Let's imagine a scenario: Something bad happens to you, you fall (in a metaphorical sense). What do you do? Will you stay laid on the dirty ground or will you stand up? Most likely you will get you freakin' butt up! This process is called "moving forward". It is a very natural thing to do. Human beings are not perfect, we fail, we fall, we make mistakes and there is literally nothing, and I really mean NOTHING bad about it as long as you let the past teach you better, reflect your mistakes and learn from them. So what I don't understand is why so many politicians out there seem to love to break this unwritten rule and travel back in time but what I capture least of all that is how in a democratic system we, the people vote for that. But this is a very holistic picture, I want to focus on a little piece of this a bit random and maybe confusing thought: WOMEN'S RIGHTS

Let's have a look at the image above the text. It shows Donald Trump signing the abortion-related order in the Oval Office. This picture went viral within seconds and millions of women and men over the globe started tweeting and complaining why there is only men standing around this desk while this topic has not primarily to do with men. - E.g. Tweet by Chairlane McCray: "Here's President Trump sining an executive order that endangers millions of women around the world. Notice anyone missing?" or Jodie Picoult, "All of the people on this picture seem eminently qualified to determine WOMAN'S health care. NOT." - And I know what the conservatives will claim at this point. It is neither a man's nor a woman's topic but rather a matter of humanity because this unformed bump, a "potential human being" is being killed by abortion. And I don't want to say that this is totally untrue but let me finish my train of thought and please excuse me for generalizing now. The large part of unintentional pregnancies happen because of the lack of sex education this is the case in underprivileged areas and guess what you can find in these areas - poverty or at least bad standards. So guess who is being "killed" by not having the opportunity to aboard if wanted, it is the mother of this child because sadly but true it is far too easy to run away from this complicated and scary situations for the other parent who is not literally physically attached to this "potential human being". This is one of million scenarios of an unintentional prgnancy and probably it fits into "the cliche" but let's take the modern business woman as an example. She is 26 has a boyfriend of two years now and takes the pill regularly. She happens to fall under the 2 percent of the official failure rate and becomes pregnant, still involved in her masters degree and now getting promoted in her dream job and a baby would not fit in now.

My massage is that it does not matter if the decision is based on monetary reasons, psychological reasons, reasons of self fulfillment or maybe because we are living in a modern world where some women decide not to have children because they simply don't want to. At the end of the day it should and has to be the woman's choice to decide wether to carry out a child. It is her body, her future, her life. This is as clear as crystal clear water! 

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No. 1: Kreta Greece. A friend of mine worked in Krete for a year so three of my girlfriends and I despited to come visit him for a week in summer. We stayed in the city of Chania in his apatment for four days and then we went on a very spontaneous road trip for the last three days which turned out to be the best idea ever. We are a bunch of poor students so we slept right on the beach for not having to pay anything for a hotel or airBNB. It was a great experience. On one of the destinations we met people who where having a bonfire, we asked to join them and set down had wine together talked and listed to the ocean. It was incredibly nice!

That was my favorite beach on Krete. It is called Seitan Lemani. The water is (as you can see) tremendously blue. Since there is no road directly going to the beach we hiked there under the burning sun which was kind of exhausting but so worth it guys!

Me and my best friend Liselotte chilling on the rock next to this wonderful water. BTW I also went cliff diving on that day - wohoooo.

No. 2: Catellon de la Plana, Spain. Since my mother is from Spain I not only speak Spanish fluently but I also have a big Family in this beautiful country. I basically go there every year twice to go visit my grandma, aunt, cousins, uncle, children of cousins and all the rest. ;) This beach is my favorite beach of that area, its called El Grao and this picture shows me and my older sister Teresa chasing the ball.

Just a little closeup with my morning iced coffee and, one of my favorite little summer chluches (no clue witch brand, bought them in the USA 4 years ago..), my Gucci sunnies and my LV cell cover.

Me and my cousin's daughter Paula at my uncles beach house in Oropesa, Spain. Paula is explaining me what the book is about she was reading back then. I miss this little muffin! <3

No. 3: Carinthia, Austria: Hikinnnnngggg in the mountains of Carinthia which is located it the south of Austria (border to Italy) is one of my favorite things to do in summer. Me and my friend Anna which I know since I am a kid went to a little hut in the mountains which is owned by her dad. It is kind of a tradition for us since we used to do that as a family event every summer when we where little. There is no cell connection so I was literally off work these three days. No e-mails, no phone calls, no Instagram, no nothing but this view and my beloved Anna and her Dog. <3 Hope that we'll have time to do it the upcoming summer again.

Anna, Laško and I on a mountaintop. <3

During a 11 hour hike we happen to run into a waterfall. That day the sun was out and we where pretty hot so we immediately went for a skinny-dip. The water was freezing cold but it was the perfect refreshment on that warm day.

No. 4, Capri, Italy: These two beautiful ladies are two of my dearest study colleagues, Ludovica (left) and Katharina (right). We met at the University of Vienna but they are both not originally from there. Katharina is from Germany and Ludovica from Italy. So we decided to go visit Ludovica's Family on the Island of Capri. The Island is super expensive since it is such a luxurious destination but it is so beautiful. The water is so clear and the landscape makes you pee your pants, haha! 

No chance to resist a view snacks and a aperol spritz at the beach bar with that breathtaking view of the ocean and beautiful Ludo!

Simply no words needed!

Me enjoying the afternoon sun at El Faro in Capri. Sunglasses from Dolce Gabana and my marine swimsuit from woman's secret. I hope that I could give you a little insight in my summer 2016 and I can't wait to tell you what my plans for the upcoming summer are... Xo L.