The Lady from Red Clay. I bet you can't guess who she is!

Hej på er!

Vilken vacker dag att presentera en artist! Speciellt med en så cool artist som denna! Blev intresserad när jag märkte att denna norska sångerskan/sångskrivaren/producenten har en speciell och intressant musikstil. Denna jazz och soul sångerskan är aktiv i New York och har fascinerat Pigeons&Planes med sin musik. Speciellt hennes nya single "Red Clay" har väckt uppmärksamhet.

Charlotte Dos Santos bild är nog härligt vintage! På något sätt påminner hon mig om Minnie Ripton, en känd sångerska på 70-talet. Jag får bra vibbar av den här bilden!


Hey guys!

What a beautiful day to present an artist! Especially an artist as awesome as this! My interest went over the roof when I noticed this singer's unusual and interesting music style. Apart from being a singer she's also a songwriter and producer from Norway! This jazz and soul singer resides in New York and has blown away Pigeons&Planes with her music. Especially with her new single "Red Clay" that raised increasing attention.

Charlotte Dos Santos' picture is lovely with its vintage vibes! Somehow she reminds me of Minnie Ripton, a famous singer in the 70's. I get such good vibes from this picture!

The complete metamorphosis from larva to a butterfly is one of the most spectacular transformations in the natural world.

They completely remodel their bodies within the pupa – the caterpillar digests herself and creates her adult parts and when she is ready, she frees herself from the safety and warmth of the pupa inside the silky cocoon.

By using the body as a canvas we are with this video reclaiming female bodies from a sexual gaze and looking at the transformation into womanhood and the emergence of a new awakening through a repeated cycle.

Charlotte Dos Santos

Dos Santos jämför vägen till kvinnlighet med fjärliens utveckling och tar tillbaka den kvinnliga kroppen från sexualiseringen. Med sin mjuka röst beskriver hon misstänksamma personer som utnyttjar dig bara för deras eget intresse.

Avslutningsvis lyssnar vi på "Watching You" av Dos Santos. Har ni någonting intressant att dela med er kring detta tema?


Dos Santos compares the way to womanhood with the physical development of a beautiful butterfly and wants to reclaim the female body from sexualisation with this video above. With her smooth vocals she describes suspectful persons who use you only for their own good.

Let's end this post with "Wathing You" by Dos Santos. Do you have any interesting things to share about this theme?