this weeks beauty products!

Hello Darlings!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far!!

My week is going alright. I guess it would've been better without this cold I have. But no worries, I'm powering through!!

I actually went to work yesterday despite feeling a bit under the weather and I also attended the office pub.

So I went on a lovely shopping spree at this week, and I thought I'd share with you guys what I got!

These are all the fabulous products I purchased.
first up - Real techniques amazing brushes!!
• the first one is a Face + Body blender brush. it works soooooo well for both applying foundation and also applying body shimmer! It's also awesome for applying powder. (CLICK HERE)

• The next brush I got was a setting brush. This one is amazing for applying highlighter or bronzer. (CLICK HERE)

• The third product is not really a brush but it is from Kicks beauty. It is a roller to give your skin the best care possible. (CLICK HERE)

Second up are two products from Skintreat. I've actually never tried this brand before but it seems to be amazing. so I got one body lotion (CLICK HERE) and one anti-blemish body treatment. (CLICK HERE) I got this one to give my skin a smoother sense. I also got an amazing rich moisturising eye cream to treat my badly puffy eyes. (CLICK HERE)

I also got my regular everyday foundation from Lancôme. This is my all-time favourite and I could never use another one!! (CLICK HERE)

Last but not least I got my everyday mascara and also the incredible Magnetic false lashes from Ardell. These are supposed to be amazing. You wont need any glue, you use a eyeliner instead and then apply the lashes. They are supposed to stick directly.

Don't forget that Kicks is having an awesome Black Week sale on their website. Today is 25% off skincare. Which means you can get the skincare products I've mentioned above for 25% off!!!!




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