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Ahh.. I love Istanbul,it has something magical, something familiar.Wearing your fanciest clothes and strolling around in your high heels in this city is the best activity to do and u know what?It's funnier than any other optional activity.Nevertheless,u can turn it into a funnier activity with your friends and going to a fancy club or bar.I have an upcoming article about my favorite Clubs and bars in Istanbul.Stay in touch.

XOXO.Eva ^^



As you can see my Valentino Bag is the star of this picture.My favorite serum is also there.I of course won't take a tumblr-instagram type of pic without a Vogue.It's my oxygen.



We were out in the heart of the city with my besties the other night.It was so so so so cold.My feet freezes tho lol . I couldn't get away without showing you my favorite pics from that night.Look at that wall !! i totally want one for my apartment.




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Hey back people! I'm here to talk about the main thing of my life.Skincare... It's my oxygen.In the past few weeks I made a huge revolution in my routine.After I started to get more and more interested in korean language,this culture conquered me.After I come back home, it was hard to give up the eating habits that i gained in Seoul.As the result i still eat with chopsticks and have no breakfast culture anymore like i used to.I can eat rice for all meals now.Every little thing helps me to improve my language and stay motivated.Motivation is my only key to learning a language.Otherwise i couldn't be here today still studying hard on korean.

My obsession with korean culture, brought me more than a good language to learn, nice korean friends, amazing K-POP songs and delicious meals.Which is Korean Skincare.Now i spend almost half an hour in front of my sink.lol

After i learnt how korean girls take care of their skin,I finally got lighten up about why they look younger in every age... So i wanted to make a lifetime decision for my own favor.I wasn't taking care of my skin that much and not twice a day.Now lets jump into what my skincare routine looks like now..


I was rubbing my face with remover tissues after i come home at 6 am after a saturday night and jump into my bed.After I added this step into my routine, my face already was clean enough.

-As the first step we are going to clean our make up with ''Oil based cleanser'' first and after with ''water based'' or ''foam cleanser''.That's what we call double cleaning.Do this step smoothly with a cotton pad without rubbing your skin too hard, especially take a special care of your undereyes.They are the most sensitive area on your face.


Koreans says ''exfoliator''.In the way that we understand,this is ''scrub''.After double cleaning your make up.Apply your favorite scrub and gently massage your face.It will give you pretty pink cheeks.Sloughing off dead skin cells makes it possible to mingle with your pores and do their magic.Massage or tap an exfoliation into your skin for smooth and silky skin.


It's difficult to rehydrate your skin when it's dried up and hardened than when its already a bit damp.Toners are the products that dampens your skin and balances its pH levels.Dispense it onto a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face.


Essence is the heart of the Korean skin care routine! An essence is a kind of toner/serum hybrid made for hydrating and aiding skin repair cell turnover.Apply it to freshly toned skin and pat it on.I tried several essences but still looking for the best one so i am only going to give you few examples i find online.


Boosters,serums and ampoules as concentrated essences that directly treat the issues you are most concerned about.It doesn't matter whether they are target dull skin,large pores, pigmentation,wrinkles or acne.Serums are ideal skin-perfecting step.Gently tap these into your skin!


I said essences are the heart of the korean skin care routine.Then sheet masks are the soul.This is the easiest step that all you have to do is lay down and chill for 15-20 minutes after putting one of these sheet masks that you choose the best for your face from endless choices.You can use it once or twice a week or every single day if you'd like!


As i said and as you know already, the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, you should treat it like the fragile flower that it is.Eye creams provides the area with extra helpings of hydration and protection.Use your ring finger to gently tap.Never never never rub.


This is the last step,i promise.Kinda.. Your moisturizer must be chosen for your skin type.It express lane to dewy, glowing skin.They come in many forms.emulsion,lotion,gel,cream.. Pat a moisturizer into your face and neck morning and night every single day.I prefer the reapply my moisturizer within every few hours.


Either you go out in a snowy day or just chilling at house all day..Do not skip this step.Sunscreens doesn't protect your skin only from sun but uv rays that you can get from the products that you daily use.Apply it every every every morning and reapply during the day.



Last day when we were out shopping with my bestfriend,we stopped by at Zara.She had to buy a new bottle of the perfume that she currently using.When we waiting on the line,this powder leather covered bottle caught my eye.I turned my route to it immediately.It was out of stock but it didnt't keep me from waiting for a new box to come to the store where i was from one another almost for 1 hour.

I normally do not buy perfume from stores like Zara,Mango,Topshop etc. Because i can't stop myself from comparing a bottle of perfume which is $60 to the other one which is $300.I am using YSL-Black Opium and Gucci Bamboo.They're my significant fragrances but a new scent wouldn't hurt you sometimes.

If you care about the outlook of it as much as I do,then it will warm your heart.A classy powder box,written Zara and the name of the fragrance on it keeps an amazing scent inside.

Eau de Perfume/100 ML

Zara Cashmere Rose was launched in 2017.The fragrance features peony,cherry and vanilla.



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When it comes to partying and having good time,no one could ever deal with my skills.I am the organizator in all of my friend groups.You know,you have to have the control of these stuff if you have different friend groups that you met and became friends in different periods of your lifetime.It is a real challenge.You have to hang out with bunch of people which totally got super different and sometimes complex tastes and preferances of having joy of doing same or similar things in different ways,in different places etc.If you are okay with all these busy schedule and sudden breakdowns and all,you're good to go.

It's kinda annoying for me to keep up with my old friends,because mines are totally doesn't age up.You know,I used to love and hang out at places where all the teenagers go and love to be there when i was a freshman at High School.Drank beer,stayed up all night at streets,sang random songs at the Coast till sun comes up.But when you are 19 and grew up with adoring Sex and the City and Gossip girl,always fancying to live in an apartmant like Holly Gollightly's in Breakfast in Tiffany's,you start wanting to have fun in different ways.Your all perspective of doing whatever is changing.The people I used to stay awake till morning and filled our stomachs with cheap beers in freshman high are didn't grow up.I just don't understand.I must admit it,I still crave those nights sometimes,like going out with your converse and backpack,walking and singing and running in streets in the middle of the night with no clue.But after a while,you rather wearing your heels and sip martinis with your stylish girlfriends.You do not want to walk around till loosing the control of your feet,you just want to take Uber.You dont like this Underground-David Bowie fan boys anymore.Bad boys aren't that hot anymore.You prefer to date guys who you find common interests,including sippin that martini together.

When you grow up like a usual human being but still want to keep up and catch up with your old school mates,it's turning into a nightmare.You feel the difference between you and your friends from the first second that you meet them.You love them,you have a pericious connection with them,still sharing a lot of things and always keep telling them news about your life but when you hang out with them mostly after an hour,you'll start sweating.It is only cute if you run into one of your old mates in somewhere and talk about how you both were so crazy about that blah-blah Boy band.

There is some another thing that I have to admit is that I love hanging out with all of my different type of friends.If it wasn't funny to hang out with them,I wouldn't push myself anyway.Just general opinion,you know.It would totally be so boring to hang out with my current friends(which means I see all the time and whos are exactly my kind).It wouldn't be that strange or annoying to have fun with your friends while watching city from roof in a fancy bar and the other night,wearing your sneackers and lay on the grass,stay awake all night.

I was just planning to share details about my outfit of the night,I dont know how'd we end up talking about this.But I guess I got a good reason to come up with that just because I exactly hung out with 3 different friend group of my lovely self and got socially drunk the other day.It really deeply affected me as you can see.lol.

It was an honour to wear my grandma's 50 years old fur.It really irritates me to wear fur and i never bought a real one and never gonna buy.But that night our paths crossed with this fur and i couldn't have let it stay under some random vintage clothes like that.

If you still do not know or just still trying to find out where is this lovely black top from,just like me before 3 weeks.I'll inform you right down below.I assume every girl from Europe has that in their closet.Why it became so popular?

I don't have enough words to express my feelings on this comfy yet stylish yet well fitting black jean,so I'll just move on.

My heels are as vintage as this fur.I bought them from Germany like 5 years ago.Yes,I had an amazing vision of fashion even 5 years ago when I was only 14 years old when I barely even walk in 2 inch heels.These heels were waiting in my closet this whole time so it's kinda second or third time that I'm wearing them.I appericiate them.They turn you into the sexiest girl in the room.It was a good decision for a 14 year old girl.

I am going to keep it short for my handbag.You know I have an obsession for designer handbags.I rather die from hunger instead of not having a new handbag.

Top:H&M Jean:Acne Studios Fur:Vintage from Vienna Handbag:Valentino Heels:Zara



Let me take you to the fanciest tennis match of the year.Ladies and gentlemen here they are,Sharapova and Buyukakcay.First of all,I must say that it was magical for me.I grew up with admiring Sharapova and always idolized her.Like I still do.After I started playing tennis I discovered more players and started to attend matches and keep myself informed about what's going on in Tennis World.As an aspiring tennis player as me,this match was the milestone of my life.Before two idols of mine show up and start playing 2 girls and 2 boys made a little show to viewers which were in the same age with me and already won few tournaments and have a collection of prizes and medals,I was just like 'What the hell am I still doing here?'.I was still a viewer,I had to be on that court and people had to buy tickets to watch me.I am so passionate and ambitious when it comes to things that I really want to get better at.I have to work harder I know,so I started to push it hard since i watched both of my idols on that court.This is probably an amazing way to find motivation for your goals.Like,if u wanna be an actress go see some plays in theathres which your favourite actors and actresses are co stars or just go and see your favourite band at their concert if you fancy being a singer or something.That works,a lot of proofs over there,somewhere.

After stalking both Maria and Cagla on their Instagrams.It was time to decide what to wear.I wanted to keep it simple yet chic and stylish.Friends told me to wear something sporty like leggings and nikes smthn.Thanks Jeez I didn't listen to them.I couldn't have decide if it was a Givenchy s/f runway show or a tennis match.

I wore a navy blue striped white shirt and this high waisted amazing white corduroy that i bought a day before the match but clearly packed shirts were waiting for us on seats.I immediately wore it on.It was from Wearetennis.com which i follow on insta insanely.They were lovely so I grabbed few more from other seats,sorry.

After seeing my favourite GoalKeeper of Galatasaray Fernando Muslera who walked few steps in front of me and watching my favourite Indie Singer Can Bonomo on court I couldn't keep my tears inside anymore.I was always planning to go one of his concerts but they were way too far away from the places that we mostly hang out.I promised myself I am going to see him alive on his concert as soon as possible,it is my goal at the moment.

​              At least it was an Exhibiton match but two of them were so ambitious and took it so serious.After a contentious match in the last moment Sharapova made an attack and won the match.It was a friendly competition and both of them were so loved by everyone.That was the prettiest.It was an amazing experience to watch both of your idols on same court,especially watching a world star and world's #1 tennis player live was amazing.Hope to see you again girls.



Hey my beautiful readers.I'm back after a quick getaway.I flew to Cyprus before my midterms starts.I really did empty my mind.My life was so busy whilst i was flying to Cyprus,a lot studying and mental breakdown after we call it quits with my former boyfriend.I laugh my ass off about it right now but when you can't decide whether u should let it go or try to keep things going,your mind gets terrifyingly tired and annoyed.With my busy training schedule and complex studying sessons,i burst out.I had a lot of fun over there,my mum was always mentioning about this beautiful country because she used to go there a lot in her early ages.I was so excited on my way.I probably shouldn't have talked that much about it right now because I'm going to write few articles about my Cyprus trip.I just wanted to make a quick life update and let you guys know why i was M.I.A and that I'm back.

Now let's jump into main topic.Let's talk about last night.With my increasing happiness since last few weeks(of course there's a specific reason lol)I had more chances to go out have fun with my friends.During exam weeks,library was my only club to go and Macbook was my only date.I won't complain because I'm the best student in college with this high efforts of myself but I also can't stop my social life due to these boring exams.There's an unstoppable butterfly in me who likes to flutter it's wings non-stop.Thanks to my tennis coach,he kept me so busy with our schedule so i couldn't even bother myself with the idea of rejecting every invitation that comes from my friends and missing amazing events during these 2 weeks.After exams over i barely stopped by and slept at home.My room was a mess since yesterday.I turned it into an amazing fashionable room in 2 hours,cleaned all the mess.Thanks to my friend Dennis who decided to come over and get ready for tonight at my apartment.You know i couldn't let people see my room in its natural habitat.Haha.

I had no time to take pictures while i have quite the blast.I only took few pics last night but wanted to show you my amazing Knit and Skirt.

A lot of you asked me about this Knit on instagram.As u remember i shared my first pictures with this knit in my Cyprus trip.You can find the brand of it in the end of this article.It's such a classy piece and i totally recommend you girls to have few of this kind knits for winter.They're trully saving your days,nights,evenings,noons...

After I also got few girls who asked me where it is from at school's halls and bathrooms and garden and coffee shops and...Okay!I wanted to write about this knit on my blog.So transmit the brand of this knit from hand to hand Gallsss.

I had no time to combin this fancy skirt since i bought this before.You have to arrange things first before wearing a skirt like this,like where you going with whom,how long you gonna be outside,where will you end up that night,whether you'll use transportation,uber or a car.These are the required specifications for being a stylish girl.Deal with it.So i collide two star pieces in my combin and boom.It was as lovely as i imagined.

My shoes are my favourites.I bet you saw them on my Instagram.I used to wear them a lot last year in Italy.These heels are sooo 'Lady Gaga'.I adore them.

And my bag,my veteran bag...My beau.Baee....I love handbags.You gotta see my designer handbag collection.Oh that's a brilliant idea for my next article,huh?

Stay in touch my for my next outfits and life updates.I'll keep doing this job,don't worry :)xo Irem

Bag:Chanel boy. Skirt: H&M Knit: Mango



I do not know if u do know how much i love fringes.I'm literally obsessed with them but as every girl knows it's horrifyingly hard to take care of them.So I just got a new fringe extension.It's a little piece which is so easy to put in your hair.I prefer to take hats when I'm wearing them,because it's not the most natural way to get fake fringes.So I could easily pretend like i've got some sweet fringes.

It's a good day to wear something big cozy to cover up your spring combine.My new cardigan is something that i was almost planning to buy but it wasn't that easy to find something that exactly convenient to wear every time if it is needed.For a busy girl like me,cardigans,oversized knits,shirts and jackets are so important.Sometimes even more important than a chanel bag :) When the weather makes a sudden change i should grab a cozy and oversized cardigan and leav




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