of his friends. And his girlfriends' friends giggling in another group while the quick switch of the toy is taking place. 

Again, much like last year, the winning of the toy symbolizes the ending of the night. With a few more sideshow games and long line ups of the last rides, we headed home after yet another successful Scarsdale Fair. 



I think people went through a stage a few years back of having a Polaroid camera and I just didn't feel the need to have one at the time. But recently I've had a few friends that have whipped out their cameras and have shot some EPIC photos. While printing them instantly! 🙌🏼

So as awesome as Renee is, she gave me money to order one as a birthday present. And as of tomorrow, I will be the proud new owner of a Black Instax Polaroid Camera.

...Just in time for my birthday weekend, of course! I can't wait to take my own pictures straight from my own camera. Stay tuned!



Yesterday was a very special day. Not only did I reach the milestone of two whole decades of life, but I also reached the status of "no longer a fetus" or "you've left the fetus building."

I have always been the youngest of all of my friendship groups, which one day gave me the title of the "fetus." But apparently when you hit your 20's, your fetus days are over and hello happiness!👋🏼

In our house, it's no ones birthday unless cake is consumed for breakfast. So hey, who I am to break a tradition? Cake for breakfast✅

The first birthday stop of the day was to get a much needed pedicure with Renee. This was also happening while the nail salon was playing my favorite movie! They must've known.😏  I know I'm not the only one to say that the best thing about birthdays is the free birthday perks! After my fresh pedicure, I skipped away from Starbucks with my iced Mango Black Tea on the house. Flippin' winning!

From here, we took a trip to the mall where I was in search for some new sunglasses. I'm not sure if you're aware, but the weather in New York is whacked up. One day you're shivering in a blizzard and the next you're soaking up the rays in the Sahara Desert. And I am not even over exaggerating. A little bit like Melbourne weather. 

I really didn't want to take any chances with this weather. So I had to take advantage of the 25% off sunglasses at Nordstrom. Hello my new beauties, the sun says hello!

I blame my well over consumption of food on drool worthy burgers and other birthday treats. From the mall, Renee and I stopped at Westchester Burgers & Co, my all time favorite burger restaurant. And of course I over ordered like I do 80% of the time that I visit restaurants. My 8oz beef with LT, avocado and mushrooms with crispy fries tided me well over through the afternoon and into the night.

The Scarsdale Varsity Lacrosse team won their 7th game, meaning that they have been undefeated all season! This lead me to another food outing to Kumo Sushi, where my host family took me out for a birthday dinner. We ended the night with ice cream from Haggan Daz and off we went home where I curled up into bed and probably dreamt of the heavenly burger that I had earlier consumed.

I honestly wish birthdays came around more than once a year. So here I am now, counting down 365 days until I reach the big 21! And enjoying my new found stage of the "best years of your life."




First of all, I solemnly swear on my own life never to complain about warm weather EVER again. Jumping straight from a New York winter to a tropical like-summer winter, I was in dream land. Although the humidity was way too much for my poor hair to handle, that was soon fixed with a quick dip in the pool and a sun soothed afternoon nap.

On top of the glorious warm rays and our go to "Miami Vices" around the pool, we took the chance to take some strolls along the Mexican beaches and to eat our way around the resort. Each day started with an amazing breakfast buffet, followed by some pool-side delivered snacks for lunch and topping off the day with a French or an Asian cuisine. Unfortunately I didn't fulfill my dream of having a taco in Mexico, but I guess that just gives me an excuse to go back right? 😏

Definitely a must do place while in the United States. It's only a 4 hour flight from NY and immigration basically count Mexico as the same country as the USA. No visa hassles here which is always a bonus 🙌🏼

I ❤️ You Mexico and all of your goodness! 



Hands down the best part about living in New York, is that the majority of food trends circulating the Internet are right at my door step! And for this one in particular, waiting 3 hours in a line (I'm not joking), where it was outside and in the freezing cold made the whole trip that much more worth it!

Sometimes a dessert (or in this case a milkshake), comes along that has the potential to end all other desserts. After some major Instagram love from some of the biggest foodie accounts, Black Tap soon became known for their out of this world shakes and their high class crafted burgers.

So as we entered the doors of this new found food heaven, we quickly made our order and along came our milkshake dessert masterpieces. At this stage, I was definitely sippin' on Cloud 9!

The milkshake itself was devine, but the extra dessert candy toppings, made it that much extra special. Imagine a strawberry milkshake layered with cotton candy, little candy gum balls, whipped cream and oodles of lollipops. Sounds unreal right? 😏

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer
Soho | 529 Broome St, NYC



Well didn't January just jump away with a hop skip and a jump! Can I please just start with how happy I am that this winter has been absolutely amazing to us!
Only one major snowfall and now temps are rising ALREADY! Praise global warming 🙌🏼

I thought 2016 would be a good time to throw myself back into studying. So I am officially a college student again 😍 Hollahhhh student discounts!
Four weeks in, two assignments down and I'm so happily passing with flying colors. Coming out with two 100%'s in my first two assessment pieces!

Finally I have settled on something that I love and hope to continue for some time now! I'm studying social media marketing for two days a week! Which is plenty right now since I work full time. But I am so glad for the break in working. Even though my life is twice as busy now, I know that this will be nothing but good for me in the long run!

I can't believe that it's February already, I'm counting down the days until the nice summer air fills New York again!

Happy Happy Hump day xxxxx



Man, keeping a blog is harder than I thought. Sometimes I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I forget to video or forget to take a picture. Or even remember the small details to write about it!

I know this is a small change to my food outings 😏 but this post is more focused on a "let's see where the day takes us" day. First of all, this amazingly warm weather can stick around for as long as it likes, it's just heavenly 😍

Sunday had us starting in midtown, with half of the worlds population on vacation AND looking through the Bryant Park Christmas stalls. Dounya and I stopped at a (Swedish) cafe for a quick chai latte and cinnamon bun before riding the subway downtown to find the last opening day of the "Museum of Feelings."

However we accidentally fell upon a line for a silent party. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, a silent party is basically a big party with everyone listening to their own music through headphones. So if you weren't joined in on the fun, the party just sounds like a whole heap of people singing and dancing like they were in the space of their own bedroom! We found that this was way too much fun! And the museum idea suddenly fell through as the line up was over an hour long.

Once we had worked up a bit of a sweat from our silent party, we trekked back to midtown where we did some last minute Christmas shopping while having a peak at all of the Christmas sales in Macy's! Always my favorite place, especially around Christmas time!

By this time, the sun had set and I met up with Emily where we saw "Matilda" on Broadway. Tickets that we got for Hannukah! Absolutely amazing 👍🏼

I thought I would mix it up a little with a bit of a visual to compliment this post. Just a bit of here and there of my day!
I'm also thinking of starting vlogs so let's see how well this warm up goes. Enjoy! X




I hope you all know that I actually do more things than just eat my way around New York. More on that throughout this week, I have quite the day planned for tomorrow! 

I wish I could say that I found this place all on my own, but unfortunately it had been recommended to me. This has been my second visit to Westchester Burger Co. The second time equally as better as the first. And even better, only a 10 minute drive away from my humble abode. 

The thing I love most about this place is that it is not extremely over priced. And considering the amount of food you intake, it is definitely good value for money. My usual order is creating my own burger, usually consisting of beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado, onions and mushrooms. Quite the combination and oh so delicious! Of course a side of fries accompanies the deliciousness. 

The menu has quite a lot of option. But I love choosing what I want and how I want it without having to annoy the waitress with one hundred changes to the original meal. I find at some places, restaurants that give you this option tend to charge a little more for the "create your own" meal. However all up, I paid only roughly $15 with a drink as well, so good! 

The atmosphere is also great, always busy! But very fast and efficient on the service and on the time it takes for the meal to come out. Always a plus when you're starving! 

This is definitely my "go to" place if I'm feeling in the burger groove and on a tight budget!



Mmmm.. What a little beauty this find was! Another Sunday, another Sunday brunch I say! While on my normal online food blogging scavenger hunts, I came across a few places that I'd like to try in the next coming weeks.
RUBYS CAFE was one that shot straight to the top of my list, mainly because of the "outta this world" reviews and maybe just maybe perhaps because it's Australian 😉

Rubys was such an easy place to locate, straight down on the subway (with a few changes because the main stop was under construction), about a 5 minute walk and there you go! A sweet little, cosy cafe filled with lots of happy (and freezing) customers. May I also add that this week the temperatures have decreased quite a bit so Emily and I were happy to spend a good hour out of the harsh cold world for a little.

Before we had even walked in the door, or even had gone to bed the night before, we were having a quick nosy at the menu that's on their website. We had (successfully) decided that we were both settling on the pineapple and mint juice. Not just those bottled juices that they charge $10 for just because the label has a fancy logo on it, but this juice was so freshly squeezed that it looked like a smoothie at first glance! 🍍🍹What a delightful treat!

Next I indulged in the chicken and avocado salad, with ricotta salata, lettuce, avocado and egg. It doesn't sound like much, but it went super well together! Exactly what I felt like! (definitely recommend)

And just like that, like a hop, skip and a jump, we were out of there in a very timely manner, well warmed up, well fed and ready to take on the Sunday afternoon ahead ☀️