Remember The Time

It’s funny how you bump into old pictures. They spark up memories from that moment. I remember being in a village in Portugal last winter and Lousã was just a beautiful place!

My friend was looking for a hairdresser and all of them were either having siesta or just too busy to take care of new customers. On the way, we saw a huge group of bikers heading somewhere. We were lucky enough to chat with them and this was also the first time I got to sit on a real motorcycle! That day sparked my interest for motorcycles and someday I’ll get a license and travel around with a nice bike.

This was one of the most memorable trips travelling around Portugal with a caravan! The road trip really expanded my views on Portugal. There are still some places I didn’t get to see, but definitely next time!

Today, I was on a secret mission to Tampere. If you check out today’s Instagram story you might get a hint of what is coming soon!

Since it’s Saturday Fling today we need to listen to some music! Breakbot is a really cool artist with mixes that suit perfectly a chilled out evening. What would you recommend for me to listen tonight? I’m all up for suggestions!

Take care




Nice picture!! U Look Great!!
Thank you dear <3

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