A vintage glimpse to my past

Helping going through books, papers and other in my parents office I stumbled upon this absolute gem! 😍
My dad have at some point taken a photo copy of an old family portrait of my relatives from my grandmother's side - the early Lindström [Lindstroem] family.
Had to get some help from my Nan to interpret some of the names documented but all was not 100% we think.

Father: Per Olov. Lindström, born 21st of Nov., 1867
Mother: Tekla Antonia Lindström, born 15th of Feb., 1865
Wedded on the 21st of Nov., 1888

• Vendela Karol ___, born 8th of Jan., 1889
• Edla Antonia, born 19th of April, 1890
• Gunhild Olivia, born 28th of June, 1891
• Olof Hjalmar, born 18th of Sep., 1892
• Helga Edit(?), born 17th of May, 1894
• Singhild, born 2nd of Jan., 1896
• Nanna, born 30th of Sep., 1897
• Sigurd, born 16th of Feb., 1899
• Sigrid, born 28th of Jan., 1901
• Knut Alvar, born 5th of Sep., 1902
• John Viktor, born 22nd of March, 1904
• Göte, born 4th of Oct., 1906

Göte is not shown because Tekla is currently pregnant with him as the picture was taken.
Per Olof was a butcher for farmers in the village of Wendenäs (currently Vännäs) and a mean drunk apparently.
He was also unfaithful to Tekla and eventually divorced and left her for another woman.
Tekla lived unmarried until her dying days and buried in Vännäs cemetery, where also her youngest son Göte also lies in the save grave as her.

Olof Hjalmar is my grandmother's great grandfather.
I think he is the boy with short hair to the very left of the image.